New Planetary Energy

all signs coexistJune opens with many changes in the planetary energies!

Mercury moved into Gemini where it is  very much at home.  Mercury rules communications and Gemini is the sign of the communicator!   Lets all talk!!

Venus moved into Taurus where it is also feeling quite homey.  Venus is the planet ruling Taurus.  Venus is love and money and Taurus loves  handling money!

Mars just moved into Cancer and will energize Cancerians and get them busy with their projects.  Cancer softens Mars competitive and often combative nature.

Jupiter went Direct today after being retrograde for 4 months.  He is in Libra at 13 degrees as he goes Direct.  Get ready Librans for some positive forward movement finally.  Everyone else look and see where 13 degrees Libra falls in your birth chart,  That’s where you should see things start to pick up for you in beneficial ways.

We also have a Full Moon at 18 degrees Sagittarius tomorrow June 9th and it pushes us to seek adventure and broaden our learning through our emotions.  This will mostly affect you if you have any planets in Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo or Pisces (all the mutable signs) between 15 and 23 degrees.

Lots is shifting in the heavens for us to experience in our lives.

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Wishing you happy times ahead!                            all signs colorful


The Astrology Game of Cards:    A good place to begin to enjoy the Basics of Astrology!

my cards learning layout

There are 4 cards for each Zodiac Sign in the above picture.

  • Column 1 shows  the Number cards
  • Column 2 shows the Constellation cards
  • Column 3 shows the Key Word cards
  • Column 4 shows the Symbol cards

Notice that on the left column, the Number cards start at the 1st sign Aries and go down to the 12th sign Pisces.  Each of the other columns do exactly the same, showing them in order from Aries to Pisces.   Shuffle the cards and find one card for each of the different types.  Then sort all of the cards into different piles; each pile made up of the same kind of card.  Then, starting with the Number cards, sort that pile into the order of their place in the Zodiac.

Notice that at the very top are two of the Helper cards…one showing the Order of the signs, and the other is an example of a Horoscope Wheel.

The helper card should now be used to help you sort each of the columns from Aries to Pisces.

If you play with the cards this way a few times, you will rapidly become familiar with them and this knowledge will be helpful as you begin to play all the fun games to follow!

If you look at the Symbols cards, you will learn the dates that each sign falls within.  e.g. Aries falls between March 22 and April 20th.  ( The dates for each sign can change according to your year of birth.  Birthdays on a cusp need a Birth Chart  done to determine their actual sign.  e.g. the beginning or end dates could change if you were born close to the beginning or end of a sign.

Now that you are familiar with the cards, a great game to start with is the “old fashioned” game of  WAR.   After shuffling, the deck is divided between the players.  Without looking at their cards, each player simultaneously plays their top card and the highest sign takes all the cards (Pisces being the highest card for this game).  If there is a tie, each then lays 3 cards face down spelling out w-a-r and turns up the 4th card proclaiming the word war and the highest card takes all cards in that play.  The largest pile wins!

Now you are ready to play some more great games!  See my Blog on How to Play The Astrology Game of Cards, which is also on the Menu Bar.

An Astrology Game For Fun and Learning


pisces cards



See my later posts for More Information!


Mercury and Jupiter – Enjoy Your Rest!

M&M Attention PleaseMercury is going Retrograde again as it does four times a year!  (from 1/5 through 1/25 when it goes Direct).  Mercury rules our thoughts and speech.

A reminder:   Always read important documents  over carefully and don’t sign contracts or make new commitments if at all possible. If you must, just be sure to get a second opinion and pay extra attention to details. Negotiations can go okay if you very aware of what is being said, but try and wait before making final decisions.  You could forget some of the important details and misunderstandings can easily occur.

Retrograde planets can certainly have a positive side.  We get another chance to back up and redo things and they can wind up even better than before! You could figure out what hasn’t been working very well and implement some new changes. This is a great time to reorganize your life. Friends from the past and even former clients often pop up unexpectedly! This can be a very positive experience for both of you.

So, remember to read things over very well, especially if you don’t completely understand something.  Ask questions and also remember to use spell check.  Be especially aware of texting the wrong words if you don’t take the time to read what you said before hitting that send button.  Don’t buy electronic equipment, wait a few weeks; often it has to be returned for some reason anyway.  PC Exploding

This week also sees Jupiter taking a rest (going retrograde) all the way into May, (more like a slow down for Mr Jupiter) from giving  out opportunities, growth, expansion and luck.  (from 1/7 through 5/9 when he goes Direct).

To the Virgos, with Jupiter now  in Virgo, worry not, he will be back to either continue what he started or finally get to you.  It all depends if the degrees are early or later in your chart.  If you are a Virgo or have Virgo Rising in your chart, think back to twelve years ago, as to what was happening in your life, and you will get some idea of might be happening for you.  Wherever you have Virgo in your chart, in whatever planet or house, something there will enlarge or expand as Jupiter connects at or near those degrees.    virgo cute

And, lucky me with Virgo as my Rising Sign (also called the Ascendant). I have been having a pretty good year so far and I am expecting things to pick up in May when Jupiter moves forward again.  Jupiter completes his one year journey in Virgo on 9/10/16 and will then enter the sign of Libra for one year!


