Pluto’s Role in the Cosmos Drama

This was written by Astrologer Sat Sangat and I want to share it. I completely agree with this information and I thank you Sat for your insight.

Pluto has been drilling down (in retrograde) at 22º Capricorn since August 18, and as he is slowing down to turn direct on October 4, will continue digging his feet there till November 19. It is very significant that the historical Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 that marked the beginning of a New Era happened at 22º Capricorn, and brought about a global health event/situation that transforms the entire reality.
Pluto will guarantee that Humanity rises from the ashes like the Phoenix.

I mentioned before that 22º♑️ ‘s “dwadashamsha” correlates to the energy of Scorpio, the Sign ruled by Pluto, which implies a profound transformation through death and rebirth. In addition, the third decanate (between 21 and 30 degrees of Capricorn) corresponds to the Sign of Virgo, which implies that the profound transmutation relates to not only health, work, daily routines, and lifestyle, but also to discernment, environmental hazards, pollution, and anything that is out of balance. The Sign of Virgo is concerned with hygiene, cleansing, cleaning with the goal of purification. Virgo also analyses, scrutinizes issues, uses discernment to finds what doesn’t work in an attempt to repair it, and make it right. Virgo is the Sign of preparation for the Fall and Winter time when humans transition from the activity of production to the time of storage for later consumption.

Figuratively, in the evolution of the human being, Virgo is also the Sign that prepares the person with the necessary skills to enter the social life of relating to another (Libra), to serving society (Capricorn) and Humanity as a whole (Aquarius and Pisces).

I can’t but conclude that Humanity has been called to mature, to correct its shortcomings, repair the faulty cogs in its machinery structure, heal its condition wounds, and prepare to a stage where human beings can better function as a collective (relational life). We are forced to learn that we are not isolated loose links, but pieces of an interconnected web, a greater organism (the Cosmos) that is affected by each individual’s actions. Whatever ailment the greater organism suffers conversely affects each individual. It seems that only a huge global catastrophe like the one we presently experience could awake everyone to this reality, because, sadly, it seems that we don’t change unless we are forced to.
We are the Cosmos!

Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet

I have written about Edgar Cayce and his views on Astrology and also on what he had to say about Health.  I have also been attending a local study group about  Cayce, reading and discussing the books “A Search for God”.  He has held a fascination for me since I discovered him and his  A.R.E, Area of Research and Enlightenment Center in Virginia Beach back in the late 1970’s.

I decided to do a search through my books to see if I could find out how and when he received his gift of going to sleep and getting information.  

When he was a young teen, he was sitting near his retreat in the woods by the creek reading his Bible, which he often did.  At this point he had read through it 13 times for the 13 years of his life.!  As relayed in the book by Thomas Sugrue, “There is A River”  he saw a woman by the creek and at first he thought it was his mom.  The sun was in his eyes but he said there was something on her back that made shadows behind her, shaped like wings.  Her voice was soft and very clear and almost musical.  She told him his prayers had been heard and asked him what he wanted most of all.  He was frightened but said he wanted to be helpful to other people and most especially to children when they are sick.  She said his prayers were answered and then she disappeared.  His mother, whom he felt it safe to confide in, believed his story, knowing him to be a truthful boy.   He told his mom he would like to be a Preacher and a Missionary.

He usually had trouble remembering his spelling lessons and the following day was kept after school. That evening his dad was so frustrated with him when he just could not seem to spell the words, that he slapped him knocking him off his chair. Edgar heard a voice inside him, it was the voice of the lady he had seen the day before.  She was saying “If you sleep a little we can help you.”   He asked his dad if he could just rest for a few minutes, he was sure he would know his words when he got up.

Edgar laid down with his spelling book and fell asleep on it.   His dad left the room and returned in a few minutes to wake him up.   He told his dad he knew all the words. and his frustrated dad quizzed him one more time.  The answers came quickly and correctly.  In fact, he knew everything in the book. His dad just didn’t believe that he hadn’t known the lessons the whole time and smacked him again. He ran up to bed with his book and thanked the lady.  The next morning after his dad left, he asked his mom to hear his lesson and he still knew it.  He told his mom what happened and she kissed him and reassured him that the lady was keeping her promise.

