Moon Degrees – Part Four

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My previous blogs about the meaning of the Moon degrees in each chart have turned out to be among my most popular ones!!  Here’s some more:

Aries – 6 degrees  Weaker eyesight but great hearing, probably more as one ages

Taurus -19 deg. Can attain genius status with the right environment & education

Gemini – 4 deg,    Excellent powers of observation with sharp intuition

Cancer –  1 deg.   More than usual interest in music without being a performer

Leo –  28 deg.  Architecture is an excellent career for you.  You are very popular

Virgo – 6 deg.    Very good looking with a pleasing personality, a good companion

Libra- 26 deg. Passionately defends others,  dedicated legal professionals

Scorpio – 18 deg. Tendency to jealousy creates unhappiness with love and work

Sagittarius – 17 deg.  Unstable life even with money, avoid bad partnerships

Capricorn – 26 deg. Travel creates happiness, and if none then moody & temper

Aquarius – 7 deg.  Impulsiveness leads to danger and not well equipped for it

Pisces – 10 deg.  Very analytical mind best used in medicine, chemistry, the arts

If the moon degree shown in your birth chart has not been mentioned yet, keep checking our blog and we will slowly get through all or most of them!

Note: These meanings are compliments of Astrologer Sybil Leek

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How the Cosmos Affects Us

horoscope wheelWe owe a lot of gratitude to the inquiring mind of Carl Jung, who explored beyond where more traditional scientists even thought to look. His interest and involvement with astrology helped with the revival of scientific interest which we see today. He was also very interested in the spiritual nature and where we fit into the huge universe. He searched through scientific and philosophical data for examples of apparent coincidences, which could not possibly have occurred by chance. This led him to his interest in astrological data and he then began experiments with married couples – a study of nearly 500 marriages involving 1000 horoscopes. They were paired off and comparisons were made of the charts of people both with their spouses and with other group members. Jung found a very significant tendency in married people where the woman’s moon sign was in close degree in the same sign as the man’s sun sign. Jung is recognized throughout the world as one of the greatest thinkers of the century. Jung’s interest and belief in the reality of
astrology as an operating principle has helped with the present wave of popular interest, even reaching the White House in a previous Administration.

Astrology is finally being examined with the respect that its history and tradition deserve. Other statistical studies have been done showing very interesting correlations between the planets and professions. It seems that famous doctors and scientists were born as Mars was coming over the horizon. Artists, painters, and musicians were not linked to the presence of any planet, but seemingly avoided Mars and Saturn Rising Signs.  Soldiers and politicians often were born under Jupiter rising, but this seldom produced scientists or doctors. Solo performers such as writers or long distance runners were linked to the moon more than any other planet. So it can be seen that the planet rising at birth has a close link with the chosen profession and the sun sign, Midheaven and the 10th House of Career and Reputation also play their part in determining what a person does in the world.

The popular newspaper columns give guidance on the basis of sun sign only. Your sun sign is only a part of you. If your Rising sign is known, read that portion of the column for a more accurate forecast.There are many uses for Astrology. Most importantly, it enables you know yourself. Astrology tells the truth about a person. You can know your children better and prepare them for a career that fits their personality. Choose love and business partnerships wisely and check for the best time for marriage or signing contracts. Find out when and how your health is likely to suffer, the best foods, herbs and minerals for your body type, the best timing for important events including travel and surgery, as well as weather forecasting and even planting.

Have a compatibility chart done before you get too serious about your partner.  People definitely are affected by the environment according to clearly defined physical forces and life is organized by natural universal laws.