The Best Pet for your Zodiac Sign


It seems that many homes, at least here in America, have one or more pets.  Some are kept for security reasons,  but most seem to be for companionship   How do you choose your pet?

Read your Sun sign and your Rising Sign to see which pets are the best ones for you.  If you know your chart, look at the sign ruling House six also, because this area of the chart also encompasses pets in your life; or it can show if you prefer none at all.  Blending these clues can indicate what choice will make for a happy experience for you and your critters.

Aries – being an active fire sign, you would like an active pet and a smart one who will be trained quickly.  You are in a hurry to get things done much of the time.  A dog or cat works for you and maybe even a cheetah!  Your animals will know who is the boss in your house.  If concerned about your pet, you won’t waste any time getting to the vet.

Taurus – You will make your pets feel like members of the family and keep them around forever.  They make you feel happy when they want to cuddle with you or stay close.  You want an animal who is good looking and well bred and you will make their life as comfortable as you can.  You know how much you enjoy your own comforts.

cat kitty

Gemini – You like to pick a trendy pet, one that is cute and you will make sure he or she looks cute when you pick out the pet fashions.  You do prefer easy care and could even enjoy having a colorful bird.  Since you have a sensitive nervous system, you should avoid picking a high strung nervous animal, it will all be just too much.

Cancer Moon Child – More than one can work for you!  Lots more fur to pet and more animals to love will suit your nature and hopefully you will get a very affectionate one.  You could enjoy having some tropical fish too because you naturally enjoy looking at water.  Guard dogs will give you a sense of security, which is so important to you.  You are a watchful parent, making sure your pet has enough to eat and is as lively today as he or she was yesterday.

Leo –  You like large colorful animals and the cat family attracts you.  You also like a showy pet with lots of energy.  He must be obedient and you will give him or her the best food and care  You will  brush your pet and keep it in top physical form and you love it when others admire your animal.

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Virgo –  You tend to be more on the conservative side and a medium size animal is your preference.  He or she must be obedient so you will get animal training.  Your dog or cat should be intelligent, which is more important to you than a showy animal.. Rather than worry about the animal’s changing behaviors, get frequent vet check-ups. You are a very responsible pet owner.

Libra – You enjoy a well trained pet with a good pedigree and your pet must be beautiful as well.  A poodle suits you well and you spare no cost in his or her care. You do not enjoy walking your dog when the weather isn’t good, so you might rather enjoy a pretty parrot or other lovely feathered bird who requires much less attention.


Scorpio – You enjoy a dog that is your very own and one who answers just to you. You will be so very devoted that it will bother you to leave your pet alone or with others for too long.  An unusual looking and alert animal appeals to you. You could even enjoy a monkey.  More than likely, your pet comes into your life in an unusual or unexpected way.

Sagittarius – your sign very much loves animals. You seem to get all the strays.  Friends often leave their pets with you when they go on vacation and you are very happy with that. You might enjoy breeding dogs yourself.  Often one dog is not enough for you, and usually you prefer larger dogs and you also have a love of horses.

Capricorn – You are the practical sign and your dog should double as both a companion and a guard dog.  You keep your pet healthy and may not choose cuddly affectionate dogs for your own pet.  You like a strong animal and prefer short hair.  You like an active, smart dog but one who is not too demanding, especially when you are in a low mood.

Aquarius – You understand the responsibility involved in keeping a pet and you may be so busy taking care of needy people, that you put off getting yourself a pet.  A gentle and independent cat might suit you.  Someone in your family may bring a pet into your household, rather than you making a choice.

Kitten Clipart

Pisces – You probably have a nice variety of pets in your home.  Your attitude toward them  is so kind that you don’t really care how much they cost.  You usually add a new one every so often, which might make your home chaotic.  You enjoy each pet’s unique personality and can tune in to each one.   Your intuition and psychic abilities create great rapport with your animals and they adore you.

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Another Chance for Love

holding handsSo, you are divorced or widowed and you don’t want to be alone anymore.  What is it like to start dating again?    It is really best to take your time and not jump into the first situation just because you want to be settled again.  .  You can have an ‘interview’ of sorts with potential partners, while you learn more about yourself, your needs, and what and who works best for you.  You want to  meet that special one to spend the rest of your life with; someone with whom you share the same goals, and  with harmony between you that just flows easily.  How do each of the Zodiac Sun signs relate to their partners?