In school, Edgar was still doing poorly with his other subjects.  He decided to bring home his books and sleep on them one at a time.  He  prayed and asked the lady to help him again.  From then on, he was able to see pictures of the pages in his textbooks in his mind and read from them.  He began to make progress as a scholar. His dad asked him to explain this change and said I hope you are not crazy!

Strangely,  Edgar Cayce had the nickname ‘Old Man’ as a kid.   Everyone called him that except for his mother.  He felt different from the other boys and was embarassed every time his father bragged about his ability to others.   While playing a game similar to baseball, he ran to a base and the ball hit him at the end of his spine.  He returned to his classroom and began acting strange, which continued after he went home.  When he went to bed, he asked his mom to make a poultice and place it on the back of his head near the base of the brain. He told her he was suffering from shock and would be alright in the morning if the poultice was kept on all night.   His mom made it for him since it contained nothing that would hurt him.  He was fine in the morning, but recalled nothing of the entire incident.  

Years later, Edgar lost his voice.  It just suddenly dwindled to a painful whisper and even the throat specialists were unable to help him.  This went on for months. Hypnotism was undergoing a fad at the time.  Cayce went to see several, but they were unsuccessful. Then he decided that he would put himself to sleep and the Hypnotherapist was to ask him to view his body and describe the trouble in the throat. He suggested Edgar should speak in a normal tone of voice, which he did. Edgar also stated that circulation was to be increased to the throat. This suggestion was given along with another that the throat problem be removed.  After about 20 minutes he coughed and spit up blood and his voice became normal again.  The Doctor said that if he could do this for himself, he should be able to do it for others. 

This was the beginning of Edgar Cayce’s ability to diagnose and help heal people while sleeping,  as long as someone gave him the suggestion and wrote down what he said.  He never remembered anything he said while asleep!

Edgar Cayce pic 1910

This photo was taken in 1910 when he was 33 years old.

Edgar was a Pisces, with Taurus Moon and Leo Rising.

Surgery and the Planets

Many people who have an interest in Astrology have heard that there are periods when it is unwise to have surgery.  There are times when your odds for successful surgery are better.  I want to share these guidelines because I think it is important to know.  This refers to ELECTIVE SURGERY ONLY!  

cartoon surgeon 

  • Try to plan surgery five days before or after the New Moon.  This is when the bodily fluids are at their lowest flow so there is less chance of swelling.
  • Avoid surgery five days before or after the Full Moon.  Bodily fluids are at their highest flow and there can be excessive bleeding, seeping from wounds or swelling.
  • Avoid surgery when it’s a ‘Void of course” Moon because surgery may not be performed correctly, or complications are possible.
  • Avoid surgery on the part of the body ruled by the sign that the Moon or Sun is transitting or moving through.  A list of the signs and parts of the body follows.
  • Avoid surgery when Mercury or Mars are retrograde as there could be misunderstandings, errors or confusion.  Mars rules surgeons and cutting instruments and the surgeon may be unsteady or unable to concentrate very well. Also there could be heavy loss of blood.

There are a few other things to do with the Moon that can be checked for you by an Astrologer, but these are the most important!

celestial pictureThe Sign Rulerships:

Aries:  Head, eyes, ears, face, sinuses, brain

Taurus:  Throat, neck, tonsils, adenoids, larynx, thyroid, upper chest

Gemini: Hands, arms, shoulders, collarbone, lungs, nervous system

Cancer:  stomach, chest and sternum, breasts

Leo:  Heart, back, spinal vertabra

Virgo: Intestinal tract, liver enzymes

Libra: kidneys. acid/alkaline metabolism

Scorpio: Reproductive system, prostate, colon

Sagittarius: Thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, lumbar region

Capricorn: Knees, joints, bones, gall bladder

Aquarius: Ankles calves, top of feet, circulation, spinal cord

Pisces: Feet and toes, lymph glands

Buddah compassion picture




When to have Surgery

surgery sign

This applies to ELECTIVE SURGERY ONLY!. Sometimes we don’t have a choice and we must have surgery right away. but if you have the option to select the day,why not pick the most advantageous day. The Astrological medical rules go all the way back to Ptolemy and are also from reports published in medical literature by some doctors who do not happen to be Astrologers.

