The March to Christmas

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It’s that time of year.   Sharing some lovely Christmas pictures.

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My Fashionable Astrological Jewelry

We have several types of Jewelry available.  Add your Sunsign and an extra charm for your Moon for $4.00 more.  All charms are silver-plate and double-sided.  Great for Christmas and Birthday gifts!

Be fashionable by wearing your Astrological Sign.  A great conversation-starter!  The love-knot bracelets run a little smaller than the twisted cuffs. Shipping in  U.S.A. is $2.00  Shipping to other countries to be determined.  Previous Purchasers receive discounts.   Order yours by emailing me at:   We take Pay-Pal.

Love Compatibility With Astrology

The post I wrote several years ago called “Another Chance for Love” has been read 560 times so far! That Blog was a clear winner! You can read it, if you scroll down through.

It seems most people want the chance, but then maybe another chance to find the love of their life, no matter what their age.

When I read Tarot cards, this is the most asked question of all!!

I recently learned of a new on-line dating site, where you can submit your birth data and be matched up with astrologically compatible people for dates. I believe this is the best way to find someone to spend your life with. I have been doing Compatibility charts for many years for my clients. I always suggest they might want to get the birth information on that person they are getting serious about. Take the time to find out how they will get along in all areas before life settles down into a routine and they start wishing they had known the partner better before committing.

So, if you are considering an engagement or marriage, consider having  a Compatibility Chart done first.

If you mention that you read this Blog, I will give you a 10% discount. The Menu Bar above has a Price Sheet for all my Services!

Note: I ran my guy’s birth chart before we got married. Luckily for us, we had lots of harmony. Thirty- three years later, we are still going strong! We still hold hands while out walking and we are in our 70’s now. I feel so lucky, but I was also smart enough to learn how Astrology could help.

We bought the identical card for each other for a recent Anniversary. We were amazed!

Discovering Asteroids in Astrology

Recently I purchased a listing of all the discovered Asteroids, after deciding it’s time to learn about adding this information to my Astrology knowledge.

I placed each of the more well known Asteroids into my Birth chart to see where they made close connections to my birth planets.  I then began checking the meanings of each of them, and I am still working on this.

While looking through the Asteroid list alphabetically, I noticed that all three of my sons names have been assigned to Asteroids.  However, two of them, Eric and William are located at precisely the same degree in the zodiac….one at 6 degrees of Scorpio 30 minutes and the other at 6 degrees of Scorpio 31 minutes, falling in my second House and sextile my 8 degree 32 minutes Virgo Ascendant.  Additionally both of my sons share the zodiac sun sign Aquarius!

The Asteroid named Gary is located at 13 degrees Gemini 36 minutes and my middle son is named Gary.  This Asteroid falls in my 10th House and is 3 degrees away from my Jupiter at 10 degrees Gemini 21 minutes.  

My husband is named Thomas so I checked and found an Asteroid named Thomas at 27 degrees of Aquarius 59 minutes falling in my 6th House.  Thomas just happens to be Aquarian too. My Moon is 24 degrees Aquarius 02 minutes and Asteroid Thomas is pretty close to my Moon.  The Moon represents our emotions and my husband and I are definitely close emotionally.

My own name Peggy or Margaret (my given name) does not have a named Asteroid , but I found a Margret at 25 degrees Gemini in my 10th House (just one letter different from my spelling) which trines my 24 degree Aquarian Moon.   There was a Margarita at 4 degrees Libra which would fall in my first House, opposing my 5 degree Mars!  (Another version of Margaret).  

Several of the bigger, more well known Asteroids such as Juno, Vesta, Adonis, Hapke and Harmonia are all in Virgo in my first House.  Hapke and Adonis are exactly conjunct my 8 degree Ascendant!   Aphrodite and Apollo each at 9 degrees Gemini are a degree away from my Jupiter.  Hygiea is at 25 degrees Taurus conjunct my 25 degree Saturn in Taurus. 

I am finding this all so very interesting!  Maybe you will too!


Here are a few Asteroid Meanings that I have learned so far:

Juno – the principal of marriage, features of the marriage and traits of the partner.

Vesta  – dedicated work.

Eros – passionate attachment.

Hygiea – personification of health and hygiene.

Ceres –  qualities of nurturing

Urania – inspired knowledge and freedom-seeking.  This in often prominent in   Astrologers’ charts!    (It is exactly sextile my Moon – in House 6, my Aquarian House ruling work and health)  My work is with Astrology!

There is so much more to learn!

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A Strange Event

Last night at 1:45 am I was awakened to the very loud voice of a woman coming from my living room. I ran in there to find out it was a newscaster from the BBC booming from one of our speakers. Nothing was turned on! Thinking it was coming from our Sonos System which has broadcast options from all over the world, I grabbed my phone looking for the Sonos App to turn it off. It told me to reinstall. So I went to my laptop and tried the Sonos App there, it wanted to update, which I did. After that I looked through and nothing was turned on. I removed a radio station. She still kept shouting! I disconnected the Sonos speaker, no help. I realized it was coming from the other large speaker next to the DVD player. I tried to find a wire to turn off that speaker. Suddenly it shut itself off! Sudden quiet at 2:15 a.m. Husband slept through it all! I still cannot understand what happened nor can he!!

Lets Read Tarot Cards

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My New Shop Space for Astrology Game Cards

MY GAME DESIGNS are now in ‘PEG’S PLACE’ in My own Shop Space.

A new home for my cards. Take a peek:

Just one product so far. Watch for more games coming soon!


Have your Child’s Birth Chart Cast


child pictureThere are many different approaches to raising children.  Each child has special talents, but how do we know what they are when they are young?  Astrology helps us to more easily identify these talents by having a natal chart cast for the date, time and place of their birth.    By looking at the child’s natal chart, we are able to discover so many things that make each of our children very unique.   We can teach them to live in harmony with themselves and with others and assist them to live to their fullest potential.   Looking back to the days of the Courts, every new baby had their birth chart cast.  This practice needs to happen again for all new babies.  There would be more happy, content people!

twins in incubators

An Astrological chart is the most amazing gift we can give to new parents to help them raise their children.  They will get to learn the magic and mystery of each child.  The potential is shown in the chart, but like a small garden, it needs nurturing to become what it can be.

At the moment of the first breath, we each set the astrological pattern known as the horoscope.   A baby’s personality has not yet matured and the birth chart must be interpreted with this in mind.   The chart is a map of our personal universe for a lifetime.  It symbolizes the lessons we need to learn for the growth of our souls, the special needs we have as individuals, and indicates our potential for development. 

twin toddlers

Many people wonder why each child doesn’t come with an instruction guide or handbook.  Well there is a guide and it is the horoscope map.    It is the best tool we have to understand our children, help them to know themselves better and for us as parents to guide them toward a life path that is a perfect fit for them.

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