My Spirit Guides To The Rescue

Last night I had an interesting experience. We had been out to pick up dinner and afterward we watched some TV. I felt very tired and decided to go to bed a little earlier than usual. My phone was nowhere to be found. I always charge it overnight. I went to the garage to find out that the light was on and the garage door was open. We always keep our garage door down and the inside door locked to be safe. How did we forget?

I looked in the car and found my cellphone on the floor. Of course I put the door down, turned off the light and locked the inside door.

I believe my spirit guides and angels were protecting us, because had I not been prompted to get to bed earlier, then missed my phone and gone to the garage, that door would have stayed open all night with the light on to call attention to it!

I had another very strange incident happen a few years ago, when I was awakened in the middle of the night to hear very loud talking in my living room. I turned on the lights and heard a woman giving a news report talking extremely loud! I checked the TV, the radio and finally the Sonos speaker and everything was turned off. That Sonos has radio stations from all over the world on it and is controlled from our computer or cell phones. I thought that it could possibly be the source, since she seemed to have a British accent. But that was not it! Everything was off!

Finally I thought I would have to disconnect the speakers. As I was about to do that, suddenly there was silence! I waited, then went back to bed. It was the strangest thing.

I posted about my experience on Facebook. A friend who is a Psychic Medium commented and said he felt there were probably intruders lurking close by and that my spirit guides chased them away by causing the loud talking and many of my lights being turned on. Then they stopped that when it was safe!

Wow. That’s all I can say!

Have you had any strange experiences happen?

If I Should Ever Miss The Snow


Snow is gently falling on my blog, but there is no snow falling here in Phoenix Arizona!  I remember growing up in Northern New Jersey and all the snowfalls and ice storms that would close the schools.  We loved those days and would be outside sledding and making snowmen and just enjoying the day off from school.  But that changed once I was older and had to drive to work on snowy, icy roads.  If the snow would begin falling in the morning, I would watch it through the windows and worry all day about getting home later and how long it would take with all the traffic.

The final straw was the time I drove home from an event during the early afternoon in a snow storm.  The highway was very slippery and I went into a skid, then a spin, and then crossed the road several times hitting the guard rails on each side of the road.  When I finally came to a stop, I was amazed that I didn’t hit another car!  I continued driving with my knees shaking, heading uphill to my home.  As I turned onto the street right before mine, my wheels were spinning and would not make it up the incline. I had to back down and try several times hitting the accelerator and then making a swing left onto my street finally and into my driveway.  I was shaking all over, in disbelief that I was safely home.  My car was pretty dented from hitting those guardrails but I was not dented at all.  I truly believe my angels protected me that day!

I resolved that day to move to a warmer climate and be done with driving in snow forever.  The following summer I was able to take a trip to Arizona to visit my brother.  I spent a week here and fell in love with it, even in the heat!  The mountains totally surround the Phoenix valley and I had a feeling of protection. I made the decision that I must move here and went back home knowing that I would live here somehow.  

The following year after being divorced for several years, I happened to meet a gentleman at a dance who had gone to Arizona State University and now lived in New Jersey, but always had the desire to go back to the Phoenix area to live. As fate would have it, two years later we were married.  We bought a motor home and moved cross country together.  Our combined five kids visit us and we visit them and our grandchildren in New Jersey and Pennsylvania every year.  One of them drove our car west and moved to San Diego for a few years. He then moved to beautiful Sedona where he has lived happily now for over 20 years. He was happy to leave the cold weather behind too!

We have now lived in Arizona 31 years and the only time we see snow anymore is on television or on Christmas cards and here on my Blog page!  I had my fill of it and can go north to Flagstaff anytime if I should want to see it.

Merry Christmas!                  christmas-love-in-action-pic

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!


100_2572While walking yesterday, a butterfly flew toward my face and then veered away.     Within a few minutes, I saw a penny and picked it up!    An Angel trying to get my attention again!