The most important thing to know is what sign the moon is in, as well as its position when it transits a person’s natal chart. If possible do not schedule surgery on the day before, the day of, or the day after a full moon. There is increased danger of hemorrhaging at this time of the month.

Also,don’t have surgery when the moon is moving through a sign ruling a vital organ; for example, when the moon is in Leo which rules the heart or when the moon is in the sign ruling the part of the body requiring surgery. For example, when it’s a Taurus moon avoid having a tonsillectomy, Taurus rules the throat and the neck.

It is also extra helpful if you can schedule when the moon is in a fixed sign if possible, because the surgeon should be more stable. (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

mars moon eaeth

The vitality of the body is decreased when the moon is near the person’s Ascendant and also when transiting Mars is opposing the person’s own moon sign. Avoid it when Mars is close to 17 degrees of the person’s sun sign. These placements can also prolong recuperation.

The above are the most important. But if you want to look further to assure yourself that you did not leave anything to chance, you can also check the Sun’s position. Just as with the the transiting moon, the sun should not be in the sign ruling the part of the body requiring surgery. Ptolemy says that surgery on the chest for example should not be done when the sun or moon are in Gemini nor breast surgery with the sun or moon in the sign of Cancer, which also rules the stomach. Since the Sun gives us vitality, surgery at those times would drain our vitality.

cartoon surgeon

When Mars is retrograde which is not too often, avoid that time because the surgery could need to be repeated later or further surgery needed to correct a problem resulting from the first surgery.

There are other placements that could be checked, but for most of us, having our natal chart and an Ephemeris to check the daily planet movements, this is probably enough to know. If anyone is interested in knowing other things to check, please leave me a comment and I can write another Blog on this subject.

stethoscope in medical design

Sunsign Astrological Health Trivia

constellation pic

You could be healthier if you understood more about your astrological health.  Here is a little  information about each zodiac sign:

  • Aries may push themselves into a breakdown.  They put off going to doctors and dentists until their problems become serious.  Their haste can lead to burns or cuts.
  • Taurus folks make the best patients once they finally accept the necessity for medical treatment.  They are very patient while they heal.  Protect against Bronchitis.
  • Geminis often have dry, delicate skin and are very susceptible to allergies.  They really hate being sick and having to slow down.  They are susceptible to Pneumonia..
  • Cancerians catch everything as children, but their health improves later in life.  They have lots of tummy problems.  They love water and swimming is a healthy exercise.
  • Leos have great natural energy but can over-exert.  They are courageous, almost to the point of being reckless, which can lead to accidents.
  • Virgos suffer a lot of intestinal problems, generally due to nervous upsets.  Most learn to eat more simply to feel better.  They often medically self-diagnose.
  • Libras are often the first to pick up passing illnesses.  They also seem to have the most backaches.  They really need to build up their immune systems.
  • Scorpios do everything to excess.  They dislike doctors and many believe they can make themselves well by the power of their minds, and sometimes they can!
  • Sagittarians have the best resistance to germs and disease.  They seem to be the last to catch whatever bugs are going around, but they can be accident-prone.
  • Capricorns grow up to be very strong and they get regular check-ups.  Their biggest problem is getting depressed, which depletes their energy.
  • Aquarians have longevity on their side.  heir health is usually pretty good.  For the most part, they exercise, take their vitamins and follow doctor’s orders.
  • Pisces often appear delicate, but they actually can withstand excesses pretty well.  Moderation in all things will give them better than average health.

