It is the Summer Solstice and the beginning of the sign of Cancer, or as I prefer to say, the Moonchild! This period runs from the 21st or 22nd of June to the 21st or 22nd of July. These dates are changeable depending on the year of birth. Cancer is a feminine water sign ruled by the moon. This is the first of the three water signs. The moon affects Cancerians by causing them to be moody, emotional, sensitive, romantic, sentimental and they cry easily. This is the earth mother of the zodiac, who will nurture and feed anyone who walks in her door.

Moon children are drawn to all types of people and absorb the energy of all the people they meet. They can be easily drained with their sympathetic ear as they listen to others’ troubles. Moon children tend to take on others’ problems and offer a lot of sympathy. They are very sensitive to everything going on with their own family. They enjoy their home and make it very comfortable and attractive. They have a constant need for change, which can confuse others and are not very easy to understand. People tend to come and go in their lives. However, with those little crab claws (their symbol) they do hang on to certain friends and partners as long as possible.

Picture of Cancer the crab

Moon children have strong intuition and should always pay attention to their hunches. Most of them have a very retentive memory recalling even small events from the past in great detail. They are very idealistic and always do the best job they can. But they will move on and usually by the third year of a job or project, they are ready for a change. Moon children enjoy all kinds of ceremonies and rituals. They are shrewd in business and in life. They have the ability to be child-like, and that is not childish! They use this to their advantage, completing projects that more experienced people could not do. They are very generous in big ways, but not as much with the little things. Their personal things mean a lot to them and they are very possessive of them. If they loan something out and it is not taken care of, or returned, this can upset them very much.

The Cancerian imagination can bring them success in artistic work, writing, or anything creative. However, when things are not going well, they become easily upset, imagining that others have upset them on purpose. Then they get into a low mood and withdraw. They are more inclined to cry than to resort to their temper in order to release their frustrations. Like their symbol the crab, they do not move directly forward in life but tend to move erratically sideways before eventually attaining their goal. As a Cardinal sign, they are able to accept leadership and the control of most situations if called for, although they do not usually directly seek leadership. They rely on their charms to get their way and can adapt, even if temporarily, to any of the other signs. Friendships can always be renewed with very little animosity on the part of either person.

Favorable climate: They can thrive in almost any climate, but they may not feel quite as well in a very dry desert- like climate as they do near the water. Being outgoing, they thrive best in populated cities, the seashore, and lake communities.

Favorable sports: swimming, sailing, dance, tennis, racquetball, ping pong.

Favored flowers: Water lilies, larkspur, jasmine, nocturnal flowers, roses

Perfumes and scents: Light florals, cinnamon, Bay leaves, camphor, cedar, sandalwood, poppy

Best day of the week: Monday the day associated with the moon

Favorable metals: silver, aluminum

Favorite precious stones: Pearls, crystals, diamonds, emeralds, opals, onyx

Favorable colors: Spring shades of green, iridescent hues, pink, silver

Musical keynote: They vibrate best to “B”

Best number: Two

Necessary Herbs: Peppermint, chamomile, basil, garlic, slippery elm, balm

Favorable trees and plants: Crabapple, sugarcane, mango, banana, all trees with sap

Wines and Liquors: sparkling champagne and white wine, mint liquors

It has been said that the luckiest dads have a Cancerian daughter who will always be there for them no matter what! Since this is my sign, I especially enjoyed writing this post.


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