The Astrology Game of Cards:    A good place to begin to enjoy the Basics of Astrology!

my cards learning layout

There are 4 cards for each Zodiac Sign in the above picture.

  • Column 1 shows  the Number cards
  • Column 2 shows the Constellation cards
  • Column 3 shows the Key Word cards
  • Column 4 shows the Symbol cards

Notice that on the left column, the Number cards start at the 1st sign Aries and go down to the 12th sign Pisces.  Each of the other columns do exactly the same, showing them in order from Aries to Pisces.   Shuffle the cards and find one card for each of the different types.  Then sort all of the cards into different piles; each pile made up of the same kind of card.  Then, starting with the Number cards, sort that pile into the order of their place in the Zodiac.

Notice that at the very top are two of the Helper cards…one showing the Order of the signs, and the other is an example of a Horoscope Wheel.

The helper card should now be used to help you sort each of the columns from Aries to Pisces.

If you play with the cards this way a few times, you will rapidly become familiar with them and this knowledge will be helpful as you begin to play all the fun games to follow!

If you look at the Symbols cards, you will learn the dates that each sign falls within.  e.g. Aries falls between March 22 and April 20th.  ( The dates for each sign can change according to your year of birth.  Birthdays on a cusp need a Birth Chart  done to determine their actual sign.  e.g. the beginning or end dates could change if you were born close to the beginning or end of a sign.

Now that you are familiar with the cards, a great game to start with is the “old fashioned” game of  WAR.   After shuffling, the deck is divided between the players.  Without looking at their cards, each player simultaneously plays their top card and the highest sign takes all the cards (Pisces being the highest card for this game).  If there is a tie, each then lays 3 cards face down spelling out w-a-r and turns up the 4th card proclaiming the word war and the highest card takes all cards in that play.  The largest pile wins!

Now you are ready to play some more great games!  See my Blog on How to Play The Astrology Game of Cards, which is also on the Menu Bar.

An Astrology Game For Fun and Learning


pisces cards



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Did you know……..                                             sleepy moon

The Vatican has the most extensive library of Astrology in the world. I want to go see that!

Leo Moon people almost always feel drawn toward performing or drama of some kind.

Virgo Rising Sign people tend to be hyper-critical about their work with their high standards.

The average Taurus always wants to know why when told something and never forgets it.

Avoid having elective surgery during the full moon, day before and day after = more bleeding.

Surgery should also  be avoided when the Moon is moving through the body sign it rules.

Love and marriage seem to be the most important issues in Astrological consultations.

Career, finances and health problems follow closely in importance for Astrological visits.

If planning marriage, Astrologers can help you pick the best timing for a long, happy marriage.

The planetary aspects to a woman’s Sun sign show how the opposite sex will affect her life.

The planetary aspects to a man’s Moon Sign shows the effect of the opposite sex on his life.

If her Sun sign is well aspected, she attracts luck, fortune and favors from the opposite sex.

If his Moon sign is well aspected, he attracts help and favors from women; first from mom.

Venus is very important in comparing lover’s charts; showing if it will last or burn itself out.

How well you communicate depends on Mercury in each chart, it’s a very important issue.

If Saturn is transiting your Sun or squaring it, don’t marry anyone until he moves past!

If unsure of your birthtime, Astrologers can rectify your chart by noting important events.

Everyone needs an Astrological  lifemap to best get through this lifetime on planet earth!

horoscope wheel love this one


I like what Derek and Julia Parker have to say in one of my favorite books,  The Compleat Astrologer.

astrology_astronomy_medicine picture

Astrology has always served to enlarge our understanding.  Changes have been made in recent years that promise to have a major effect on the progress of astrology; the new directions it can be expected to take, and the attitudes people are likely to adopt towards it.

These changes are mysterious and illuminating. Progressive astrologers, attempting to relate astrology to a science-oriented society are working with hardheaded scientists.  Looking at other points of view, common ground has been discovered in the field of biological rhythms and cycles, enough to show that astrologers and scientists are becoming very compatible.

The age of Aquarius holds a new fascination for the younger generation in search of meaning, although astrology is for people of all ages and generations. It knows no cultural or age differences.  Astrological truths are for all of us and hold us all together as a human family.

planets pretty

But is astrology true?  You must discover this for yourself.  No one can be persuaded simply by being told about it.  You have to choose to learn more about it.  To understand the influence of the heavenly bodies on mankind, we must understand the science behind astrology and the techniques of its art.  Astrologers honor and respect the truths of past masters.  We want to cast a deeper, clearer light on human life.