Astrologers can actually see health vulnerability in your birth chart.  We can even suggest foods to eat for your body type, herbs that can benefit you and even mineral or cell salts you can take to make your body more resistant to health problems.  We do not diagnose, that is best left to the medical profession, we only suggest these natural pathways to health.  We also believe that attitude goes a long way toward keeping every sign health and happy!

fruit veg picture

The New and Improved Version

webbles wobble    As a follow-up to my post recently about going from misery to joy, where the death of Robin Williams spurred me on to finally write my personal story of going through a two-year severe clinical depression, I have something good to add now that  two and a half years have passed.   M&M Attention PleaseIt seems that much has changed in my life and I am trying to figure out why or what has caused this.  Here are some things that I have slowly been noticing about myself.          My memory has become enhanced in a major way.  I easily recall events that have occurred from the recent past and the distant past, including names and locations.  I can answer trivia questions and come up with the correct answer very often, surprising even myself.  My memory was never, ever this good!

My thinking and retention are much quicker, I grasp ideas and understand things much more easily than ever before.

Having always been one to avoid the limelight and a soft-spoken, low-key person, I find that my voice is stronger and my personality seems to be stronger.  I feel more outgoing and less self-conscious and more comfortable in my body.

I feel things much more deeply, more passionately, my compassion is stronger, I feel more affectionate and loving.

My energy level was always fairly high, but now I find that I have more energy than ever. I am ready to tackle things that an older lady with four stents in the heart arteries, prolapses and herniated discs in the neck and upper back probably should not do.  I usually don’t even think of those things, and frequently view myself as kind of invincible.  That’s probably not smart, but just so you get the picture of where my thinking is now.

Could all of this be just because I am so happy to be back and be participating in life again, or could it be  brain changes from the chemicals in the various prescription drugs I took (I am weaned off all of them now) or perhaps discussing my life with a good Psychiatric doctor released some limitations I didn’t know I even had?  Is it because I have recovered from the daily misery and hopeless thoughts and I now enjoy and appreciate every single moment of my life?   Maybe gaining back my personal power and control as a grown adult, after feeling like a helpless child unable to take care of myself or make the smallest decision has energized my being?

I actually wondered if perhaps, after going through two heart surgeries and the slow  process of my little granddaughter dying shortly afterward, and the fact that my emotional state was so weak, is it possible an advanced being of some kind removed my poor brain while I was sleeping and over a two year period, refurbished it using new and improved circuitry?  A temporary brain may have been inserted and that brain actually knew nothing about me or my life.  That brain had none of my memories, including a lifetime of learning, had no creativity or ability to work my hobbies, nor how to create a meal, how to drive a car, how to make a simple decision, how to operate a normal body properly, how to behave socially, how to think of anything to say, how to enjoy the taste of foods I had always liked, how to care about those I loved, and on and on.  Because when I came back into life, it was as if I had a new and improved brain!    Science Fiction?  Maybe!     Does anyone have any thoughts on this?Buddah compassion picture


moon phases 1The Moon has four phases: new, waxing, full and waning.  Then add the moon’s position through the zodiac signs. It takes about 28 days for the moon to orbit around the earth. The new moon is when the moon passes directly between the sun and the earth and it is totally dark. During the day it is very close to the sun. On your calendar it shows as a black disc. This is a good time to fast for the day since it is the highest capacity of the body for detoxification. This can help the body avoid sickness. The side of the moon facing the sun appears a few hours after the new moon and this begins the waxing moon period. Within 2 weeks the moon passes through first and second quarters. For these two weeks, build up and strengthen your body because it will be extremely effective at this time. Full moon appears when the moon is half-way toward its journey around the earth. The calendar shows it as a white disc. At full moon, expect more profuse bleeding (one reason why surgery is not recommended at full moon, the day before or day after). Childbirth labor seems to frequently begin at this time. Third and fourth quarter moons begin the two week period of waning moon. Surgery seems to be more successful during waning moon and even if you eat more than usual, it seems you don’t put weight on as quickly as during waxing moon.

