Have your Child’s Birth Chart Cast


child pictureThere are many different approaches to raising children.  Each child has special talents, but how do we know what they are when they are young?  Astrology helps us to more easily identify these talents by having a natal chart cast for the date, time and place of their birth.    By looking at the child’s natal chart, we are able to discover so many things that make each of our children very unique.   We can teach them to live in harmony with themselves and with others and assist them to live to their fullest potential.   Looking back to the days of the Courts, every new baby had their birth chart cast.  This practice needs to happen again for all new babies.  There would be more happy, content people!

twins in incubators

An Astrological chart is the most amazing gift we can give to new parents to help them raise their children.  They will get to learn the magic and mystery of each child.  The potential is shown in the chart, but like a small garden, it needs nurturing to become what it can be.

At the moment of the first breath, we each set the astrological pattern known as the horoscope.   A baby’s personality has not yet matured and the birth chart must be interpreted with this in mind.   The chart is a map of our personal universe for a lifetime.  It symbolizes the lessons we need to learn for the growth of our souls, the special needs we have as individuals, and indicates our potential for development. 

twin toddlers

Many people wonder why each child doesn’t come with an instruction guide or handbook.  Well there is a guide and it is the horoscope map.    It is the best tool we have to understand our children, help them to know themselves better and for us as parents to guide them toward a life path that is a perfect fit for them.

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An Astrology Game For Fun and Learning


pisces cards



See my later posts for More Information!



zodiac pictures all 12

Note that these Sun Sign traits are also found in those with these Signs Rising in their charts!


Cancerians …..or as I prefer to call them….Moon Children…because they are ruled by the Moon!  They are having birthdays as I am writing this so they go first.  Everyone should have a Cancerian friend; they will mother you, nurture you, cook for you, and do so many nice little things to help you out.  They are psychic, sensitive and emotional.  They sense your moods and feelings.  They might bore you with their family stories and their past and their opinions.  Often they are taken advantage of and others make great demands on their time and energy and might even become resentful when they can’t be available to them when needed.  They give because they want to and please don’t forget how smart and shrewd they are!

Aquarians know how to unite people in a common cause.  They would like to help everybody if they could.  They live in an intellectual world and always come up with great new ideas.  They are quite unconventional and always interesting. .  People are very attracted to them.   They don’t usually let others get too close and may sometimes seem aloof.  They are very kind and caring and true humanitarians.  Expect futuristic ideas, spiritual discussions and unusual views from your Aquarian friends.

Sagittarians have optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom and usually are truthful.  They are honest and moral and appreciate that in their friends.   They enjoy sports, athletics and love being outdoors.  If they aren’t playing, they are watching sports.  They like horses, enjoy watching them race and like to ride them.  They are ruled by jovial Jupiter, which generally bestows a cheerful nature.  This makes them enjoyable to be around.

Who has the most magnetic personalities?  Scorpios, of course!  They also have a strong will and an intense emotional nature. Their penetrating insight misses very little of whats goes on around them.  Due to their secretive and suspicious nature, people don’t always trust them.  They tend to be serious and could smile more to attract others.  They usually control their deep emotions and hide their true feelings.  If a Scorpio likes you, they will trust you, but if you wrong them, they never forget!  They usually attract jealousy into their lives but do have many loyal friends.

Taurus worries about job security and security in general.  They usually have fixed opinions and don’t like to change their minds.  They have an overly careful attitude about the work they do and can drive others who work more quickly somewhat crazy.  They should avoid nervous, fidgety people and situations where they feel pressured and pushed.  They will listen patiently to others’ troubles and pamper them with understanding.  Success and money rewards mean a lot to them.

Leos are the proud, determined, success-oriented ones who love to run things. They can become as irritable as a hungry lion, their symbol, if they don’t get approval and recognition.  They have strong values and expect others to live up to them.  When younger they are very proud of their long beautiful hair. Take a look at your Leo and Leo Rising friends and notice how many of them have noticeable moles or beauty marks on their faces. 

Pisces are usually sensitive, easygoing, and lovable folks with very gentle natures, but when things go wrong for them, that can quickly  change into lots of  irritability.  They are two fish swimming in different directions.  That’s when they need  hugs, love and attention.  They will do any job that’s needed but want to feel appreciated.  They can be very inspirational to others.  Many of them are quite spiritual and they are also very artistic.  Certain ones appear to be vaguely confused at times and this is their ruler Neptune at work in their lives.

Aries can be quite impatient and those Aries reading this wondered when we would get to them.  They are always in a hurry and can get careless as a result.  They are intelligent and sensitive but may tend to say things without thinking.  They have firey enthusiasm, impulsive natures and creative minds.  They want to be liked just the way they are, but need to know that sometimes to win at life one must play the game.   They don’t like to stick to one project too long.  Aries have great leadership qualities.