Aries:  The first time they were probably the stronger marriage partner because they always enjoy being needed.  But probably now they are tired of that situation and want to have a partner who is more of an equal.  Known to be impetuous and rush into things, being a little older and wiser, they probably will take their time before rushing into anything this time around.  They like their independence  but are now willing to give the same to a partner.

Taurus: They stay in marriages and try their best to make them work, knowing change is taking a risk.  But if it’s the second time around, they look for financial security as well as physical love and someone who enjoys food as much as they do.  They like the time they spend being on their own and dating, and they usually go slowly, waiting for the person who fits into their life effortlessly.

Gemini: After a failed marriage or losing a partner, they probably enjoy the dating experience and really like being single and do not feel a strong urge to remarry.  If they had to struggle to fit into a relationship and it was too demanding, they want to leave.  When they feel ready to  try again, they know that they probably won’t be typical. They look for someone who is easy to be with, yet interesting and easy to talk to.

Cancer:  Divorces really devastate them and they take a long time to heal.  They slowly start socializing and open up a little at a time. They do remember how nice intimacy can be.  They also remember how good it feels to cook a nice meal for someone who appreciates it.  Eventually they will feel ready to marry someone who will love and cherish them and they want to reciprocate in kind.

Leo:  Sometimes they grow apart from their partner through the years.   As they mature and gain greater confidence, it’s easier to find someone a bit more independent, who will not cling to them nor will they expect a devoted audience from the partner all the time, as they did in their younger days.  They learn that adult love is true appreciation of each other.

Virgo:  It is so difficult for them to find a partner who meets their criteria.  But when they do and it ends for one reason or another, they doubt they can find someone else to measure up to their high standards.  Eventually as they mature, they learn to let go of being so picky and focus on the important things and they do find another partner.  They learn not to nag so much over trivial stuff, which might be the reason for the failed first marriage.

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Libra:  They love storybook romances and living happily ever after.  They soon learn that real life intrudes and reality often breaks up the partnership.  They continue to idealize the other person and think they won’t find anyone like that again.  They should use their minds and intellect a bit more, rather than indulging in too many fantasies, as they seek another partner. They need to find someone with mutual interests which can then lead to moonlight and roses and a relationship that will last.

Scorpio:  They need a deeply satisfying relationship and it’s painful for them to let go and reach out again.  But they eventually do, as they realize intimacy is better the older we get.  Maturity brings the knowledge of how to respond to a partner on all levels.  They learn to stop the games and power struggles that they always enjoyed.  Developing a sense of humor along with a desire for depth and intensity can help them to be ready to find the right one.

Sagittarius:  In their first marriage, if the partner tried to tie them down and keep them home, they finally learn enough about themselves to bypass that scenario the second time.  They believe that love is about the heart, not about the license, so they can enjoy being with someone without a contract. If they do think about possibly marrying again, it’s because they find someone who so fascinates them, they want them to always stay around and perhaps they marry, or maybe not.

Capricorn:  Being status conscious, they may have chosen their first partner to advance financially, socially or professionally.  Without enough shared love, these marriages end.  With maturity and reaching their own achievements in life, they learn to marry for love, pleasure or personal enjoyment.  They lighten up and get younger in spirit, yet always tend to keep a sensible outlook on life.

Aquarius:  Being naturally rebellious and independent, they may avoid intimacy and  find themselves in an early marriage that feels very threatening to their freedom.  After some time, through the dating scene, they may develop a friendship with a person who doesn’t feel so threatening to them.  They build greater intimacy and eventually realize that they are indeed connected, married or not.

Pisces:  In an early marriage, they felt obligated to always be there for the partner and put their own needs last.  Eventually, with maturity, they realize they can’t do this anymore and retreat either emotionally or physically.   After some time of growing independence. they find someone who understands them; someone with whom they are unafraid to reveal themselves and then they can be truly happy in a relationship.

Being single again has its benefits.  It forces people to figure out what it takes to be in a relationship.  Many people remarry, believing that this time they know what is required to make a marriage work.   Hopefully, they take enough time to learn this.


online friends posterAstrology has endured for over 5000 years only because it consistently has helped people who use it to help themselves!  Here are some interesting facts:

It seems that March births live an average of four years longer than those born in any other month!