oreo demo moon phasesTwo to three days are spent in each of the zodiac signs during the moon’s 28 day orbit and this exerts specific influences on different areas of the body.  There is a basic principle called ‘the art of good timing’ and it is a little mysterious in the way it works, but the moment of coming into contact is the decisive moment. An action pursued with your hands or your thoughts, either positive or negative will always be visible eventually in the material world. Forces are exerted by the phases of the moon and by the position of the moon in the zodiac at specific moments in time.

moon on your birthIf you have the option to schedule surgery, just look for a waning moon and avoid the zodiac sign that governs that particular part of the body. Following is a guide for your use:

ARIES  rules head, eyes, nose, brain, sense organs
TAURUS rules throat, neck, ears, tonsils, blood circulation
GEMINI rules shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, glandular system
CANCER rules chest area, stomach, nervous system
LEO rules heart, back, arteries, sense organs
VIRGO rules digestive organs, nerves, blood circulation
LIBRA rules hips, kidneys, bladder, glandular system
SCORPIO rules sexual and reproductive organs, nose, nervous system
SAGITTARIUS rules thighs, hips, veins, sense organs
CAPRICORN rules knees, bones, joints, skin, blood circulation
AQUARIUS rules lower legs, calves, top of feet, veins, glandular system
PISCES rules feet, toes, nervous system

moon ocean waningThe waning moon detoxifies, washes out, sweats out, breathes out, dries, consolidates, pushes to action and to expending energy. The closer to new moon, the more effective the energy.   Healing is quicker, scarring is seen less often, wounds have less bleeding.

At the new moon, start new projects, release bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol and see the strong withdrawal symptoms kept within bounds physically and mentally. Have your new beginning on a new moon day for your best success.

The waxing moon supplies, plans, absorbs, builds up, breathes in, stores energy, gathers strength, prompts to rest and recovery.  Water retention is more common and diuretics even have  difficulty working. Wasp stings, food poisoning, etc. have a stronger effect on the body.

right hand waxing moonFull moon is the time to fast because the body absorbs substances so well, including chemical additives. Water accumulates in tissues and there is swelling; and connective tissue becomes weak. Healing takes longer and inoculations should not be planned at this time, or three days before or after.   Postpone strenuous work until the moon is waning if possible. If we could all harmonize our daily activities with the rhythms of the moon, our minds and bodies would feel a lot better. It takes a long time to feel the effects of ignoring natural rhythms in life and living in tune with these rhythms will also be slow to show positive effects. The Farmers Almanac is all about timing of activities by the moon.

Pay more attention to the moon phases, experimenting and observing for yourself. You’ll wonder how you managed so long without the knowledge and why you never noticed before. There is much more to be said about living in harmony with nature.

superstitions                                                                The Superstition Mountains – Arizona

From Misery to Joy – A Story of Real Life

With the tragic passing of Robin Williams, there has been so much discussion lately about depression and suicide.  We will all miss him terribly.  His passing has really raised awareness about this insidious and horrible disease.  I can personally attest to how horrid it is, having suffered from chronic depression and acute anxiety over a two and a half year period.  It seemed to have been kicked off by the death of my grandchild following on the heels of 4 consecutive hospitalizations for me and having several stents put into my heart arteries.  It began a spiraling down very deep into darkness and misery.  I never used to understand how someone could take their life, but I can now, after experiencing that hopelessness that overtakes you and robs every ounce of joy from you.  I am healthy now thank God, but I remember all too well what I went through over two years ago.  I understand the suffering and I have deep compassion for those going through it.  I was always an optimist and a happy person.  I know some have chronic depression that they fight all their life, but I did not.  Nobody would have ever expected that to happen to me, but it did.  It can overtake anyone at any time.  Thanks to a good doctor, the right medication finally, and the loving support of my husband and family, I was pulled up and out of that dark hole.  I was one of the lucky ones! 