The ambitious, practical one is Capricorn.  They mean business and nothing stops them.  They may get sidetracked or  slowed down but they never forget where they are headed.  They use everything efficiently to get the most out of life. They have a great sense of humor, yet they are quite serious and may be prone to melancholy or depression.  This comes from their ruler serious Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac.

The attractive, popular, well-liked folks are the Librans.  They are people-pleasers, and are also fair-minded and treat others with respect.  They seem to attract jealousy just like the Scorpios.  They enjoy talking but hearing your views too.  Don’t tell them any secrets you don’t want revealed; just like Geminis, they don’t mean to tell but it just slips out.  They are fashionable, charming, flirty and know how to make others feel good.  Making decisions is the hardest thing for them because they can see the benefits of both sides.

Virgos like to tinker and fix things using their analytical minds.  If they don’t know how, they will read the instructions and follow them to the letter.  They are always prepared and can solve your problems. They may be somewhat critical but are always attentive, alert and observant.  They enjoy organization and neatness and making order out of chaos.   They notice the tiniest details and analyze everything..

Gemini likes to talk, text, email and is also the practical joker.  They love to flirt!  They are popular because they relate well to people.  They love to be on the go and to learn new things.  Routine work bores them.  They are the twins of the zodiac and often show two different sides to others.  Which twin is out today?  They retain their youthful looks. even as they age.

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When to have Surgery

surgery sign

This applies to ELECTIVE SURGERY ONLY!.  Sometimes we don’t have a choice and we must have surgery right away. but if you have the option to select the day,why not pick the most advantageous day.  The Astrological medical rules go all the way back to  Ptolemy and are also from reports published in medical literature by some doctors who do not happen to be Astrologers.

The most important thing to know is what sign the moon is in, as well as its position when it transits a person’s natal chart.  If possible do not schedule surgery on the day before, the day of, or the day after a full moon.  There is increased danger of hemorrhaging at this time of the month.

Also,don’t have surgery when the moon is moving through a sign ruling a vital organ; for example, when the  moon is in Leo which rules the heart  or when the moon is in the sign ruling the part of the body requiring surgery. For example, when it’s a Taurus moon avoid having a tonsillectomy,  Taurus rules the throat and the neck.

mars moon eaeth

The vitality of the body is decreased when the moon is near the person’s Ascendant and also when transiting Mars is opposing the person’s own moon sign.  Avoid it when Mars is close to 17 degrees of the person’s sun sign.  These placements can also prolong recuperation.

The above are the most important.  But if you want to look further to assure yourself that you did not leave anything to chance, you can also check the Sun’s position.  Just as with the the transiting moon, the sun should not be in the sign ruling the part of the body requiring surgery.  Ptolemy says that surgery on the chest  for example should not be done when the sun or moon are in Gemini nor breast surgery with the sun or moon in the sign of Cancer, which also rules the stomach.   Since the Sun gives us vitality, surgery at those times would drain our vitality.

cartoon surgeon

When Mars is retrograde which is not too often, avoid that time because the surgery could need to be repeated later or further surgery needed to correct a problem resulting from the first surgery.

There are other placements that could be checked, but for most of us, having our natal chart and an Ephemeris to check the daily planet movements, this is probably enough to know.  If anyone is interested in knowing other things to check, please leave me a comment and I can write another Blog on this subject.

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twin men

One of my favorite books is  “Astrology The Space Age Science”   authored by Joseph Goodavage.   In this book he writes about “Time Twins”.   These are babies who are born on the same date, the same year, the same time and in the same location to different mothers.  Their birth charts are identical if they were born at the same moment or almost identical, if born just a few minutes apart.   Of course they have free will to use the same planetary energy as they choose and depending on their environment, there will be some differences in how they respond.

Joseph Goodavage did some research before publishing his book and the following are true stories from his book.  In the early 1960’s, two unrelated women met for the first time in a hospital room in Hackensack, New Jersey.  It turned out that the women were born in towns very nearby on the same date and year.  Both of their first names were Edna.  Each was giving birth to her first child.  The babies were born at the same hour, weighed the same and were both given the name Patricia Edna.  The women’s husbands also had the same first name which was Harold.  Each man was in the same business and owned the same car, model and color.  Each couple had been married for three and a half years, having been married on the same day.  Also, both husbands were born on the same day, month and year.  Both women were blue eyed brunettes, were the same weight and height and wore the same size clothes.

But, there’s more……………..each woman had the same number of brothers and sisters.  Their husbands were the same religion, different from the wives, who were the same religion.  Each family owned a dog of the same mixed breed, size and age and had named their dogs Spot.

twins in incubators

Another strange case received attention when two poultry trucks of the same model collided in Miami in June of 1961.  Showing their I.D. the drivers discovered that they were identical twins separated from birth.  They were both in the poultry business, their wives had the same name, they had the same number of children, of the same sex and ages.

