Moon Degrees – Part Four

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My previous blogs about the meaning of the Moon degrees in each chart have turned out to be among my most popular ones!!  Here’s some more:

Aries – 6 degrees  Weaker eyesight but great hearing, probably more as one ages

Taurus -19 deg. Can attain genius status with the right environment & education

Gemini – 4 deg,    Excellent powers of observation with sharp intuition

Cancer –  1 deg.   More than usual interest in music without being a performer

Leo –  28 deg.  Architecture is an excellent career for you.  You are very popular

Virgo – 6 deg.    Very good looking with a pleasing personality, a good companion

Libra- 26 deg. Passionately defends others,  dedicated legal professionals

Scorpio – 18 deg. Tendency to jealousy creates unhappiness with love and work

Sagittarius – 17 deg.  Unstable life even with money, avoid bad partnerships

Capricorn – 26 deg. Travel creates happiness, and if none then moody & temper

Aquarius – 7 deg.  Impulsiveness leads to danger and not well equipped for it

Pisces – 10 deg.  Very analytical mind best used in medicine, chemistry, the arts

If the moon degree shown in your birth chart has not been mentioned yet, keep checking our blog and we will slowly get through all or most of them!

Note: These meanings are compliments of Astrologer Sybil Leek

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More on Moon Signs and Moon Degrees


cute gal in moonlightSeveral people have expressed  confusion about the Moon degrees in my last post.  To explain this further, when you have your natal chart cast, every planet you see has a number next to it, which is the degree and the minute.  At the moment you were born, that is exactly the degree each planet actually reached in the heavens, so it becomes part of your natal Astrological chart, which I like to call your “Life Map”.

Here are some more random Moon degrees:

Aries  25 degrees – They can achieve financial wealth and often receive an inheritance.

Taurus  3 degrees – Very impressionable and interested in occult matters.

Gemini 10 degrees – They have a whimsical, humorous nature.

Cancer  13 degrees – Always sustained by hope with a strong desire to seek knowledge.

Leo 8 degrees –  This is quite a passionate lover.

Virgo 1 degree –  A very sociable nature with many enjoyable friendships, and humble.

Libra  18 degrees – A great host or hostess, enjoyment of work where they can meet the public.

Scorpio  2 degrees – Very confident.  Can tackle a monumental amount of work.

Sagittarius  4 degrees – Very courageous, logical and careful, they easily accept the results of  the choices they make.

Capricorn   3 degrees  – Their subtle wisdom is used well and leads to emotional and financial security.

Aquarius  9 degrees – Found in many who change their religion, also indicates changes in  spiritual awareness.

Pisces  5 degrees – Often seen in the charts of successful entertainers.  They may seem to lead two distinct lives and keep both in control.  The world sees what they want to show.

Here are some more facts about each of the Moon Signs (any degree):

Aries Moon – They take action and usually rise to executive positions.

Taurus Moon –  Often brought up by another parent for some reason. Tend to be leaned on.

Gemini Moon – Interest in everything.  Often they run from emotional commitment.

Cancer Moon – They move a lot, but really need a home base, and truly need approval.

Leo Moon – Very trusting, they see others through rose-colored glasses, not always realistic.

Virgo Moon – Programmed to work hard.  Especially the men want their hair to look perfect or they get quite upset.  These folks seem to get criticized a lot.

Libra Moon – A parent always says to them, “what will people think?”  The men marry beautiful women, the women have a strong sense of beauty for themselves.

Scorpio Moon – Extremely determined.  When they should stop, often they go one step further.  They seem to go after a partner who is not available. A powerful child who is very close to their mother.

Sagittarius Moon – The smartest ones with very high IQ’s.  Outspoken, love them but do not cling to them, they require a sense of freedom.

Capricorn Moon – They are seen as strong, even when young and get a lot of responsibility. Extremely successful later, against all odds.  Cool in affections, but very vulnerable in love.

Aquarius Moon – Parents spoil this child and want to be their friend as well as their parent.  It is easy to love them.  They are good friends; very kind and giving,  Drawn to join groups.

