Question Regarding my Astrology Cards

I am asking foŕ comments and feedback regarding my astrology card decks which have been available to purchase on line.

It seems there are not very many sales and yet they are being viewed quite a lot. The customers who have bought them from me tell me they love these cards! MPC Make Playing Cards Company that manufactured these cards also hosts their customers’ products on line in their Marketplace . I have had them listed for sale there for almost 4 years. They provide viewing and sales reports to me, but not who the buyers are. The cards attract a lot of people looking but very few buyers. As a creator, this is puzzling to me.

I have tried raising the price, lowering the price, changing the description, changing the photos, the category, and adding more key search words.

Originally I sold the first 50 decks myself and then needed a wider market. I placed them in a shop in the tourist town of Sedona Arizona for 6 months until Covid closed the shop, at which time I took them out. I sold some there, at local Fairs and also some on line at MPC Marketplace. Now that the quarantine is lifting I will again be selling them directly as well as on line.

Please take a look at them and let me know what you think. If you have an interest in astrology but decided not to purchase, just wondering what the reasons were. I’m also beginning to wonder if there have been sales not reported to me. So, if you have looked, thank you and if you bought them, please let me know.

You should know that many familiar games can be played besides astrology with these cards and yet you will still be absorbing Astrology facts in a fun way.

All suggestions are appreciated!

View the cards here:

You can get an autographed deck directly from me by emailing me at:

Thank you!

My Spirit Guides To The Rescue

Last night I had an interesting experience. We had been out to pick up dinner and afterward we watched some TV. I felt very tired and decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual. My phone was nowhere to be found. I always charge it overnight. I went to the garage to find out that the light was on and the garage door was open. We always keep our garage door down and the inside door locked to be safe. How did we forget?

I looked in the car and found my cellphone on the floor. Of course I put the door down, turned off the light and locked the inside door.

I believe my spirit guides and angels were protecting us, because had I not been prompted to get to bed earlier, then missed my phone and gone to the garage, that door would have stayed open all night with the light on to call attention to it!

I had another very strange incident happen a few years ago, when I was awakened in the middle of the night to hear very loud talking in my living room. I turned on the lights and heard a woman giving a news report talking extremely loud! I checked the TV, the radio and finally the Sonos speaker and everything was turned off. That Sonos has radio stations from all over the world on it and is controlled from our computer or cell phones. I thought that it could possibly be the source, since she seemed to have a British accent. But that was not it! Everything was off!

Finally I thought I would have to disconnect the speakers. As I was about to do that, suddenly there was silence! I waited, then went back to bed. It was the strangest thing.

I posted about my experience on Facebook. A friend who is a Psychic Medium commented and said he felt there were probably intruders lurking close by and that my spirit guides chased them away by causing the loud talking and many of my lights being turned on. Then they stopped that when it was safe!

Wow. That’s all I can say!

Have you had any strange experiences happen?

Four Year Anniversary of my Astrology Game of Cards

Four years ago this week was the debut of my card game called ‘The Astrology Game of Cards’

Still available for purchase at

My sister, so happy to get her own deck!

For astrology lovers, so much fun to play games with these cards!

Mercury Retrograde has Found Me

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The good experience first:

Two clients from the past have contacted me for charts or card readings, it was nice to hear from them!  Mercury often brings back folks from the past!

The not so good experience:

I typed up a report and needed to stop and save it just before it was completed and proof read. The next day I went in and that  file was not found.  It said either renamed or not saved. What???   After 3 hours of work?  But it says it saves automatically every so often!

I looked everywhere in my downloaded Word program on this  Samsung Tablet  for my lost docuument. Finally with a little help, we located a copy and it was below the bottom of the screen and went unseen.  Phew!

Well, this blog post just went away as I was typing and it also took some time to locate in the unpublished drafts section!

I think I should  stop now.

Note:  February 21st Mercury goes Direct again. Remember don’t sign contracts if you can wait until a few days beyond that date.  Things get left out or are not clear or for some reason must be done over, most of the time!

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Pluto’s Role in the Cosmos Drama

This was written by Astrologer Sat Sangat and I want to share it. I completely agree with this information and I thank you Sat for your insight.

Pluto has been drilling down (in retrograde) at 22º Capricorn since August 18, and as he is slowing down to turn direct on October 4, will continue digging his feet there till November 19. It is very significant that the historical Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 that marked the beginning of a New Era happened at 22º Capricorn, and brought about a global health event/situation that transforms the entire reality.
Pluto will guarantee that Humanity rises from the ashes like the Phoenix.

I mentioned before that 22º♑️ ‘s “dwadashamsha” correlates to the energy of Scorpio, the Sign ruled by Pluto, which implies a profound transformation through death and rebirth. In addition, the third decanate (between 21 and 30 degrees of Capricorn) corresponds to the Sign of Virgo, which implies that the profound transmutation relates to not only health, work, daily routines, and lifestyle, but also to discernment, environmental hazards, pollution, and anything that is out of balance. The Sign of Virgo is concerned with hygiene, cleansing, cleaning with the goal of purification. Virgo also analyses, scrutinizes issues, uses discernment to finds what doesn’t work in an attempt to repair it, and make it right. Virgo is the Sign of preparation for the Fall and Winter time when humans transition from the activity of production to the time of storage for later consumption.

Figuratively, in the evolution of the human being, Virgo is also the Sign that prepares the person with the necessary skills to enter the social life of relating to another (Libra), to serving society (Capricorn) and Humanity as a whole (Aquarius and Pisces).

