A Strange Event

Last night at 1:45 am I was awakened to the very loud voice of a woman coming from my living room. I ran in there to find out it was a newscaster from the BBC booming from one of our speakers. Nothing was turned on! Thinking it was coming from our Sonos System which has broadcast options from all over the world, I grabbed my phone looking for the Sonos App to turn it off. It told me to reinstall. So I went to my laptop and tried the Sonos App there, it wanted to update, which I did. After that I looked through and nothing was turned on. I removed a radio station. She still kept shouting! I disconnected the Sonos speaker, no help. I realized it was coming from the other large speaker next to the DVD player. I tried to find a wire to turn off that speaker. Suddenly it shut itself off! Sudden quiet at 2:15 a.m. Husband slept through it all! I still cannot understand what happened nor can he!!

8 thoughts on “A Strange Event

  1. So 2 nights ago, the TV turned itself on in the front bedroom shortly before 2 a.m. Tom woke up and turned it off. It was a woman doing an interview and that’s all he remembered. Strangely, it was the same time of the night as last week!!


  2. So Peggy I was just thinking on this again and here’s another thought I had on the woman shouting/loud voice. Maybe it was indeed a woman newscaster speaking in a very loud voice but coming from another dimension? I’ve had that happen but with visuals out of the “corner of my eye”. We have several dimensions occurring at the same time but on different timelines/frequencies. So that might have been the case? Since you physically didn’t stop her using your technology but she stopped on her own? Did you write down what she was saying? Maybe the message was meant for you to hear? Don’t know, just some thoughts.

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    • Its possible yes. I was half asleep and trying everything to stop it and only recall a British accent droning on with current news, no meaning to my brain at the time. Nothing of the words stood out to me. I will ask my subconscious tonight about that. On my Facebook page where I posted this, my friend Dave who runs the Astrology store and does monthly group medium nights getting messages from the departed said he believes it was ghosts perhaps a guide who woke me up to protect me from possible prowlers, causing me to turn on lights.


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