*Personality Plus – Astrology Reports, Card Readings, Astrological and Custom Jewelry Designs

Report 1: Astrological Life Map – Full Analysis: $85
Birth chart, horoscope wheel , planetary aspects,
personality and character analysis by Peg, health vulnerabilities,
best career choices, best choices for love, and more!
Includes a worksheet fully explaining your horoscope wheel
Report 2: Current Transits: $85
A detailed look at what is happening in your life now and in the near future; how long the cycles are likely to continue. A particular question may be researched for you.
Note: We suggest the Birth Chart be completed first!
Both charts together: $150
Report 3: Compatibility Report: $85
Birth information for two charts required. Learn what are the strengths in your relationship, along with areas needing work .
These are available for you and your partner, spouse, child, friend, employer, parents, etc. Please specify!

REPORT 5: Teenager’s Reports: NEW! SPECIAL PRICING! Just $70

It is so helpful to understand your growing teenagers. Help guide them to the best path for them using the Birthchart, which is our life map. Teens love reading about themselves and will find this information to be very helpful!
Report 4: Child’s Chart: $65
Specifically written for babies, younger children and teens. Understand how you can raise them better by understanding their personality.
Report 5: Relocation Chart: $45
Where is the best place to live to attract a great career, love, challenges, opportunities, emotional connections, exciting experiences. Your birth chart graphed over a map with full explanation.
All include a consultation (in person, by phone, email, Messenger Video, Face Time, or Zoom.
Reports are sent by email attachment or for an additional $10 we can mail your report to you in a Presentation Folder suitable for gift-giving.


After the cards are shuffled and cut, they are laid out in the Celtic Spread, then read and discussed. Questions and clarification follow. Input from the client is always welcome as your story unfolds.
A specific question may be asked or you may request a general reading
(Can be done in person, by Phone, Messenger Video, Zoom or Facetime).
Two questions or extra time – ( Readings are usually 30-35 minutes:) $35

For example: the Ace of Pentacles Tarot card:

ace of pentacles tarot card
This card suggests money or valuables. An Ace is an opportunity for a new beginning or a new opportunity to earn or be given money or possibly something of value.
The cards are always read combining each one with the cards around it. All together, they tell a story and are a great counseling tool. They help you to come to a decision or see an answer to your question after looking at what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you through the cards.
(There are 78 cards and we pull 10 of them and lay them out in the Celtic Cross spread after shuffling and cutting the cards. If you are at a distance, we will ask you to tell us when to stop shuffling and about where to cut the cards before we lay them out.)
Call or email us for a reading with Peggy… 623-694-2910 or Text or email Peggy at: astrologerpeg@cox.net

NEW: THE ASTROLOGY GAME OF CARDS – Have fun playing familiar card games while learning the basics of Astrology effortlessly! See details
Designed and created by Peggy – Beaded Bracelets and Silver Cuff Bracelets with your Astrological Charm, Necklaces with or without charms, and Earrings. See Pictures below:
When designing bracelets and necklaces, we use the colors that harmonize with your sign and attach a silverplate double-sided Astrological charm. For example, a Pisces would enjoy beads in the colors of seafoam green, aqua, lavendar with silver or other accent colors and we would attach a double fish silver plate charm. They can also be created without a charm for less. Add $4.00 for postage and packaging.

Zodiac Bracelets beaded with double-sided silver-plate Astrological charm: $23

Zodiac Necklaces with double-sided silver-plate charm (18″-20″) $28

Silver Cuff Bracelets with double-sided silver-plate Astrological charm: $23

Bracelets beaded in your choice of color without charm: $18

Earrings which can be made to match necklaces and bracelets: $10-12.

Beads with choice of colors and your name in sterling block letters: $18 and add $2.25 per letter

SOME EXAMPLES:aquarius bracelet

aquarius braceletaquarius bracelet

gemini silverplate charm bracelet

cuff bracelet choices

silver gold cuff bracelet

Kysha name beads

Your name in sterling block letters: Above name spells Kysha

Chain with hanging beads is $30. Can be done in various designs, colors and beads.

Various custom bracelet designs as shown -$20 – $22

cuff no charm.jpg


Local CRAFT & VENDOR FAIR where I sell jewelry and read Tarot cards.

Fair Day June 2018

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