Leo, the proud, determined, success-oriented sign likes to be boss.  Often they have noticeable moles or beauty marks on their faces and lots of hair, only cutting it later in life.

May births often seem to give their natives higher I.Q. test scores!

Most Sagittarians love sports, athletics and being outdoors.  If they don’t play, they are watching sports.  They have enthusiasm, optimism and usually always tell the truth!

Everyone should have a Cancerian friend because they will cook for you and mother you. Many of them are taken advantage of because they are so kind and helpful.  Don’t underestimate them; they are quite shrewd in business!

Everyone:  when the moon travels through the same sign as your Sun sign each month, it’s your favorite time, so that’s the time to ask for what you want!

Scorpios have the most magnetic personality, a very strong will and intense emotional nature.  They usually have many loyal friends, but others don’t always trust them, due to their suspicious,  secretive nature.  They may attract jealousy from others, without really trying.

Every four minutes the Rising Sign changes by 1°. Twins will have differences in personality if born more than four minutes apart.  They should look identical if born immediately after each other, having the same Rising Sign, and should be very similar with identical birth charts.

Have you noticed that many Virgos love to fix things?  Most of them have innate genius for mechanical tinkering and just knowing how things go together.  If they don’t know, they will read the directions and follow them to the letter.  They like to create order!

Famous people and geniuses seem to have their Sun signs in the first 3°  of Pisces, Taurus, or Scorpio. If other planets or the Ascendant are in one of these signs within the first 3°, they will also be brought into greater prominence in life!

Librans love to please; they are attractive, well-liked and outgoing. They are fair and treat others with respect. They also can attract jealousy like a magnet, but their charm is always working for them!  They usually dress beautifully!

Pisces often appear delicate and they like it that way! They actually can withstand excesses pretty well. However, moderation will give them better-than-average health.  They feel everyone’s energy and often need alone time to rejuvenate.

Gemini is the practical joker, and loves to flirt.  They are popular because they relate well to most people and they love to communicate. But don’t tell them any secrets you don’t want revealed.  They don’t mean to tell, it just slips out since they are naturally chatty!

Capricorn is ambitious and means business!  They may get sidetracked  or slowed down, but they never forget where they are headed! They watch their health, but their problem area is depression, which depletes their energy.  Humor can save them!

Aquarians live in an intellectual world!  People are very attracted to them and their ideas. They are very caring and true humanitarians. Expect  to hear futuristic ideas and spiritual discussions, along with their unusual views.

Taurus needs job security, but needs to be open to new ideas as well. They have good business sense, but may be too tedious and overly careful about the work. They listen patiently to others’ troubles and pamper them with understanding!

And finally the sign that is always first… Aries, who is also the most impatient and in a hurry and can get careless as a result. They want to be liked just the way they are, but sometimes in life we must play the game. They love being in charge!

Don’t forget, all these traits are generalized and will be modified by the Rising Sign, so if you know your Rising Sign, incorporate the above descriptions for that sign too.

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Did you know……..                                             sleepy moon

The Vatican has the most extensive library of Astrology in the world. I want to go see that!

Leo Moon people almost always feel drawn toward performing or drama of some kind.

Virgo Rising Sign people tend to be hyper-critical about their work with their high standards.

The average Taurus always wants to know why when told something and never forgets it.

Avoid having elective surgery during the full moon, day before and day after = more bleeding.

Surgery should also  be avoided when the Moon is moving through the body sign it rules.

Love and marriage seem to be the most important issues in Astrological consultations.

Career, finances and health problems follow closely in importance for Astrological visits.

If planning marriage, Astrologers can help you pick the best timing for a long, happy marriage.

The planetary aspects to a woman’s Sun sign show how the opposite sex will affect her life.

The planetary aspects to a man’s Moon Sign shows the effect of the opposite sex on his life.

If her Sun sign is well aspected, she attracts luck, fortune and favors from the opposite sex.

If his Moon sign is well aspected, he attracts help and favors from women; first from mom.

Venus is very important in comparing lover’s charts; showing if it will last or burn itself out.

How well you communicate depends on Mercury in each chart, it’s a very important issue.