I also know that the disease called clinical depression is unlike the normal depression that we as humans go through  sometimes.  Clinical depression I learned is the most hopeless disease of all, robbing one of all hope.  You cannot believe you will ever be well again.  It causes you to lose your appetite and affects every organ in your body eventually.  We now know there is a direct link between brain mood and the physical body.  Those chronic horrible thoughts that are really uncontrollable, wreak havoc on your body organs and for me each one of them began to malfunction in some way.  It affected everything.  Even my teeth hurt and felt too weak to chew food.  Nothing worked right.  The misery was both mental and physical.  I saw several specialists about problems with my body.  A constantly recurring infection caused me to be on an antibiotic for over a year.   Every ounce of energy was drained away leaving me so depleted that the slightest effort to accomplish something put me on the couch exhausted.  I spent most of the day on the couch.  It took extreme effort to get out of bed in the morning and find anything to wear.  Taking a shower was so much work that it often took until mid afternoon to finally get it done, if it got done.  I could not make the smallest decision.  The depressing thoughts consumed me and I read self-help books and inspirational books  and yet I could not absorb any of it.  My grown kids, sisters and a few friends tried to encourage me from afar, but my constant response became “I can’t” . I prayed to God to release me from what almost felt like a dark entity had moved into my body and taken over and wanted to do me in.  If that was so, that entity did not know anything that I had learned in my life.  After thirty five years of studying Astrology, I forgot it all and everything else I ever knew.   The dark thoughts were all consuming and allowed nothing else in. 

I lost my appetite, and thus so much weight that my clothes practically fell off me.  I lost my friends because I didn’t want to see anyone or be social, it was too hard and I looked terrible too.  I couldn’t carry on a decent conversation with anyone  because my mind couldn’t think of a thing to say.  I couldn’t cook because I couldn’t remember how I had made meals all those years and I was too drained to even try.  I couldn’t drive the car because my mind could not take the stimulus nor remember how to do so many things at one time, such as using the manual shift, checking traffic around me and remembering where the place was that I wanted to go and how to get there.  I was terrified of having an accident, so I only drove short distances with my husband in the car.  He encouraged me to drive the car and so I tried when I could, which wasn’t often.   He pushed me to get dressed and got me out the door when he could, even just to the supermarket.  I didn’t want to go anywhere.

After I was into this for over a year, I finally begged for help, knowing it was getting worse every day.  We tried several doctors, before finally finding someone who would not only dispense pills, but listen.  I did finally take  pills, but I didn’t want to because I was afraid I would become addicted to them; especially the anti anxiety pills that worked quickly but one needs a larger and larger dose for the same effect. I could get as relaxed as possible and the anxiety still grabbed my chest.  The antidepressants take a long time to work and several of them prescribed for me did not work on me at all.  It was a long and slow process and the combination of the right doctor, the right pills, the support of my husband and the plane ride east to see family and my newest grandchild all worked together to help me heal. 

I must say that I don’t know how anyone gets through it alone.  I had my husband whose support and love and care kept me going day after day.  He took on all the cooking, cleaning, laundry and everything else that had to be done.  He tried helping me in every way he knew.  We went nowhere and saw nobody and I felt really bad for him, but I was unable to do anything about the situation.  God bless him and the others for hanging in there for me for so long.

I am healthy in mind, body and spirit now.  My gratitude is overwhelming.  I learned a lot through that experience and I am still processing it.   I knew I wanted to write about it when the time was right, hopefully to help someone else who is in the throes of it right now.  Despite feeling hopeless, it is possible to get well.  I did and I have never been happier.   Life is good now and I am back to being my positive, optimistic self and enjoying every single day.  I don’t miss an opportunity to have fun, to be kind to others,  and hopefully you will too!  Please don’t give up on yourself!