A star was the ancient Sumerian symbol for divinity. The stars provided a very impressive background to the interaction of other celestial bodies. Today we are naturally aware that the sun and moon exert a strong physical influence on our lives.  Back then, the Sun kept people warm and faded in the winter; day alternated with night, the sea rose and fell with the tides. These were mysterious processes of growth and decay, and the ebb and flow of the natural order helped provide a physical explanation of the universe.
From the viewpoint of earth, the stars turn around us in the pattern that is virtually unchanging from one year to the next.   The shifts that constantly occur were so slight that they were hardly noticed by the earliest observers.  The seven major bodies were noticed because of their rapid movement against the starry background of sky.  Early observers noticed the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  In  Babylonian times there are stories written about  the planets, sun and moon representing gods with the power to direct or intervene in life, each one being allocated power over an area of human experience.

 from Mars seeing Earth and Jupitr   The view from Mars of Earth and Jupiter

For example, Mercury was seen as a quick, cunning and wise god. Mars was the ruler of violence and war; Jupiter was a benevolent king-like ruler of men; Saturn was seen as a distant cooling sun in exile; quick-tempered and cruel.  Gradually, as these associations gained in authority, they were joined together to form the basis of astrological lore.

To add a little humor, today I saw this written:  God made the planet Saturn and he liked it, so he put a ring on it!!! saturn rings



animated gifs of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

if you want a reliable, determined, ambitious, careful, patient, persevering person, find a Capricorn!

These are the folks who climb the corporate ladder, always looking for the next promotion.  They are excellent workers and great in business.  They also know how to climb the social ladder!   Capricorns have a good sense of humor; their dry wit can be extremely funny and sometimes their smile looks like a smile in reverse, with the corners of the mouth turning down.   A Capricorn can deal with a lot of difficulty and handle it patiently.  They tend to be somewhat conventional in nature, unless other planets in their chart say otherwise.   They are pretty self-contained and put a lot of focus and energy into their career.  This may even take some of the fun out of life if they get too serious.  Capricorns have great discipline and purpose.

glitters of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

A Capricorn has the ability to plan ahead in detail.  The mental outlook is cool and calculating.  Once he/she fully learns and understands something, it will never be forgotten.  They are worriers and of all the signs, most prone to depression.   Sometimes a Capricorn feels alone or lonely, either due to a bit of shyness or because too much time is spent on business and social life takes a back seat.  Too much time alone can lead to sadness or depression and it’s important  to get out with people and find something fun to do.

animations of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

Capricorn careers include:   Government officials, politicians, osteopaths, scientists, teachers, engineers, farmers, mineralogists, musicians, builders, architects, surveyors, dentists, sales, or any kind of administration.   Security is very important with a regular paycheck.  Capricorn will make steady progress and eventually the sky is the limit!  There is often musical ability, especially if there are some Taurus or Libra planets in the chart.  There are a few Capricorn types that are just not interested in management and prefer to find a career that is secure and not too demanding.  They are creatures of habit and find happiness in permanence and stability.

animations of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

Reading, listening to music and rock-climbing are all interesting recreational pursuits for Capricorns.

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn

They are one of the signs adaptable to living in two distinct extremes of climate, enjoying the benefit of contrasts.  Where they live in their youth is rarely the same as where they live later in life.

Flower is carnation of darker colors.

Saturday is their best day of the week

Lead is their favorable metal

Onyx, jet, moonstone, diamond are all their favorable precious stones

Gray, black, indigo, sage green, and any darker somber tones of color are favorites

Musical keynote they vibrate to is “F”

The planetary number of Saturn, their ruler, is 7, thus their favorable number.

Vulnerable body areas:  bones, especially knees and joint ligaments, skin problems. Periods of melancholy can upset the nervous system.  Rheumatism and arthritis are problems after middle age.

Necessary herbs:   caraway, chickweed, clove, dill, fennel, garlic, hops, mint, rosemary, rye, sarsparilla, sassafras, wintergreen.

Favorable trees and plants:  Cypress, beech pine, yew, hemlock, apple, banana, dates, papaya, quince, citrus fruits.

animated gif of Zodiac signs - Capricorn