The New and Improved Version

webbles wobble    As a follow-up to my post recently about going from misery to joy, where the death of Robin Williams spurred me on to finally write my personal story of going through a two-year severe clinical depression, I have something good to add now that  two and a half years have passed.   M&M Attention PleaseIt seems that much has changed in my life and I am trying to figure out why or what has caused this.  Here are some things that I have slowly been noticing about myself.          My memory has become enhanced in a major way.  I easily recall events that have occurred from the recent past and the distant past, including names and locations.  I can answer trivia questions and come up with the correct answer very often, surprising even myself.  My memory was never, ever this good!

My thinking and retention are much quicker, I grasp ideas and understand things much more easily than ever before.

Having always been one to avoid the limelight and a soft-spoken, low-key person, I find that my voice is stronger and my personality seems to be stronger.  I feel more outgoing and less self-conscious and more comfortable in my body.

I feel things much more deeply, more passionately, my compassion is stronger, I feel more affectionate and loving.

My energy level was always fairly high, but now I find that I have more energy than ever. I am ready to tackle things that an older lady with four stents in the heart arteries, prolapses and herniated discs in the neck and upper back probably should not do.  I usually don’t even think of those things, and frequently view myself as kind of invincible.  That’s probably not smart, but just so you get the picture of where my thinking is now.

Could all of this be just because I am so happy to be back and be participating in life again, or could it be  brain changes from the chemicals in the various prescription drugs I took (I am weaned off all of them now) or perhaps discussing my life with a good Psychiatric doctor released some limitations I didn’t know I even had?  Is it because I have recovered from the daily misery and hopeless thoughts and I now enjoy and appreciate every single moment of my life?   Maybe gaining back my personal power and control as a grown adult, after feeling like a helpless child unable to take care of myself or make the smallest decision has energized my being?

I actually wondered if perhaps, after going through two heart surgeries and the slow  process of my little granddaughter dying shortly afterward, and the fact that my emotional state was so weak, is it possible an advanced being of some kind removed my poor brain while I was sleeping and over a two year period, refurbished it using new and improved circuitry?  A temporary brain may have been inserted and that brain actually knew nothing about me or my life.  That brain had none of my memories, including a lifetime of learning, had no creativity or ability to work my hobbies, nor how to create a meal, how to drive a car, how to make a simple decision, how to operate a normal body properly, how to behave socially, how to think of anything to say, how to enjoy the taste of foods I had always liked, how to care about those I loved, and on and on.  Because when I came back into life, it was as if I had a new and improved brain!    Science Fiction?  Maybe!     Does anyone have any thoughts on this?Buddah compassion picture


Aries likes to be First

aries sparkling pink cute graphic

Aries likes being first!   They are ruled by Mars and are the pioneers of the Zodiac!   This includes the Aries Rising Signs, they are ruled by Mars too!  In fact, often they seem to be more Aries-like  than Aries Sun Signs.      Aries is the first of the fire signs. They have high energy and are very self-reliant.   Aries loves to be the leader – take notice of how many Aries become the boss at work!  They just know how to take charge!

aries clip art

Impulsive?  Impatient?   Oh yes!   Notice those Ram horns?  The ram is the Aries symbol.  Don’t push their buttons or they will ram into you!   Mars is a warrior.  Aries are fast-acting, never hesitate, ready to jump in on a moment’s notice!  There is great enthusiasm and courage.  Approval and encouragement can propel them to do their best.

Awesome Picture of Aries

Aries can be led but can’t be forced.  Trying to coerce Aries to do something might result in a sudden fit of temper, making a rash decision or possibly even seeking revenge for a personal slight.  They thrive on change and hate restrictions. You’ll see them involved in public movements for freedom of any kind. They can be a catalyst to others if they can be patient and understand that some people don’t act as quickly as they do.  They love good conversation and sharing their latest ideas. They are rarely boring. Conversation can bring them into the limelight, which is enjoyable to them.  There are those Aries who are very aggressive and disruptive, showing  lack of consideration for others, however, they suffer the most because friends drift away. The last thing they want is to be alone.   Most Aries are somewhat assertive, but not disruptive.  Aries can be one of the easiest or the most difficult people to get along with.  They move fast and their friends have to try and keep up with them.

Aries love to be involved in constant physical activity and a busy social life. There might be unfinished paintings, knitting, or other projects left unfinished and they rarely go back to complete their work. Once put away it becomes part of the past. They would feel more satisfaction if they would allow themselves time to complete their projects. They love new things and also love to change  their hairstyle.  Aries does rule the head so their hairstyle is of great importance to them. They always appear well groomed and ready to go to a spur of the moment invitation.  They have a healthy down-to-earth approach to sex and accept it as a normal part of life. They reach an understanding about a relationship in quick time. Once they find a compatible partner, they will overcome many of the problems that wreck some marriages and they will be a happy, loving and exciting partner.

zodiac aries pictures

Favorable climate:  A dry warm climate, rather than humid or tropical, although, if required, they can deal with the cold weather.  They thrive in densely populated places with an air of excitement and lots of things going on.  And in contrast, they also can enjoy arid desert-like areas as well.
Sports are enjoyed more if participated in, rather than watching them.
Favorable flowers: red roses and brightly colored gladioli
Favorite scents: flowery perfumes, scents of pine and cypress and the scent of cedarwood chests attract them since their nose is highly alerted to smell.
Best day of the week: Tuesday, which is associated with Mars and the French word for Tuesday is “Mardi”.  They are at their best in the morning.
Favorable metal:  iron and steel – they enjoy collecting iron relics and stainless steel products.
Favorable stone: bloodstone, which has an affinity to Mars.
Favorable colors: Scarlet, magenta, cerise and in general most reds.
Musical keynote: they vibrate best to the note of “C” also associated with Mars.
Best numbers: the number three.  Note: When added together, If your birthday numbers add up to three, this number will always mean good fortune for you.
Vocations, Scientist, Surgeon, (especially Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist), Dentistry, Music, Hair design or Barber, Fire fighter, Professional sports, Jewelry creation, Electronics, Actor, Explorer.
Favorable Herbs:  aloe, capers, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, hops, mustard, pepper, and sage.  They are attracted to spicy herbs.
Favorable trees and shrubs: cactus, ironwood, hemlock, pepperwort, pine, chestnut, broom, rosemary, all thorny prickly trees.
Wines and Liquors: rum, champagne, Rhine and.Moselle wines.
Vulnerable body areas: eyes, nose, ears, the skull, carotid arteries, the upper jaw, the face in general.  Aries has such an excellent dominant mind that there are hardly any ailments which cannot be dominated and even conquered when the mind is master of the body.

zodiac aries pictures