If Saturn is transiting your Sun or squaring it, don’t marry anyone until he moves past!

If unsure of your birthtime, Astrologers can rectify your chart by noting important events.

Everyone needs an Astrological  lifemap to best get through this lifetime on planet earth!

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Taking a Vacation by Zodiac Signs

zodiac pictures all 12Aries brings Mars energy on vacation with them, even though a calm, quiet place would be good for them. Vacation doesn’t give them a rest because they pack in so much excitement.   A peaceful vacation does not have to be dull; it could give them a chance to discover a different way of life, explore those back roads and find something new and different. .

Taurus loves tropical islands and cruises can be very relaxing as well. Let someone else serve the meals and activities. They like to sit around and recharge.  They can bring the family along, but should try to have some time alone without kids. Please pass up the temptation to vacation with business friends.  It’s best not to go back to the same place year after year but try someplace new.

Gemini dreams about vacations, imagining the “perfect” trip.   Gemini often makes plans and then changes them. Mercury tends to make them changeable. They love tours, but it may be better to plan a little longer stay.  They read everything and  love chatting with just about everyone. Try a motorscooter or rent a bicycle to satisfy both of the twins.

Cancerians love to travel, but sometimes they enjoy just taking time off to be at home, perhaps taking short trips and returning to sleep in their own comfortable beds.  They can take half the day just getting out the door and wonder why they can’t see as much as they’d hoped.   It’s best to plan a starting time, where to eat or pack a lunch and then go with the flow and enjoy whatever comes up. Try to visit a place near water or with a romantic background. A cruise is just about perfect!

Leo is a child of the Sun and enjoys warmth, bright lights and sparkling people.  They need to save enough to  live like a King or a Queen.  They prefer one week at an expensive hotel over several less expensive weeks.   They enjoy seeing celebrities and lots of night life as well as the beach.  They always pack more clothes than they actually wear.

Virgo often waits too long for the time or money to take a real vacation. But when they do go,  they might plan a trip that would surprise everyone.  A seldom seen extroverted side creeps in.  It can keep them going for several years because they feel they were making up for lost time.   They usually plan day trips, but when these types of opportunities arrive, they could go to the most unexpected places!

Libra is another sign that changes their mind or cancels their plans either because of circumstances or just because of a change of mind at the last minute.  They like to see the romantic spots in the world and then they become easily influenced by others who rave about somewhere they have been and Libra wants to go there. They need to find a place where they can be waited on to truly enjoy themselves.  They don’t want to put up with any discomforts on vacation. Venus makes them want luxury so they should plan for only the best.

Scorpio usually likes to plan dramatic vacations. Vacations should provide beneficial changes to their usual routine.  They enjoy traveling to foreign countries or seeing music festivals and theater. Music and drama are a great relief for their changing moods. They do love to live dangerously but should try not to return home tired and worn out.

Sagittarius loves action-packed vacations, sporting events included.  They love the mountains and rugged nature.  They need challenges and physical activity on vacation.  They need to try not to be impatient with family members who are less active or try taking a separate trip on occasion.   If  they can’t get away for a week or two, they can just take a long weekend now and then.   They are so outgoing,  they easily meet people.

Capricorns look longingly towards yearly vacations as an escape, but must leave their business affairs at home.   They really need a relaxing vacation more than anybody.  Something seems to hold them back from full, zesty enjoyment of life; and it’s the Saturn influence on their sign. We all need and deserve a break from our work and our routines; for Capricorn,  it’s money well-spent.

Aquarians are the most spontaneous travelers of the zodiac. With their humanitarian instincts, they are quite likely to find themselves visiting a sick friend or looking after a family member and grateful to stay a few extra days as a vacation.  They often need to forgo original plans because of the unexpected forces of Uranus, their ruler.  As they get older, they end to spend more time vacationing at home. They enjoy great discussions with the new people they meet while traveling.

Pisceans like to plan nice, romantic vacations near water.   They know how to enjoy themselves no matter where they go and always manage to find pleasant companions.  They enjoy seeing entirely new places, but they must be spacious.   Some Pisceans enjoy solitude, with less people and lots of time for contemplation. They would vacation often if money permitted and the wonderful mood created, often continues upon their return.

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