Which Sign had a Chart done the Most?

This week I decided to do a bit of research and look through my records at the hundreds of birth charts I have done through the years.  I was wondering about the sun signs of the folks who came to me to have their chart done.  Which sun sign showed up the most? Which sun sign showed up the least?

All twelve signs were represented in good numbers but:

PISCES were highest

Followed very closely by LEOS 

LIBRANS were third

Second to last were CAPRICORNS

and last were the TAURUS folks

Of course, this is just a small cross section of the population and my personal statistics only; yet it is most interesting to me.

Does this surprise you?

zodiac pictures all 12


About The Moon Sign in Your Chart

moon on your birthThe Moon sign in your chart has everything to do with your emotions.  It’s important to know where yours is located to understand your moods, habits, feelings, romantic inclinations and even your relationship with your mother!

There is much to be said about the Moon in each of the signs and here I will just mention a few facts about each Moon sign.  Also, analyzing the degrees of your Moon sign will give added information about you.   I will randomly select one from each sign as an example.  A lot of my information is from Sybil Leek, an old-time Astrologer who lived from 1917 to 1982 and has over fifty books published.

celestial pictureMoon in Aries people – A lot of energy is wasted on ideas that seem to fall apart and are not followed up by action.  There is lots of charm and enthusiasm.

Taurus Moon – They want love with all the frills and there is lots of attachment to family life.   They like music in their career.  There is  good common sense.

Gemini Moon – Constantly searching for new experiences.  Quick to deal with emergencies because they don’t know the meaning of fear, and they will take chances.

Cancerian Moon – The moon is at home here.  Moods range from high excitement to the depths of depression but neither mood lasts long.  Very shrewd, they can make money easily.

Leo Moon – Very loving and loveable folks.  They enjoy children and see them as a reflection of themselves and find it hard to let them go.   Very responsible in business life.

Virgo Moon – They love being admired for their bodily fitness.  But when obsessed, they can become very irritating insisting others exercise and diet.  Lots of analyzing going on.

Libra Moon – Charming and considerate with very good manners.   They understand other points of view and have pretty good judgment.   Don’t underestimate them.

Scorpio Moon – Phenomenal memories, even recalling childhood days.  They know how to hide their true feelings, but are extremely sensitive.  They have a strong need for secrecy.

Sagittarius Moon – They just know who they are and where they are going.  There can be optimism to the point of carelessness.  They believe they are lucky and they are good friends.

Capricorn Moon – Work and power are all important, little attention is paid to sentiment.   Many achieve world fame.  Men seem to cope with this Moon more effectively than women.

Moon in Aquarius – An outlet is needed for the vivid imagination.  They may seek out unusual relationships and love to study metaphysics and the occult sciences.  A strong need for personal freedom.

Moon in Pisces – Very strong intuition.  They want to do good for as many people as possible. May feel the world is so ill-adjusted that they want to reject it, but guidance teaches that this is part of their karmic experience.


Aries Moon – 1 degree – is usually a very shy person.

Taurus Moon – 14 degrees – Needs encouragement in youth to mix with others, feels inadequate.

Gemini Moon – 24 degrees – Dabbles in art appreciation, but not a producer.  Always lost in admiring the work of others.

Cancer Moon – 6 degrees – Unable to cope with money; either the lack of it or too much of it – money just comes and flows away, usually on trivial things.

Leo Moon – 17 degrees – Circumstances will probably take them away from their native land.

Virgo Moon – 24 degrees – Not likely to get married.

Libra Moon – 9 degrees – Aggressive nature; usually enjoys a good fight.

Scorpio Moon – 25 degrees – May be a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

Sagittarius Moon – 23 degrees – Emotionally insecure, difficult to find a stable companion to share life, so the insecurity deepens.  Several failed marriages later, they will still be searching.

Capricorn Moon – 24 degrees – May be blunt in speaking, yet friends recognize their sincerity and respect is earned. 

Aquarius Moon – 28 degrees – Often found in compulsive gamblers.

Pisces Moon – 29 degrees – Lack of initiative as much as lack of opportunity makes them feel like a leaf being swept along in the wind.  They can rarely stay where they want to be or do what they would like to do.



I had always heard that if you were in a group of people and asked each of them for their birthday, depending on the number of people present, you could probably find two people with the same birthday and maybe even someone with your birthday. It was a good party game.