Angel comforting

What Did Edgar Cayce Have To Say About Health Problems

When I was writing about Edgar Cayce and what he had to say about Astrology, Mr. Edgar Cayce picture   I knew I wanted  to      share what he had to say about physical health.   While taking a nap on his couch, he would be told the gender and location of the person with a health problem. Within a few minutes, he could diagnose the health condition and then suggest remedies to heal the problem.  Cayce seemed to travel in his mind to view that person, no matter how many miles away and look into that body.   He could perceive the physical, mental and emotional state.   He would recommend medicines, foods, surgery, physical therapy, osteopathic adjustments, exercise and psychological guidance. He could  locate a particular medical doctor and recommend this doctor for the person in question. He always stressed the importance of a balance between alkaline and acid intake, which is now accepted  by many doctors in the medical profession.  He was not aware of anything that he said while asleep.   Just a few things Cayce tells us:

Choose foods grown in the area where you live for your body to assimilate them well.Set Out Pots of Herbs in Wedges of Pizza Garden

Do not take milk or cream in your coffee or tea as it will turn to leather in the stomach.

Do not combine different starches in the same meal, e.g. white bread and potatoes.

Carrot Juice – drink in small amounts, about an ounce, sipped slowly taking fifteen to twenty minutes to drink or sip small amounts throughout the day to help control the kidneys and act to help the body eliminate poisons. Carrot_juice : carrot juice and parsley

Yogurt as part of the diet – an active cleanser through the colon and intestinal system, to purify the alimentary canal, the blood stream and lymphatics, the neuro-muscular system and respiratory system to strengthen the body so it can resist the infection and build up the nerves.

Jerusalem Artichoke –  preserve and use all the juices – (the tuber, not the California artichoke)  given every ten days to help make better coordination for the working of the pancreas as related to the kidneys and pelvic organs, which produce an irritation on the nervous system. This can eradicate the craving for sweets and dark circles under the eyes.  The Jerusalem artichoke was prescribed for many conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, as well as general circulation, since it contains insulin and phosphorus, Eat a small artichoke with meals.  It was also prescribed for hypertension along with green leafy vegetables.    Jerusalem Artichoke : Jerusalem artichoke on a white background

Almonds – several raw almonds taken daily and you will never have tumors growing in the body.  The almond has more phosphorus and iron in a combination easily assimilated than any other nut.  You’ve heard it said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well an almond a day keeps him away too!

Peanut Oil – Massage pure peanut oil into the joints of the body to prevent arthritis.

Caster Oil Pack – One of the most well-known Cayce remedies – used on the abdomen for a wide range of problems, such as pain, slipped discs, hyperactivity, tinnitus, nausea, fibroid tumors, gall stones, diverticulitis and many other conditions.  The application seems to bring about total relaxation as well.

Sea Salt or Kelp Salt suggested as best for the body.

Grape Juice taken 30 minutes before a meal will help curb obesity. Include raw salad and have nothing fried.

Avoid shell fish but have boiled fish and green vegetables for arthritis.  Crystallization in the joints partially can be caused by cold and partially by too many sweets.  Eat a lot of fruit and include vegetables.  Any sweets should be made with honey, especially in the honeycomb, but not with cane sugar.

Colds and flu – use an egg that is room temperature, beat up the white.. add the juice of one lemon, drop slowly into the egg white.  Also, drop slowly a tsp. of honey and 3 drops, one at a time of glycerine.  Beat thoroughly.  take a teaspoonful every two or three hours.  This will clear the cold, relieve stress through the throat and nasal passages, bronchi and larynx.  (Today we do have to be a bit careful of using raw eggs, they are very different than they were in Cayce’s time).

Do not mix candy with any other foods when dealing with colitis, they become especially harmful when taken with starches.  Proteins are made more harmful when eaten with sweets.

Have lots of vegetables which contain iron and silicon to help teeth to be healthy.   smile while you still have teeth

Tomato, of all the vegetables, carries most of the vitamins  in a well balanced easily assimilated manner and is preferable eaten after being canned.  Tomatoes are actually not acid forming in the system, and can be destructive  if not allowed to fully ripen on the vine before picking them.  If canned, be sure they do not contain benzoate of soda also known as sodium benzoate!  Today we learn that tomatoes contain lutein, which is good for the eyes, especially after being cooked.tomatoes

Edgar Cayce also said:  “A great deal will depend upon the mental attitude of the body.  Listen to sublime music which is very soothing for the body.   Be aware not merely of your thoughts, but also what you think  and say about others and how you treat them personally.   Keep an even mental balance.  Don’t worry, which is easy to say, but how to prevent it?  By keeping control of the mind, not only through the very will of self, but by keeping occupied in doing something for others.”

