Gemini is a mutable air sign ruled by the planet Mercury.  (May 21/22 to June 22) Geminis seem to change their minds and their opinions frequently. There is a lot of talent for speaking and writing and all communications in general. They know a little about a great number of things and  use this knowledge so skillfully as to seem very well-informed. The ability to bluff their way out of a tight corner is amazing!   Friends and family often wonder which twin is showing up on any given day!

Gemini is adaptable, versatile, intellectual, witty, logical, spontaneous, lively, talkative and amusing, always youthful and up to date in appearance and outlook. Gemini is also changeable, restless, inquisitive, inconsistent, and nervous.  Many Geminis are newscasters, journalists and TV reporters. There is an insistent urge to communicate. These are the folks that like to write letters to the press and comment on articles online. They also enjoy appearing on TV chat shows, addressing meetings being guest speakers.  Their ideas must be spread about in one form or another.  (This includes the Gemini Rising folks)!

ImageThere is a duality about the Gemini nature; they love to do more than one thing at a time. In fact, there is a strong need to do so. Gemini is always on the go. They can easily become bored and drop whatever they are doing and turn to the next job or project.  They seem to live on their nerves and they need to be careful not to over-work their high-strung nervous system, which can easily break down under pressure. Although it is not very obvious, they are a very sensitive zodiac sign!   Gemini is considered to be the most youthful sign in the zodiac.  Gemini has rule over the nervous system, the arms, shoulders, hands and collarbone with vulnerability to breaking any of these. The sign also rules the lungs and colds can easily develop into bronchitis if not taken care of.

ImageMany Gemini’s will have several occupations during their lifetime and some even work two jobs at a time.    Gemini careers include: journalists, newscasters,  commentators, teachers, lecturers, writers,  linguists, secretaries, administrative assistants, travel agents, limo drivers, commercial travelers and explorers, crafts, and work for the post office or telephone company.   They need to avoid working in one environment or doing work that is tedious or boring and they need to always be studying and learning.  Languages especially will appeal. Physically they are generally slim and quick moving.  The lighter sports are better, such as skiing, archery, table tennis, fencing, golf, badminton, track racing and regular tennis.

ImageFavorable climate:   Any cool, temperate climate. They rarely thrive in tropical heat.   It’s best to locate  within easy access of water and places where there’s a social life.

Favorite flowers:  Yellow roses, jasmine, honeysuckle.

Scents:  Floral-based colognes, bayberry, sandalwood.

Best day of the week:  Wednesday – associated with Raphael who helps with inspiration of the written and spoken word.

Favorable metals: Silver, quicksilver.

Favorable precious stones: Aquamarines, crystals, diamonds.

Favorable colors:  Yellow and blue with a tendency to blend colors into plaids  and checks.

Musical keynote:   They vibrate to “E”  or  “Mi”.

Best number:  Planetary number is four.

Necessary herbs:  Bay leaves,caraway seeds, licorice, endive, parsley, dill and clover.

Favorable Trees and Plants:  Juniper trees, most nut trees and tropical trees.

Wines and Liquors:  Champagne, sauternes, rich golden wines and liquors.

Note: Gemini’s seems to have always produced the largest number of natural multiple births….kind of fits, being the sign of the “twins”.   Of course this was before Invitro fertilization methods, which will often produce multiple births.  Recalling the famous Dione Quintuplets — Cecile, Anette, Emilie, Marie, Yvonne – born in Canada on May 28, 1934.







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  3. Yay! for Gemini!!! Oh my goodness I cannot over emphasize my need to share things. It’s like it comes rolling out on it’s own. I’m more or less trying to get out of the way to let it through. How I feel my Gemini also, (with that big ole Jupiter conjunct my Sun), is very much a need to lighten things up within my immediate environment. Too much serious going on! We need to laugh and realize how things are not as serious as we pretend them to be in our heads. Be open, share, connect. The more you share the things that scare you . . . the less they can stay in you and haunt you, and the less alone you and everyone else feels. Let’s go play!! 😀

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    • I have been catching up on some of your latest posts Jen, and as always, just LOVE reading your stuff! You are amazingly astute where Astrology is concerned and you thoroughly understand yourself through your chart. It has to help you with the day to day experiences and challenges we all face! I know it does help me! Anyway, keep writing and we will keep reading, just love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Thank You for the post. My Birthday is coming up June 17th. Bob had his May 27th. We will be the same age. Hope all is well.


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