Tonight Venus And Jupiter Will Seem To Merge And Form A “Double Star”

jupiter venus great picSome are saying that for the first time in over two thousand years, the star of Bethlehem will reappear in the western sky, tonight, June 30th.  This is of both historical and religious significance, the last time this particular celestial configuration was seen, the first coming of Christ was recorded in the New Testaments of the Holy Bible, between the years 3 and 2 B.C.

Venus is the planet named after the Goddess of love, and Jupiter is named after the God of Thunder.  On Earth, they will appear so close together that they will look like a dramatic “double star.”   These two planets have been gradually approaching each other for the last few weeks, creeping toward their closest point: 1/3° apart. That’s close enough to be able to see them while covering them with the tip of your pinky finger.  Actually they are about 416 million miles apart in space.

The planets will also look like they are the same size, but Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and Venus is smaller than our Earth.   Because of their relative distances, they appear to be of a similar size when viewed from Earth.

This converging of two planets is known as a conjunction. A conjunction between Jupiter and Venus is not unusual; they were last seen close together in the sky in August of 2014, but this is an extremely close conjunction like the one believed to be the bright double star the Wise Men followed in Bethlehem .

Look West to Northwest tonight right after dark and you will see them with the naked eye.   The Moon, Mars, Mercury and Saturn can also be easily seen tonight.  If you use binoculars or a telescope, you can actually see Jupiter’s four large moon.

Note: The above picture was taken this evening of Jupiter and Venus together from the App called “Skyview” !

venus moon jupiter conjunct

Jupiter is Retrograde

Oh Jupiter, do you have to go retrograde again?

We always look forward to your visit to our Sun sign and Rising Sign with all the opportunities you bring.  Well, we can look forward to having you go direct again on April 9th! Meanwhile, Jupiter is taking a little vacation and letting us all think about the benefits we have received so far.

More goodies to come in April, especially for the Leos and Leo Rising Sign people.

Whichever House Jupiter transits in your horoscope wheel, you will get some kind of benefit!

Jupiter solar system


I like what Derek and Julia Parker have to say in one of my favorite books,  The Compleat Astrologer.

astrology_astronomy_medicine picture

Astrology has always served to enlarge our understanding.  Changes have been made in recent years that promise to have a major effect on the progress of astrology; the new directions it can be expected to take, and the attitudes people are likely to adopt towards it.

These changes are mysterious and illuminating. Progressive astrologers, attempting to relate astrology to a science-oriented society are working with hardheaded scientists.  Looking at other points of view, common ground has been discovered in the field of biological rhythms and cycles, enough to show that astrologers and scientists are becoming very compatible.

The age of Aquarius holds a new fascination for the younger generation in search of meaning, although astrology is for people of all ages and generations. It knows no cultural or age differences.  Astrological truths are for all of us and hold us all together as a human family.

planets pretty

But is astrology true?  You must discover this for yourself.  No one can be persuaded simply by being told about it.  You have to choose to learn more about it.  To understand the influence of the heavenly bodies on mankind, we must understand the science behind astrology and the techniques of its art.  Astrologers honor and respect the truths of past masters.  We want to cast a deeper, clearer light on human life.

A star was the ancient Sumerian symbol for divinity. The stars provided a very impressive background to the interaction of other celestial bodies. Today we are naturally aware that the sun and moon exert a strong physical influence on our lives.  Back then, the Sun kept people warm and faded in the winter; day alternated with night, the sea rose and fell with the tides. These were mysterious processes of growth and decay, and the ebb and flow of the natural order helped provide a physical explanation of the universe.
From the viewpoint of earth, the stars turn around us in the pattern that is virtually unchanging from one year to the next.   The shifts that constantly occur were so slight that they were hardly noticed by the earliest observers.  The seven major bodies were noticed because of their rapid movement against the starry background of sky.  Early observers noticed the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  In  Babylonian times there are stories written about  the planets, sun and moon representing gods with the power to direct or intervene in life, each one being allocated power over an area of human experience.

 from Mars seeing Earth and Jupitr   The view from Mars of Earth and Jupiter

For example, Mercury was seen as a quick, cunning and wise god. Mars was the ruler of violence and war; Jupiter was a benevolent king-like ruler of men; Saturn was seen as a distant cooling sun in exile; quick-tempered and cruel.  Gradually, as these associations gained in authority, they were joined together to form the basis of astrological lore.

To add a little humor, today I saw this written:  God made the planet Saturn and he liked it, so he put a ring on it!!! saturn rings


Jupiter is Direct Again

JUPITER is the biggest planet in our solar system and is 318 times bigger than earth.  It is the fastest spinning planet in our solar system.  It has 63 moons.   That little red dot inside of Jupiter is  a storm and it’s big enough for two earths to fit inside of it!

Today, Thursday March 6, Jupiter  stopped moving backwards ( it’s not stopping, but it appears to stop and then move forward).


