* Testimonials/Referrals

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to share their experience of my work!
That all makes perfect sense. Thank you for going above and beyond on my reading and chart. It is so appreciated. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and will be in touch in the future for perhaps a transit reading. Tara

All I can say is what a wonderful woman, haha! Truly you are an inspiration. You so beautifully mixed both the Astrological and psychological components – and topped it with a dash of wisdom! I am beyond pleased with your services. Maybe one day I will find the time to study astrology once again and become as wise as you. Thank you so much.

Thank you again for the tarot card reading. I was really down, you helped me out so much, even just having someone to talk…i appreciate you, your a great friend, such a loving person..take care.. Lucie B

I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to my dear friend Peggy for helping me with selecting a favorable date for surgery! I was very nervous with the upcoming Mercury Retrograde and was also concerned about the upcoming Pisces Lunar cycle (the days that the moon is in Pisces since Pisces rules the feet). I’m SO thankful to Peggy! Scrutinizing the Lunar calendar and upcoming transits is not my specialty (wish it was) but it is certainly hers, she’s an expert and I trust her! She is a personal friend of mine and an such an incredible Astrologer! If you are interested in astrology than I highly recommend you check out and sign up to her blog on WordPress. Her writings are always educational and very informative, not to mention SPOT on! She also offers personal natal chart readings, tarot card readings as well as she creates and designs personal Astrology jewelry. I’ve seen and known her work personally, and I highly recommend her! Thanks Peggy, Love you! Leighanne
“I have known Peggy over the past twenty-five years. She has done charts on my children and friends and I have used her extensively as a resource and guide as the planets rotate in the sky above. Peggy has given me numerous insights into love, life, career with her transit readings. She has been blessed with a gift (astrology) and continues to work to develop her insights and understandings of how the planets play a role in our lives”. Jay K.
“Peggy is a dedicated and passionate astrologer. She did an amazing chart for me that was not only “compelling”, but “intriguing” as well. People should be lining up for her services!” Janet W.
“I first connected with Peggy in 1990 through her astrology column entitled, Personality Plus. I appreciated her ability to provide pointers and specific insights on how to navigate through life’s transitions. Being intuitive provides an additional edge in Peggy’s ability to read charts, as she connects the dots up while overviewing aspects with a practical, grounded approach that is very helpful. She is professional, passionate, articulate and caring in reflecting strengths, as well as challenges. A written overview is provided, which is good to have for current and future reference. I’ve also had Peggy do natal charts for my family (when granddaughter was born and also for my son), as well as having her do charts for my friends and recommending her services to others. I also love how she can “nail” accurately in astrology charts why some friends are such a strong heart connection, as well as identify why or where there are pot holes with others. Peggy is a talented Astrologer and makes what seems like Greek in a person’s chart clear and enriching!” Sharon W.
“I have known Peggy Yost for over five years and during that time I have had several tarot card readings, and an astrological chart done. I am very impressed with Peggy’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor. She is very well-organized and diligent in her report research and presentation. I have found her readings to be very accurate. She is a hard-working, top performing Astrologer and she has my highest recommendation”. Larry S.

“Peggy is the first Astrologer I have had the privilege to work with. When she initially did my birth chart, I was impressed by how extensive and detailed the report was. She sat with me for a few hours to explain my chart in its entirety and went over all the questions I had. What might be a convoluted subject to a neophyte, was explained in a very lucid manner with such alacrity. Since my initial consultation, I have met other astrologers but I will continue to return to Peggy. She has a resolve, a grace, and an equanimity like no other. Aside from being highly adept in her field, Peggy is also open-minded and unbiased when she presents her work. For these very reasons, I laud and recommend her to anyone considering learning more about themselves and astrology.” Broc
“Thank you so much Peggy for my reading! It was very informative and special!!! Thanks again!” Adriana
“I always like to give Peggy feedback after I have a tarot card reading when the things she says come true. I have received readings from her for the past five years and that’s usually every month! I had the pleasure of meeting her through a friend who bragged about her and how accurate she is. I can honestly say that I can confirm her accuracy in reading the cards. I always look forward to my reading each month. She is a delight and a sweet soul and a pleasure to be around”! “As for Peggy’s jewelry, I am always the first to buy her original designs. As a jewelry designer myself, I look forward to her next creation. I want to be first in line to purchase them. You can see that she puts her heart and soul into her jewelry and it shows. I love wearing it and letting my friends know that it came from my talented friend Peggy”. Mia B.

“Perceptive, accurate and very, very well appreciated Peggy, thank you. There is so much to this! Bart C.

I just received my birthday gift – my Astrology chart. Seriously you are amazing! What a talent! Thank you. Andrea

“Your jewelry is my favorite. I wear mine all the time. Let me know when you get creative again, because I need some more!” Michelle

I came across contact information for Peggy a few years ago on a Facebook post. I contacted her more so out of curiosity. Without giving her any information other than my birth date and time I was born, she was able to give me an accurate reading for what I was experiencing at the time. I was very surprised! At this point in time I’ve received 3 readings from Peggy and she hasn’t been wrong once. I’ve grown to trust her, as she’s never steered me wrong. I plan to continue to consult with her in the future”. Ebony

“Peggy has read my horoscope as well as my family and friends. I found her to be very insightful and accurate. Her natural intuition adds to the understanding of the chart. Working with her has given me so much more confidence in astrology as a science. She has become a good friend as well”. Clydene

“Peggy is a beautiful soul who gives so much of herself in helping others find themselves. I am blessed to be a recipient of her time, talent and friendship.” Sonja

“I had a Tarot Card reading with Peggy regarding the sale of my house, which just would not sell. She asked me to describe the house and layout of the rooms. There was apparently a major selling obstacle which was not something that could be changed. Peggy was able to identify the apparent problem and using the reading along with her knowledge of Feng Sui, she made a few suggestions for me to try. The day after implementing them, we had a cash buyer and the house went to contract. Simply amazing!” Lori from Pennsylvania

I LOVE my Astrological bracelets! Thanks again so much for such an incredible morning! Leighanne 😀

Glad you were able to make a trip out to see Peggy. Her handmade jewelry is some of my all-time favorites and I’m always wearing mine. LOVE the bracelet ❤️❤️ Michelle C.