Pisces Moon –  The mother might be an addictive personality or else very spiritual or psychic and encourages the child this way. Self-sacrificing and they can become co-dependent.


In my next Blog I will write about the Moon in the Houses of your chart and how that affects you!



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PISCES:  Two fish going in different directions is the symbol for this water sign ruled by the planet Neptune.  Pisces seems to encompass the characteristics of all the other signs, along with the accumulated characteristics of the previous two water signs…Cancer and Scorpio.  There is a duality to the Pisces nature.  This is a very resilient sign and Pisces can be all things to all people, choosing what they want to show at any given time.  There are two distinct sides to the personality and there is an ability to carry on two professions and be successful at both (similar to Gemini, the sign of the twins).

Pisces is sympathetic and quite sentimental.  They will make their guests feel comfortable as long as they are in the mood for company..  Sometimes they are just not in the mood for guests or going out because the other fish needs some alone time.  But for the most part, Pisces is very interested in others and especially those less fortunate.  They are very sensitive and often suffer some painful experiences in emotional relationships.


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Expect them to be well informed on a variety of subjects and many will become very successful.  However, some “fish” just have no interest in attaining success at all, and they can go from one extreme to another.  At these times,  they are conflicted and seem to be thrown by circumstances that they seem to have no control over.  This type can be easily confused and try to escape from reality.  They can become addicted to alcohol and drugs, using these to escape.

Most Pisceans are very refined, love beauty and avoid anything considered to be crude.  They may have a passionate love for nature.  Pisces produces many psychics.  They seem to be very drawn to the mysterious forces of life.  It’s best that they learn more about mysticism before getting too involved and also avoid getting involved in strange cults. Pisces are the most susceptible to outside influences.

Pisces can live in a dream world and see life through rose colored glasses.  Many of the world’s best artists have Pisces prominent in their charts and have used their emotions through their art.  Lack of purpose can turn the Piscean  emotions inward and they could become very lost.  However, Pisces can also choose to excel in business and can do very well  if handled with tact and not pushed too hard.  They don’t like too much discipline or routine.   Pisceans are known to be able to get away with outrageous things in their personal or business lives and still come up smiling!  Many other signs would be brought down by the risks Pisces seems able to take without being put in danger.

Travel delights them, whether it’s a short day trip or travel to the other side of the world.  They are adaptable to their surroundings and can be very inspirational to others.  They should try not to spread themselves too thin and dissipate their energies.  Pisces’ natural kindness, sympathy, charm and genuine softness can inspire their friends.

Pisces III

Pisces are extremely intuitive and many are Psychics.  Some join religious orders to escape the harshness of the world and some become healers, either through the medical profession or through hands-on healing..  Pisces are naturally drawn to paint, sculpt, photograph, dance, write poetry or music and many other artistic expressions.  If you want a romantic partner, there is none better than a Pisces.  Much of what has been written is also expressed by those with Pisces Rising in their charts, and those with a lot of Pisces planets.

Pisces enjoys warm, mildly humid weather and also living near water.

Favorite flowers:  lilac, violet, all the lilies, including water lilies..

Scents:  exotic tropical floral scents.

Thursday is their best day of the week, but being so adaptable, they can use Mondays and Tuesdays to advantage as well.

Platinum, silver and tin are their metals.

Their precious stones are moonstones and amethysts.

Favorable colors:  purple, orchid shades, silver, sea green, white.

They vibrate best to the musical key of “G”.

The best numbers are 9 and 12.

Vocations:  The arts, astrology, astronomy, psychic readers, social work, design, dance, law, occultism, the military, literary work.

Vulnerable body areas:  the feet

Necessary herbs: Anise, aloe, balm, basil, caraway, cedar, coriander, dandelion, mint, nutmeg, peppermint, plantain, sage, kelp, sorrel, wintergreen.

Favorable trees and shrubs:  Those with berries, almond, ash, birch, chestnut, maple, mulberry, oak, olive, citrus,cherry, fig, grape, mango, melon, peach, pineapple.

                             Zodiac PISCES