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If you have very little knowledge of the Zodiac Signs, here is a good way to begin using your cards:

You’ll notice there are 4 cards for each Zodiac Sign in the picture below!

my cards learning layout
  • Column 1 shows the Number cards
  • Column 2 shows the Constellation cards
  • Column 3 shows the Key Word cards
  • Column 4 shows the Symbol cards

Notice that on the left column, the Number cards start at the 1st sign Aries and go down to the 12th sign Pisces. Each of the other columns do exactly the same, showing them in order from Aries to Pisces. Shuffle the cards and find one card for each of the different types. Then sort all of the cards into different piles; each pile made up of the same kind of card. Then, starting with the Number cards, sort that pile into the order of their place in the Zodiac.

Notice that at the very top are two of the helper cards…one showing the order of the signs, and the other is an example of a Horoscope Wheel. The helper card should now be used to help you sort each of the columns from Aries to Pisces. If you play with the cards this way a few times, you will rapidly become familiar with them and this knowledge will be helpful as you begin to play all the fun games to follow!

This is an updated picture of the four ‘helper’ cards, the newest addition is the Qualities of the Signs, which now makes a complete Beginner Course in Astrology. Use this card to play the same game as the one using the Elements card.

helper cards

If you look at the Symbols cards, you will learn the dates that each sign falls within. e.g. Aries falls between March 22 and April 20th. ( The dates for each sign can change according to your year of birth. Birthdays on a cusp need a Birth Chart done to determine their actual sign. e.g. the beginning or end dates could change if you were born close to the beginning or end of a sign.

Now that you are familiar with the cards, a great game to start with is the “old fashioned” game of War! After shuffling, the deck is divided between the players. Without looking at their cards, each player simultaneously plays their top card and the highest sign takes all the cards (Pisces being the highest card for this game). If there is a tie, each then lays 3 cards face down spelling out w-a-r and turns up the 4th card proclaiming the word war and the highest card takes all cards in that play. The largest pile wins!

New Game: FIND A LOVE MATCH – It seems that everybody wants to find love. This is the most asked question in readings, followed by career question

Play with 2 to 4 players.

Deal out all the cards to the players.

Each player looks through their cards and must begin by pulling out their Sun sign, as many of this sign as you have. Lay them on the table.

Next each player should consult the enclosed Elements Card to see if their Sun sign is in the Fire, Air, Earth or Water group. Notice the other two signs sharing your group.

Look through your cards and pull out all of those signs in your Element and lay them on the table.

Notice that you are in harmony with those other 2 signs whether or not you have any in your hand.

For example: Cancerians share qualities with the Scorpios and Pisces, all being sensitive water ‘feeling’ signs.

Gemini shares the Air sign group with Libra and Aquarius. All are intellectually inclined and enjoy a stimulating conversation.

Taurus shares the Earth sign group with Virgo and Capricorn, all being practical and down to earth signs who take care of the business of life.

Aries share qualities with the Leos and Sagittarians, all being action-oriented fire signs who don’t hesitate to get out there and get things started.
To find more love matches, you need to know your Rising Sign, also known as the Ascendant. Look across the chart wheel and find the sign on the cusp or beginning of the 7th house, That is your partnership or marriage house and there is a strong attraction to others with that sun sign or Rising Sign.

For example: If you are a Leo Rising, ruling your personal house, then you will be attracted to Aquarians, the sign across the zodiac for a potential partner.

If you have a Capricorn Rising sign, you will be very attracted to Cancerians, the sign across the zodiac wheel.

Also, look at the sign where your Venus is. That symbol is the little circle with the cross under it. The sign listed with it is your love sign, so you can easily fall in love with someone having that Sun sign or Rising Sign.

For example: Venus in Virgo could feel romance with the Virgo Sun Signs or Rising Signs.
You can get your chart wheel done, no charge, if you have purchased the Astrology cards and also if you want to add this love match game to all the other great games you can play with these unique cards. You will find out where your Venus love sign is, along with your Ascendant and all your planets. I will need your date of birth, time – a.m. or p.m. and your city and state of birth, along with your email address.

A fully typed out Analysis with Worksheet explaining your chart wheel plus consultation is $75. Other options can be found within the above Menu. I will attach your horoscope wheel to an email.

