Mercury Retrograde has Found Me

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The good experience first:

Two clients from the past have contacted me for charts or card readings, it was nice to hear from them!  Mercury often brings back folks from the past!

The not so good experience:

I typed up a report and needed to stop and save it just before it was completed and proof read. The next day I went in and that  file was not found.  It said either renamed or not saved. What???   After 3 hours of work?  But it says it saves automatically every so often!

I looked everywhere in my downloaded Word program on this  Samsung Tablet  for my lost docuument. Finally with a little help, we located a copy and it was below the bottom of the screen and went unseen.  Phew!

Well, this blog post just went away as I was typing and it also took some time to locate in the unpublished drafts section!

I think I should  stop now.

Note:  February 21st Mercury goes Direct again. Remember don’t sign contracts if you can wait until a few days beyond that date.  Things get left out or are not clear or for some reason must be done over, most of the time!