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The Cat’s Eye Tarot

I am excited to add a new deck to my Tarot Card collection, “The Cat’s Eye Tarot”.  These were created by a female Veterinarian and are very beautiful!  I am getting familiar with them and will soon be doing Tarot Card readings incorporating these with my other favorite decks.

It seems that readings can be done at a distance just as well as in person.  So, if you have a question or need advice, I would be happy to work with you!  Look above at my services on the menu bar.

Here is a sample of these beautiful colorful cards.

After designing my own deck of Astrology cards, I can appreciate all the work that went into these cards and I love cats too!


aquarius water bearer


Aquarius the water-bearer – This is an air sign and not a water sign as many seem to think.  He is actually pouring out ideas, but many artists depict this as flowing water.

Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They are independent, friendly, original, inventive, reforming, faithful, loyal, idealistic, and very intelligent.   They are also unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, contrary, unconventional, and very fixed in their opinions.  They are sympathetic, yet a bit distant needing to remain personally detached. They make great sacrifices for their personal independence. These are also the ones who like to be involved in “causes:. They will always be an original and somewhat unconventional, and usually don’t care what others think of them.

They can be modern in outlook, yet stubborn and fixed in their opinions and  are not easy to persuade that they might be wrong. The Aquarian has an aloof manner that is fascinating and dynamic.  They are intelligent and rational and may be broad-minded or perhaps just indifferent. They have a scientific mind and approach problems analytically.   Never allow an Aquarian to feel  trapped. They must retain a degree of independence or they become very restless.  Many Aquarians enjoy living alone,  so they are able to feel totally free.  However, a good Aquarian marriage is extremely stable and you can expect loyalty and faithfulness. Image

A dull routine will bore an Aquarian.  They are quite inventive and bring a fresh approach to every task they undertake. In their spare time they enjoy learning to fly or even organizing archaeological digs. The computer was invented for them or maybe by them. Sports such as fencing, golf, and tennis are usually enjoyed and walking is great for them.  Excellent careers include – writer, philosopher, astrologer, astronomer, archaeologist, aviator, scientist, radiographer, inventor, electronics, politics, United Nations  and Air Force careers.   Aquarius has rule over the circulation and they and those with Aquarius strong in their charts such as an Aquarius rising sign frequently suffer from varicose veins and hardening of the arteries.   This sign also rules the shins and the ankles and fractures are common.  Cold-weather is very hard on them!

How to deal with an Aquarian:  Be direct and approach issues from a practical point of view.  Understand most of them  react through intelligence rather than emotion or instinct (unless they have water signs in their chart)!  Never bore an Aquarian, keep them interested and never cause them to feel tied down!

Saturday is their best day.

Favorable metals: stainless steel, aluminum, silver.

Favorable stones: garnet, amber

Favorable colors: electric blue, iridescent and silvery colors

Musical keynote: they vibrate best to “F”

Best number: eight, associated with inspiration.

Favorable flowers, trees and shrubs: violets, daffodils and other spring bulbs.  pine, beech, cypress, willow, date, apple, grape, pear, plum, banana.

Necessary herbs:  chamomile, basil, garlic, nettles, valerian, sage, sassafras, wintergreen, rosemary, parsley, mint, hyssop, gentian root, dill, coriander, chickweed and balm.

My Adventure with Steve Madden Shoe Stores

I am really bummed!  I spent hours last night composing information about various uses for Astrology.  What took the most time was finding pictures to add interest to each paragraph.   When it was complete, I hit preview, and then when I was about to publish it, what showed up on the screen was an earlier draft without pictures.  Since my eyes were about to fall out of my head, I quit and went to bed, figuring that at least I had a draft and today I could re-insert pictures.   But, here I am back to my blog and where oh where is my draft?  I have looked in every possible place here and it is gone!   Once you turn the computer off, apparently the drafts disappear!  Now I just don’t feel like starting over on that topic, so I think I will wait for another day to revisit the subject.

I think instead, I will tell a nice story about something really unexpected that happened to me in 1997.  Attached is a copy of the poster from that day, October 17th, along with some other pictures relating to that event  To backtrack, I had an inquiry from the Publicist of Steve Madden Shoe Stores in NYC.   She had seen my astrological website  and liked what she saw.   She had viewed many websites on the topic from all over the world,  and I was really surprised that she called me to make me an offer.  Maybe she liked the way I looked or the information I presented or maybe I was lucky.  Actually, I was having an excellent personal transit at that time!   My original website by the way is defunct, having been dropped along with every other site hosted by my then internet provider.  The provider apparently gave notice a few weeks ahead of time, but I never saw it.

To continue my story, the publicist  explained that Steve Madden Corporation was planning to do an ad campaign based on astrological choices in footwear fashion.  They were looking for an astrologer to help them design an informational  piece about which type of shoe each zodiac sign would prefer.  I was happy to work with them and they published and gave me credit for a chart showing a picture and the name of each pretty Madden shoe and linked each shoe to a zodiac sign.   They used the information I provided.   When it was completed, they sent me a copy and when the ad campaign ran, it was published in every major newspaper and magazine all over the country.  This was before the popularity of social media   My name was aligned with Steve Madden and the publicity came my way.  The concept was featured on Fox TV News and used in store advertising at Dillards Department Stores  and a Florida Department Store chain requested the use of the chart for their stores.    At the time, Steve Madden had twelve shoe stores on the east coast and his shoes were, and still are featured in major department stores across the country.  He has since expanded into clothing and accessories in his stores.

Shortly thereafter, I was invited to visit their flagship shoe store in the artsy SoHo section of New York.   A date was set; flyers were created and handed out to passersby in front of the store announcing my visit later that afternoon.   When I arrived, the store manager suggested I select a pair of their shoes to wear, which they let me keep, along with several other ad specialties with the Steve Madden logo.  A red velvet rope was in place at the front of the store near the display window for a line to form.   Customers sat with me one at time to learn which shoe was best for them, based on their sun sign, and if they knew their time of birth, the shoe choice for the Rising sign was also noted.  Each entered their name in a drawing for a free natal chart, which was paid for by Steve Madden.  It was such a busy store and there was never a time when there wasn’t someone in line until the event was over.  Not only did I receive free shoes and merchandise and publicity, but I was paid for my time, and additionally, they ordered my size shoes to fit my zodiac sign and shipped them to me.

The publicity resulted in requests from several newspapers asking  me to write for them, and I did write an article for the “Union Times Tribune” in Springfield, Massachusetts  on “Astrology and Fashion”, among other ventures.

I currently do private astrological readings in person, or over Facetime and Skype.  I also read Tarot Cards for individuals and at private and corporate events.    I have always felt honored to be able to learn and share this most sacred science and have fun with it as well!