But the best part was later in the day while standing in line to order coffee, an older gentleman behind me with a walker dropped his change on the floor.  We helped him retrieve his coins, and then noticed several more about a foot away.  We told him we saw a dime and a penny and we would  pick them up for him.  He declined our offer, saying they were not his and he walked away.    Wouldn’t most people take all the coins that had dropped?  But, no, he emphatically declared they were not his!   Well, then of course they were for me, a dime and a penny, more coins from the Angels.

Today, I will glue the wings back on my little vintage Angel, who has patiently lived without her wings for over two years!  And, I think  maybe these celestial beings want me to keep talking about them and keep the awareness going that they are always there for us!




Guardian AngelWe were told as children that we each had a Guardian Angel, and some say we get two angels assigned to us for life.  We couldn’t see our angels, but we believed we were being protected as we grew up.  At least that’s what we were taught in the Catholic church!  I trusted and accepted this as fact, but didn’t think too much more about it.

Angels are not human and do not have a gender, so when I say he or she  it is just as a reference.  Angels have never lived on earth.

Later in life, I was given the gift of an angel with a beautiful porcelain face and she was soon joined by a framed picture of  two cherubs (baby angels).  Soon my collection of angels grew.   I was just drawn to them and liked being surrounded by them.  When I would take a car trip, I would invite lots of angels to ride along to protect me and visualize them on my front and back bumpers, and some more riding in the back seat.  Of course I didn’t see them, but I just knew once invited, they were there with me.     Recently,  I attended a presentation on Angels and Archangels given by Marilyn Poscic  here in Phoenix and I gathered some new and exciting information about Archangels!  Find more about her at

I had always known about Archangel Michael, who is the head of all the angels and the strongest.  He is the one we invoke (call on) when we need help fighting a battle and he comes with white and sometimes blue light for extra love in our life.   He will protect us in any situation where we need extra help defending ourselves, but only if asked!!!   Don’t fight your battles alone, if you feel you are in the right, ask for help.

Archangel Gabriel (sometimes spelled Gabrielle) is the messenger Angel and comes with blue light (the one sent from heaven to announce to Mary that she was to bear a child who would be the Messiah or Savior and was to be named Jesus.   Archangel Gabriel was also sent to Sarah to announce that she would give birth to a son, even though she was supposed to be barren; and there are several other stories of Archangel Gabriel presenting messages to earthly beings.  I loved it when I was told that my first grandchild was going to be named Gabriel and he is a very special little angel to me.  When he gives me messages, I am delighted hearing his sweet little voice.

 Archangel Raphael is the healing Archangel and comes with green light.  As with all the angels, he won’t interfere in our lives unless asked to help.

    We can invoke Archangel Raphael’s help when we have pain.  Visualize his healing green light  entering the part of the body that hurts.  I also visualize his huge angel wings enfolding me with comfort.  When I ask him to visit someone that I know is suffering,  besides asking for the green healing light for them, I also visualize his beautiful wings enfolding that person.

Archangel Uriel brings wisdom and inspiration and comes with golden light.  Uriel communicates with our higher self and assists us when we need the highest wisdom in a given situation.              

We are told that there are ten Archangels:

Auriel who brings compassion and uses red light;   Chamuel, who brings unconditional love and pink light;   Kamiel who brings  energy and comes with violet light;  Juphral who brings creativity and yellow light;   Zadkiel who helps us with visualization and comes in orange light;   and Zaphael, who helps us with prayer and forgiveness using violet light.

We also have spirit guides, who come and go in our life, as needed.  Some of them have experienced lives on earth.  We can also call on them anytime for help and meditating is a good way to reach them.

Of course, for those that believe and trust in Jesus or Buddah or any other deity, we can call on them always!  Angels are an extension of God’s love, and a lower vibration than God.  They are said to be in particles of oxygen and also travel in orbs.  I plan to blog about orbs soon.  Many times these show up in our photographs!

Listen for answers from your angels.  They often try reaching you by sending pennies, dimes, feathers, butterflies, dragonflies and even through the words of a song!