Astro Rummy – Deal out 7 cards to each player. Turn the remainder face down and turn up one card to start the discard pile. Each player in turn draws a card. When a card is drawn, there must be a discard. You may have the option of picking up the top card from the discard pile or even picking up the entire discard pack instead of drawing a card… But you must have two cards of that zodiac set in hand. In addition, if you take the entire discard pack, because you now have more possibility of winning, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO LAY DOWN 3 SETS RATHER THAN 2 SETS LIKE THE OTHER PLAYERS! Then discard 1 card as usual. When play ends, whoever wins gets 25 points. If a card set of 4 has been already laid down by any player, it doesn’t count against them. When there is a winner, any cards remaining in the other players’ hands count 5 points for the winner.
Zodiac Solitaire is played like regular Solitaire except there are 12 instead of 13 cards and no suits. Lay out 7 rows of cards across, turning up the first card and turning down the other 6 cards. Deal across the row again, turning up the second card and turning down the other 5 cards. Again, turning up the 3rd card and turning down the other 4 cards, and so on until you have turned up the 7th card. From the cards showing on the table, fill the rows down in order of the signs from Pisces to Aries just like Kings down to Aces. The 12th sign Pisces acts like a King and when there is an empty spot, it fills that spot. With the remainder of the deck, by threes turn over cards and see if they can be used anywhere. Aries acts like an Ace and when you have gone as far as possible, you can turn over the cards by ones to see if any can fit in. At that point, you can begin laying off the Aries (Aces) up top followed by Taurus (like 2’s) and then Gemini (like 3’s) and so on, until you complete the 4 sets up top. When you become familiar with the order of the signs, you can begin laying off the cards up top just as soon as you get your first Aries (Ace) card. You will win most of the time with these cards and you will learn the order of the signs forward and backward each time you play!

Solitaire can be played any time and doesn’t require others to play. In addition to the rules enclosed with the deck, it has many variations of its own!

Please use the Informational card included in your deck to learn the order of the signs to play Zodiac Solitaire.
Zodiac Element Game – Deal 7 cards to 3 or 4 players. Collect 2 sets of 4 cards containing an Element such as Air, Fire, Earth or Water to win this game. No discard is needed to go out.
Air signs include Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
Fire signs include Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Earth signs include Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.
Water signs include Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Note: There is a card showing these Elements included in each card deck. The enclosed Qualities Card is played the same.

Zodiac Birth Sign Game – Before play begins declare your Sun Sign. If a second player has the same birth sign, he or she must choose the sign of a family member instead and declare it. Deal out 7 cards to 3 or 4 players. Collect one set of 4 cards from your birth sign and one set of any other sign in order to win the hand. Winner gets 25 points and play ends. No discard is needed to go out.
Zodiac Human Symbol Game – There are just 4 zodiac symbols depicting humans. They are the Gemini Twins, the Virgo Virgin, the Sagittarius Archer and the Aquarius Water Bearer. Note that Aquarius is not a water sign despite being shown pouring water. Those are actually ideas! This sign is part of the Air group of Elements and has been known to be pouring out ideas. The other 8 symbols are animals or objects. Deal out 7 cards to 3 or 4 people. Only 1 set of a sign with people is needed to go out and win and when this happens, the game ends immediately and winner gets 25 points. Note: To vary this game, you could collect one card from each of the human zodiac signs rather than 4 cards of the same zodiac set.

It seems the little symbol did not get printed on the cards, so please feel free to put a small mark on these human signs to play this game!
Zodiac Numbers Game Great for kids! Deal 7 cards to 3 or 4 players. Collect any 4 consecutive numbers of the zodiac number cards only. Collect just one set of four to win, picking up a card and discarding a card.

Check the enclosed informational Symbols card to see the consecutive order of the signs from #1 Aries to #12 Pisces
Zodiac Fishing Game – similar to the Go Fish Game – another great game that kids and also adults can enjoy with these cards. WHEN YOU ASK OTHER PLAYERS FOR A PARTICULAR SIGN, THEY MUST HAND OVER ALL THAT THEY HAVE OF THAT SIGN. The winner is the first one to collect 2 zodiac sets and win 25 points.
Rob The Deck – Deal 8 cards to each player. Lay out 6 cards right side up on the table to work from. If you hold a card in the same zodiac sign as one on the table, pick that card up and along with the card in your hand, begin to accumulate your pile, facing up. Keep going until you have no match. When done or if you can’t play, lay a card down in the center from your hand. Each player builds their pile. If any player has a card in the same zodiac sign as the top card in your pile, they get to rob the deck and move your pile to theirs and the same for you. Deal out 8 more cards when the hands are all gaone and continue playing. When there are no more cards to deal the largest pile wins!
Libra UpSimilar to the game ‘7-Up’ – This plays best with 4 players. Deal out the entire deck. The first player must lay out one of the 4 Libra cards sideways, or forfeit their turn. The next player must lay the previous or following sign above or below the Libra card – which would be Virgo or Scorpio. It must be the same type as the Libra card. (e.g. a constellation Libra card must have a constellation Virgo or Scorpio laid above or below) All 4 Libra cards will eventually be on the table. If someone can’t lay down the continuing row (before Virgo a Leo card and after Scorpio, a Sagittarius card), they pass. The first player to lay down all their cards is the winner. Note: this is fun to play with pennies or poker chips. Each player puts one coin or chip in the center pot before play begins. When you can’t make a play, you add another coin or chip to the pot. The winner takes the pot!
Zodiac Flash Cards– Cover parts of the card and guess to see how much you have learned.
Zodiac Match GameLay all 48 game cards on the table face down. In turn each player turns over any 2 cards. If they get a match of a zodiac sign, they keep those cards and go again. If they do not match a zodiac sign, they turn them back over in the same position. The player who collects the most pairs is the winner!

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