Edgar Cayce on Astrology

Back in the early to mid 1980’s I discovered Edgar Cayce and the ARE, which is the Association for Research and Enlightment.  Where I grew up in New Jersey, there were very few metaphysical book stores, so I ordered my books on Astrology and other Metaphysical subjects from the ARE book store.    I always wanted to visit the ARE center in Virginia Beach, but I never had the chance.

As a long-time Astrology student, I devoured every book I could find on this subject.  Today I have a pretty extensive collection of Astrology material and several of these books are used in my work as a Professional Astrologer.  What did Edgar Cayce have to say about Astrology? His definition:

“that position in space about our own earth that is under the control of the forces that are within the sphere of that control, and all other spheres without that control.  That is Astrology, the study of those conditions.  In the beginning, our own plane, the Earth, was set in motion.  The planning of other planets began the ruling of the destiny of all matters as created, just as the division of waters was ruled and is ruled by the Moon in its path about the earth, just so as the higher creation as it begun is ruled by the action in conjunction with the planets about the earth.  The strongest force used in the destiny of man is the Sun first, then the closer planets to the earth, or those tht are coming to ascension at the time of the birth of the individual.  But let it be understood here, no action of any planet or the phases of the Sun, the Moon or any of the heavenly bodies surpass the rule of man’s will power, the power given by the Creator of man in the beginning, when he became a living soul with the power of choosing for himself.  The inclinations of man are ruled by the planets under which he is born, for the destiny of man lies within the sphere or scope of the planets.”   He goes on and adds, “We see there is the influence of the planets upon an individual, for all must come under that influence, though one may pass from one plane to another without going through all stages of the condition, for only upon the earth plane at present do we find man is flesh and blood, but upon others, do we find those of his own making in the preparation of his own development…… many of the forces of each planet is felt more through the experience, by the entity’s sojourn upon the planets than by the life that is led other than by will, for will is the factor in the mind of man that must be exercised.:  Cayce also said many, many thousands of years ago, Astrology was used by the people, per the records of Job, who lived before Moses.

A little bit of information about this very special man taken from the book “Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet” by Jess Stearn – Edgar would lay down on his couch.  He would close his eyes and then start to talk in his sleep.  He would be in a trance state and unaware of what he was saying.  He tuned in to subconscious information, apparently the product of a Universal Mind which had been available to him since he was young.


He would accurately diagnose sick people who came to him in person, or just wrote to him for help, and consequently cure them.  But he also would get predictions of future earth events, as well as information about previous events.  His wife wrote down what he said and later his secretary Gladys took over.  He could apparently travel in time and space.  He spoke of a belief in reincarnation, with its concept of many lives for the same soul spirit.  Edgar Cayce, somehow was able to look inside of everything that fell into the realm of his unconscious – –  the human body and soul, the earth, the Universe itself.   Edgar Cayce was an uneducated man, never having gone beyond the sixth grade in Hopkinsville, Kentucky where he grew up.

Many years have passed since his death in 1945 and the collection of documents on his various readings for people are on file in the library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach.   While he was alive, he was scorned by the medical profession, but today many inquiring minds in the medical profession are looking at and using his diagnoses and remedies.  One medical authority stated that medically, he was 100 years ahead of his time.   Many today are being successfully treated using  his readings.

Through the years, I left Edgar Cayce behind and moved forward into other metaphysical pursuits.  Recently a friend told me about an Edgar Cayce Study Group and I joined.  I learned that these Cayce study groups are happening around the world.   I have been guided back into my old books, which I once relied upon for good health, using the Cayce remedies.  I did move away from it all, but destiny has brought Cayce back into my life again twenty five years later.  I feel the urge to write more about Edgar Cayce in future blogs and I know I am to share more about this amazing man.