Jupiter is one of the most well known planets in our history and was the planet that helped us understand that the planets are moving around the Sun (and not the Earth).

Jupiter is now in Cancer and is helping bring our attention to what makes us feel secure. It is putting attention to the idea of security, creativity, learning and children. We will now get huge Jupiter  support in moving forward  in the direction of everything related to the sign of Cancer ( home, family, security).

If you have things going on in your home you may find that the next six months brings relief and completion. If the sign of Cancer happens to be in your 3rd house you may find that things go much better with your siblings or perhaps you start writing that book or blog you’ve been putting off or you get to visit a place you’ve been yearning to get to.  Check to see which house is ruled by Cancer in your chart.

Leo’s – be advised that Jupiter is happily on the move and won’t stop until it reaches your sign this spring.   It’s time to accept your fate and listen to your heart. You can nurture yourself and find your dreams and that big, enormous planet is reminding you that you can have your desires because there is gigantic support behind you.

We all love hosting Jupiter in our Sun sign or crossing over our Ascendant.  It is the planet bringing benefits and opportunity and also weight gain; oh well, it’s a small price to pay!!

It’s Sagittarius Time!

ImageIf you were born between November 22/23 and December 22 you are a Sagittarian, which is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter.   Your symbol is the Archer, who is half human and half horse.  There is usually a love of horses and other large animals.   You need to feel personal freedom throughout your life, even hating the slightest feeling of claustrophobia, whether it’s actually physical or emotional.  You love being outdoors, moving fast with the wind, riding horses or motorcycles and driving a recreational vehicle, which will allow you to stay out on the road longer.  Sports and other outdoor activities were created just for you!    It’s important that your life always contains a challenge of some kind.  There is usually interest in religion or spirituality.

Sagittarians are cheerful and optimistic, quite versatile, open-minded, flexible, sincere and very direct.  You can tend to exaggerate a bit or go to extremes.  There is a certain restlessness, devil-may-care attitude.  However, your friends and family know they can usually always depend on you.

As you get older, there is a natural inclination toward languages.  You love exploring new topics and will save your knowledge to use later when it’s needed.    You love starting new projects, even before you’ve completed the current project. You like to have more than one task going at the same time.  Having a high intellect, you need to always be learning and when you feel tired, it’s usually because you are bored.  Along with all that study, you require a good deal of exercise.  Sports are good for you on many levels, to be competitive and for keeping fit.   Your mind is active enough to enable you to participate in many sports simultaneously.   Try hard to control your restless spirit so you don’t create problems for yourself or your partner.

Excellent career choices would be teacher, lecturer, lawyer, philosopher, interpreter, veterinarian, horse trainer and groomer, travel agent, sports figure, dog breeder, jockey, priest, minister or rabbi, publisher, writer, librarian, bookseller.   For those Saggs who don’t get a college education, you can be found at the library, on the internet, or taking evening classes, so great is your desire to learn.

Sagittarians need to have a pet to care for and they love the fact that animals won’t make emotional demands on them.  Strays can always find a home with you.  Your house is the perfect spot for pets belonging to your family and friends when they travel. The overall sense of planning is very good although details may be overlooked.   You love having a problem to solve and pushing your mind to new boundaries.  It’s the challenge of the problem rather than the problem itself and the outcome.  The tendency is to optimism rather than worrying about things.

As a parent, you want the best education for your children and you may give them materials that are far in advance for their age. The home environment will be very stimulating and you know how to have fun with your kids.

The vulnerable body areas for Sagittarians are the liver, sciatic nerves, hips and thighs. You enjoy preparing food for others and you love to barbecue.  Along with the other fire signs, you tend to eat too fast and too much.

If you are dating a Sagg, they will be happy to listen to your problems and do their best to help. Just don’t go on to then discuss your problem with another person and have your confidante find out or he/she will be very hurt,  Allow the Sagg to help you and try to heed their advice once you bare your soul to them.

Sagg tends to be tall or to have a large bodily feature, since their ruling planet Jupiter likes to expand everything, that is unless Saturn is near the Ascendant.

You can thrive in cold or hot climates with your stamina but rarely in humid weather.

Your flowers are daffodils, narcissus and asters. Plants and trees are berry and citrus , cherry, almond and chestnut trees, oak, olive, birch and cedar.

Perfumes and Scents contain nutmeg, saffron, clove

Thursday is your best day of the week.

Tin is your favorable metal.

Moonstone, amethyst and carbuncle are your precious stones

Best colors are mixtures of red and indigo, greens and dark yellow

You vibrate best to the musical note “G”.

Your planetary number is 5.

Herbs necessary are sage, sesame seed, sassafras, thyme, sarsparilla, aloe and aniseed.

Beverages are champagne, anisette, burgundy and drier red wines.

Although you can be a rebel, being the last of the fire signs, many of the imperfections found in Aries and Leo are less evident in Sagittarians.  Many of you won’t achieve personal success professionally or emotionally until after middle age.  You are a very friendly person!