I can’t but conclude that Humanity has been called to mature, to correct its shortcomings, repair the faulty cogs in its machinery structure, heal its condition wounds, and prepare to a stage where human beings can better function as a collective (relational life). We are forced to learn that we are not isolated loose links, but pieces of an interconnected web, a greater organism (the Cosmos) that is affected by each individual’s actions. Whatever ailment the greater organism suffers conversely affects each individual. It seems that only a huge global catastrophe like the one we presently experience could awake everyone to this reality, because, sadly, it seems that we don’t change unless we are forced to.
We are the Cosmos!

New Astrological Reports for Teens


Such important developmental years. You will gain understanding of who they are. They love reading about themselves too.

Includes Horoscope Wheel, my worksheet to understand the wheel which is the life map, and my analysis. Plus one question can be researched in their chart.

Just $70. Discounted $15 from regular pricing. For July and August only, you can deduct another $5 from this low price to $65. I will send this by email attachment. I will then answer any questions you may have.

I take PayPal for payment.

Email me date and time, city and state of birth.

A Second Chance for Love

holding hands

So, you are divorced or widowed and you don’t want to be alone anymore. What is it like to start dating again? It is really best to take your time and not jump into the first situation just because you want to be settled again. . You can have an ‘interview’ of sorts with potential partners, while you learn more about yourself, your needs, and what and who works best for you. You want to meet that special one to spend the rest of your life with; someone with whom you share the same goals, and with harmony between you that just flows easily. How do each of the Zodiac Sun signs relate to their partners?

Aries: The first time they were probably the stronger marriage partner because they always enjoy being needed. But probably now they are tired of that situation and want to have a partner who is more of an equal. Known to be impetuous and rush into things, being a little older and wiser, they probably will take their time before rushing into anything this time around. They like their independence but are now willing to give the same to a partner.

Taurus: They stay in marriages and try their best to make them work, knowing change is taking a risk. But if it’s the second time around, they look for financial security as well as physical love and someone who enjoys food as much as they do. They like the time they spend being on their own and dating, and they usually go slowly, waiting for the person who fits into their life effortlessly.

Gemini: After a failed marriage or losing a partner, they probably enjoy the dating experience and really like being single and do not feel a strong urge to remarry. If they had to struggle to fit into a relationship and it was too demanding, they want to leave. When they feel ready to try again, they know that they probably won’t be typical. They look for someone who is easy to be with, yet interesting and easy to talk to.
Cancer: Divorces really devastate them and they take a long time to heal. They slowly start socializing and open up a little at a time. They do remember how nice intimacy can be. They also remember how good it feels to cook a nice meal for someone who appreciates it. Eventually they will feel ready to marry someone who will love and cherish them and they want to reciprocate in kind.

Leo: Sometimes they grow apart from their partner through the years. As they mature and gain greater confidence, it’s easier to find someone a bit more independent, who will not cling to them nor will they expect a devoted audience from the partner all the time, as they did in their younger days. They learn that adult love is true appreciation of each other.

Virgo: It is so difficult for them to find a partner who meets their criteria. But when they do and it ends for one reason or another, they doubt they can find someone else to measure up to their high standards. Eventually as they mature, they learn to let go of being so picky and focus on the important things and they do find another partner. They learn not to nag so much over trivial stuff, which might be the reason for the failed first marriage.

loving couple 1

Libra: They love storybook romances and living happily ever after. They soon learn that real life intrudes and reality often breaks up the partnership. They continue to idealize the other person and think they won’t find anyone like that again. They should use their minds and intellect a bit more, rather than indulging in too many fantasies, as they seek another partner. They need to find someone with mutual interests which can then lead to moonlight and roses and a relationship that will last.

Scorpio: They need a deeply satisfying relationship and it’s painful for them to let go and reach out again. But they eventually do, as they realize intimacy is better the older we get. Maturity brings the knowledge of how to respond to a partner on all levels. They learn to stop the games and power struggles that they always enjoyed. Developing a sense of humor along with a desire for depth and intensity can help them to be ready to find the right one.

Sagittarius: In their first marriage, if the partner tried to tie them down and keep them home, they finally learn enough about themselves to bypass that scenario the second time. They believe that love is about the heart, not about the license, so they can enjoy being with someone without a contract. If they do think about possibly marrying again, it’s because they find someone who so fascinates them, they want them to always stay around and perhaps they marry, or maybe not.

Capricorn: Being status conscious, they may have chosen their first partner to advance financially, socially or professionally. Without enough shared love, these marriages end. With maturity and reaching their own achievements in life, they learn to marry for love, pleasure or personal enjoyment. They lighten up and get younger in spirit, yet always tend to keep a sensible outlook on life.

Aquarius: Being naturally rebellious and independent, they may avoid intimacy and find themselves in an early marriage that feels very threatening to their freedom. After some time, through the dating scene, they may develop a friendship with a person who doesn’t feel so threatening to them. They build greater intimacy and eventually realize that they are indeed connected, married or not.

Pisces: In an early marriage, they felt obligated to always be there for the partner and put their own needs last. Eventually, with maturity, they realize they can’t do this anymore and retreat either emotionally or physically. After some time of growing independence. they find someone who understands them; someone with whom they are unafraid to reveal themselves and then they can be truly happy in a relationship.

Being single again has its benefits. It forces people to figure out what it takes to be in a relationship. Many people remarry, believing that this time they know what is required to make a marriage work. Hopefully, they take enough time to learn this.