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Daylight Savings Time – More Than You Ever Wanted to Know


Recently while working on a Birth Chart, I once again came up against this crazy system of Daylight Savings Time in regard to recording birth times.  During the summer months did nurses record the birth time as DST or did they record  the ‘real’ time, which would be one hour earlier?   Was the birth during War Time when DST was observed?   Were you born in a state or county that chose not to observe DST during the summer?   Having an accurate birth time is important because it tells us what sign was rising over the horizon when you were born.  This becomes your Rising Sign or Ascendant, the part of you that is seen by the public.     Here are some interesting facts I discovered while researching DST:


In March, 1918  Summer DST was observed for 7 months, until October, 1918.  Then again in March, 1919, DST was observed…

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How the Cosmos Affects Us

horoscope wheelWe owe a lot of gratitude to the inquiring mind of Carl Jung, who explored beyond where more traditional scientists even thought to look. His interest and involvement with astrology helped with the revival of scientific interest which we see today. He was also very interested in the spiritual nature and where we fit into the huge universe. He searched through scientific and philosophical data for examples of apparent coincidences, which could not possibly have occurred by chance. This led him to his interest in astrological data and he then began experiments with married couples – a study of nearly 500 marriages involving 1000 horoscopes. They were paired off and comparisons were made of the charts of people both with their spouses and with other group members. Jung found a very significant tendency in married people where the woman’s moon sign was in close degree in the same sign as the man’s sun sign. Jung is recognized throughout the world as one of the greatest thinkers of the century. Jung’s interest and belief in the reality of
astrology as an operating principle has helped with the present wave of popular interest, even reaching the White House in a previous Administration.

Astrology is finally being examined with the respect that its history and tradition deserve. Other statistical studies have been done showing very interesting correlations between the planets and professions. It seems that famous doctors and scientists were born as Mars was coming over the horizon. Artists, painters, and musicians were not linked to the presence of any planet, but seemingly avoided Mars and Saturn Rising Signs.  Soldiers and politicians often were born under Jupiter rising, but this seldom produced scientists or doctors. Solo performers such as writers or long distance runners were linked to the moon more than any other planet. So it can be seen that the planet rising at birth has a close link with the chosen profession and the sun sign, Midheaven and the 10th House of Career and Reputation also play their part in determining what a person does in the world.

The popular newspaper columns give guidance on the basis of sun sign only. Your sun sign is only a part of you. If your Rising sign is known, read that portion of the column for a more accurate forecast.There are many uses for Astrology. Most importantly, it enables you know yourself. Astrology tells the truth about a person. You can know your children better and prepare them for a career that fits their personality. Choose love and business partnerships wisely and check for the best time for marriage or signing contracts. Find out when and how your health is likely to suffer, the best foods, herbs and minerals for your body type, the best timing for important events including travel and surgery, as well as weather forecasting and even planting.

Have a compatibility chart done before you get too serious about your partner.  People definitely are affected by the environment according to clearly defined physical forces and life is organized by natural universal laws. 


twin men

One of my favorite books is  “Astrology The Space Age Science”   authored by Joseph Goodavage.   In this book he writes about “Time Twins”.   These are babies who are born on the same date, the same year, the same time and in the same location to different mothers.  Their birth charts are identical if they were born at the same moment or almost identical, if born just a few minutes apart.   Of course they have free will to use the same planetary energy as they choose and depending on their environment, there will be some differences in how they respond.

Joseph Goodavage did some research before publishing his book and the following are true stories from his book.  In the early 1960’s, two unrelated women met for the first time in a hospital room in Hackensack, New Jersey.  It turned out that the women were born in towns very nearby on the same date and year.  Both of their first names were Edna.  Each was giving birth to her first child.  The babies were born at the same hour, weighed the same and were both given the name Patricia Edna.  The women’s husbands also had the same first name which was Harold.  Each man was in the same business and owned the same car, model and color.  Each couple had been married for three and a half years, having been married on the same day.  Also, both husbands were born on the same day, month and year.  Both women were blue eyed brunettes, were the same weight and height and wore the same size clothes.

But, there’s more……………..each woman had the same number of brothers and sisters.  Their husbands were the same religion, different from the wives, who were the same religion.  Each family owned a dog of the same mixed breed, size and age and had named their dogs Spot.

twins in incubators

Another strange case received attention when two poultry trucks of the same model collided in Miami in June of 1961.  Showing their I.D. the drivers discovered that they were identical twins separated from birth.  They were both in the poultry business, their wives had the same name, they had the same number of children, of the same sex and ages.

These facts are not just coincidences……..people paired like those above are moving along their life path, propelled by some external force, acting equally on each person.  Science has found direct links between celestial movements and behavior.  Electromagnetic fields within the human body have been discovered which fluctuate in tune with changes in the earth’s field.  The nervous systems of all creatures on earth are operated by tiny electronic pulses which can be affected by electromagnetic radiations from distant stars in the heavens.

celestial pictureBy looking at the date of birth, we can get a feel for events that are most likely to occur or be experienced in a person’s lifetime.  Professional Astrologers do not predict the future, but they consider all the forces at work in the birth chart, both harmonious and conflicting, and then give an educated guess about the outcome.  Influences can be seen by calculating the current transiting planets.

Celestial influence is not really mystical or mysterious.  With diligent study, anyone can learn to see the character, personality, talents and abilities in a birth chart, as long as the birth information is known.         horoscope wheel   I will be writing another blog with more true stories from this same book.  I find this information to be totally fascinating.  If anybody knows two people that were born on the same day, approximate time and location, let’s take a look at their lives and see if they are having similar experiences.

twin toddlers