Discovering Asteroids in Astrology

Recently I purchased a listing of all the discovered Asteroids, after deciding it’s time to learn about adding this information to my Astrology knowledge.

I placed each of the more well known Asteroids into my Birth chart to see where they made close connections to my birth planets.  I then began checking the meanings of each of them, and I am still working on this.

While looking through the Asteroid list alphabetically, I noticed that all three of my sons names have been assigned to Asteroids.  However, two of them, Eric and William are located at precisely the same degree in the zodiac….one at 6 degrees of Scorpio 30 minutes and the other at 6 degrees of Scorpio 31 minutes, falling in my second House and sextile my 8 degree 32 minutes Virgo Ascendant.  Additionally both of my sons share the zodiac sun sign Aquarius!

The Asteroid named Gary is located at 13 degrees Gemini 36 minutes and my middle son is named Gary.  This Asteroid falls in my 10th House and is 3 degrees away from my Jupiter at 10 degrees Gemini 21 minutes.  

My husband is named Thomas so I checked and found an Asteroid named Thomas at 27 degrees of Aquarius 59 minutes falling in my 6th House.  Thomas just happens to be Aquarian too. My Moon is 24 degrees Aquarius 02 minutes and Asteroid Thomas is pretty close to my Moon.  The Moon represents our emotions and my husband and I are definitely close emotionally.

My own name Peggy or Margaret (my given name) does not have a named Asteroid , but I found a Margret at 25 degrees Gemini in my 10th House (just one letter different from my spelling) which trines my 24 degree Aquarian Moon.   There was a Margarita at 4 degrees Libra which would fall in my first House, opposing my 5 degree Mars!  (Another version of Margaret).  

Several of the bigger, more well known Asteroids such as Juno, Vesta, Adonis, Hapke and Harmonia are all in Virgo in my first House.  Hapke and Adonis are exactly conjunct my 8 degree Ascendant!   Aphrodite and Apollo each at 9 degrees Gemini are a degree away from my Jupiter.  Hygiea is at 25 degrees Taurus conjunct my 25 degree Saturn in Taurus. 

I am finding this all so very interesting!  Maybe you will too!


Here are a few Asteroid Meanings that I have learned so far:

Juno – the principal of marriage, features of the marriage and traits of the partner.

Vesta  – dedicated work.

Eros – passionate attachment.

Hygiea – personification of health and hygiene.

Ceres –  qualities of nurturing

Urania – inspired knowledge and freedom-seeking.  This in often prominent in   Astrologers’ charts!    (It is exactly sextile my Moon – in House 6, my Aquarian House ruling work and health)  My work is with Astrology!

There is so much more to learn!

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