I decided to look up information about it and found this on Wikipedia:
A probability theory, or birthday paradox concerns the probability that, in a set of n randomly chosen people, some pair of them will have the same birthday. By the pigeonhole principle, the probability reaches 100% when the number of people reaches 367 (since there are 366 possible birthdays, including February 29).

However, 99.9% probability is reached with just 70 people, and 50% probability with 23 people. These conclusions include the assumption that each day of the year (except February 29) is equally probable for a birthday. The history of the problem is obscure.

A graph showing the computed probability of at least two people sharing a birthday amongst a certain number of people:

I just think this is very interesting.   Try it at your next gathering and let me know if it works!


It’s Sagittarius Time!

ImageIf you were born between November 22/23 and December 22 you are a Sagittarian, which is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter.   Your symbol is the Archer, who is half human and half horse.  There is usually a love of horses and other large animals.   You need to feel personal freedom throughout your life, even hating the slightest feeling of claustrophobia, whether it’s actually physical or emotional.  You love being outdoors, moving fast with the wind, riding horses or motorcycles and driving a recreational vehicle, which will allow you to stay out on the road longer.  Sports and other outdoor activities were created just for you!    It’s important that your life always contains a challenge of some kind.  There is usually interest in religion or spirituality.

Sagittarians are cheerful and optimistic, quite versatile, open-minded, flexible, sincere and very direct.  You can tend to exaggerate a bit or go to extremes.  There is a certain restlessness, devil-may-care attitude.  However, your friends and family know they can usually always depend on you.

As you get older, there is a natural inclination toward languages.  You love exploring new topics and will save your knowledge to use later when it’s needed.    You love starting new projects, even before you’ve completed the current project. You like to have more than one task going at the same time.  Having a high intellect, you need to always be learning and when you feel tired, it’s usually because you are bored.  Along with all that study, you require a good deal of exercise.  Sports are good for you on many levels, to be competitive and for keeping fit.   Your mind is active enough to enable you to participate in many sports simultaneously.   Try hard to control your restless spirit so you don’t create problems for yourself or your partner.

Excellent career choices would be teacher, lecturer, lawyer, philosopher, interpreter, veterinarian, horse trainer and groomer, travel agent, sports figure, dog breeder, jockey, priest, minister or rabbi, publisher, writer, librarian, bookseller.   For those Saggs who don’t get a college education, you can be found at the library, on the internet, or taking evening classes, so great is your desire to learn.

Sagittarians need to have a pet to care for and they love the fact that animals won’t make emotional demands on them.  Strays can always find a home with you.  Your house is the perfect spot for pets belonging to your family and friends when they travel. The overall sense of planning is very good although details may be overlooked.   You love having a problem to solve and pushing your mind to new boundaries.  It’s the challenge of the problem rather than the problem itself and the outcome.  The tendency is to optimism rather than worrying about things.

As a parent, you want the best education for your children and you may give them materials that are far in advance for their age. The home environment will be very stimulating and you know how to have fun with your kids.

The vulnerable body areas for Sagittarians are the liver, sciatic nerves, hips and thighs. You enjoy preparing food for others and you love to barbecue.  Along with the other fire signs, you tend to eat too fast and too much.

If you are dating a Sagg, they will be happy to listen to your problems and do their best to help. Just don’t go on to then discuss your problem with another person and have your confidante find out or he/she will be very hurt,  Allow the Sagg to help you and try to heed their advice once you bare your soul to them.

Sagg tends to be tall or to have a large bodily feature, since their ruling planet Jupiter likes to expand everything, that is unless Saturn is near the Ascendant.

You can thrive in cold or hot climates with your stamina but rarely in humid weather.

Your flowers are daffodils, narcissus and asters. Plants and trees are berry and citrus , cherry, almond and chestnut trees, oak, olive, birch and cedar.

Perfumes and Scents contain nutmeg, saffron, clove

Thursday is your best day of the week.

Tin is your favorable metal.

Moonstone, amethyst and carbuncle are your precious stones

Best colors are mixtures of red and indigo, greens and dark yellow

You vibrate best to the musical note “G”.

Your planetary number is 5.

Herbs necessary are sage, sesame seed, sassafras, thyme, sarsparilla, aloe and aniseed.

Beverages are champagne, anisette, burgundy and drier red wines.

Although you can be a rebel, being the last of the fire signs, many of the imperfections found in Aries and Leo are less evident in Sagittarians.  Many of you won’t achieve personal success professionally or emotionally until after middle age.  You are a very friendly person!