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Five orbs seen in the above photo taken in New York City!

Some say orbs are spirits in the vicinity where the picture was taken.  We cannot  see them with our eyes, but they can be caught by the camera.

Others say they may be deceased loved ones hanging around us and enjoying our activities with us!


The huge blue tinted orb in the above photo showed up in a picture taken by a friend at a meeting she attended!


Notice the large orb in front of the chair!


Notice the large orb at the top center and there is a small one above and to the right of the girl!


You can’t miss this orb – clearly seen in front of the woman!


This orb is right in front of my dress.  Two pictures were taken, one right after the other.  The second did not show an orb,  This was me at a “Sari” party.  We all had a photo taken in that very same spot with the same camera, and only this picture shows an orb.

There were other photos taken at that party with the same camera and some showed orbs up near the ceiling!l

I would like to believe that they are balls of energy containing the spirits of loved ones who have passed on; who come to visit and somehow get picked up by the camera.

Have you noticed orbs in your pictures?

What do you think they are?

Comments and feedback welcome!