These facts are not just coincidences……..people paired like those above are moving along their life path, propelled by some external force, acting equally on each person.  Science has found direct links between celestial movements and behavior.  Electromagnetic fields within the human body have been discovered which fluctuate in tune with changes in the earth’s field.  The nervous systems of all creatures on earth are operated by tiny electronic pulses which can be affected by electromagnetic radiations from distant stars in the heavens.

celestial pictureBy looking at the date of birth, we can get a feel for events that are most likely to occur or be experienced in a person’s lifetime.  Professional Astrologers do not predict the future, but they consider all the forces at work in the birth chart, both harmonious and conflicting, and then give an educated guess about the outcome.  Influences can be seen by calculating the current transiting planets.

Celestial influence is not really mystical or mysterious.  With diligent study, anyone can learn to see the character, personality, talents and abilities in a birth chart, as long as the birth information is known.         horoscope wheel   I will be writing another blog with more true stories from this same book.  I find this information to be totally fascinating.  If anybody knows two people that were born on the same day, approximate time and location, let’s take a look at their lives and see if they are having similar experiences.

twin toddlers


aquarius water bearer


Aquarius the water-bearer – This is an air sign and not a water sign as many seem to think.  He is actually pouring out ideas, but many artists depict this as flowing water.

Aquarians are the humanitarians of the zodiac. They are independent, friendly, original, inventive, reforming, faithful, loyal, idealistic, and very intelligent.   They are also unpredictable, eccentric, rebellious, contrary, unconventional, and very fixed in their opinions.  They are sympathetic, yet a bit distant needing to remain personally detached. They make great sacrifices for their personal independence. These are also the ones who like to be involved in “causes:. They will always be an original and somewhat unconventional, and usually don’t care what others think of them.

They can be modern in outlook, yet stubborn and fixed in their opinions and  are not easy to persuade that they might be wrong. The Aquarian has an aloof manner that is fascinating and dynamic.  They are intelligent and rational and may be broad-minded or perhaps just indifferent. They have a scientific mind and approach problems analytically.   Never allow an Aquarian to feel  trapped. They must retain a degree of independence or they become very restless.  Many Aquarians enjoy living alone,  so they are able to feel totally free.  However, a good Aquarian marriage is extremely stable and you can expect loyalty and faithfulness. Image

A dull routine will bore an Aquarian.  They are quite inventive and bring a fresh approach to every task they undertake. In their spare time they enjoy learning to fly or even organizing archaeological digs. The computer was invented for them or maybe by them. Sports such as fencing, golf, and tennis are usually enjoyed and walking is great for them.  Excellent careers include – writer, philosopher, astrologer, astronomer, archaeologist, aviator, scientist, radiographer, inventor, electronics, politics, United Nations  and Air Force careers.   Aquarius has rule over the circulation and they and those with Aquarius strong in their charts such as an Aquarius rising sign frequently suffer from varicose veins and hardening of the arteries.   This sign also rules the shins and the ankles and fractures are common.  Cold-weather is very hard on them!

How to deal with an Aquarian:  Be direct and approach issues from a practical point of view.  Understand most of them  react through intelligence rather than emotion or instinct (unless they have water signs in their chart)!  Never bore an Aquarian, keep them interested and never cause them to feel tied down!

Saturday is their best day.

Favorable metals: stainless steel, aluminum, silver.

Favorable stones: garnet, amber

Favorable colors: electric blue, iridescent and silvery colors

Musical keynote: they vibrate best to “F”

Best number: eight, associated with inspiration.

Favorable flowers, trees and shrubs: violets, daffodils and other spring bulbs.  pine, beech, cypress, willow, date, apple, grape, pear, plum, banana.

Necessary herbs:  chamomile, basil, garlic, nettles, valerian, sage, sassafras, wintergreen, rosemary, parsley, mint, hyssop, gentian root, dill, coriander, chickweed and balm.

It’s Sagittarius Time!

ImageIf you were born between November 22/23 and December 22 you are a Sagittarian, which is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter.   Your symbol is the Archer, who is half human and half horse.  There is usually a love of horses and other large animals.   You need to feel personal freedom throughout your life, even hating the slightest feeling of claustrophobia, whether it’s actually physical or emotional.  You love being outdoors, moving fast with the wind, riding horses or motorcycles and driving a recreational vehicle, which will allow you to stay out on the road longer.  Sports and other outdoor activities were created just for you!    It’s important that your life always contains a challenge of some kind.  There is usually interest in religion or spirituality.

Sagittarians are cheerful and optimistic, quite versatile, open-minded, flexible, sincere and very direct.  You can tend to exaggerate a bit or go to extremes.  There is a certain restlessness, devil-may-care attitude.  However, your friends and family know they can usually always depend on you.

As you get older, there is a natural inclination toward languages.  You love exploring new topics and will save your knowledge to use later when it’s needed.    You love starting new projects, even before you’ve completed the current project. You like to have more than one task going at the same time.  Having a high intellect, you need to always be learning and when you feel tired, it’s usually because you are bored.  Along with all that study, you require a good deal of exercise.  Sports are good for you on many levels, to be competitive and for keeping fit.   Your mind is active enough to enable you to participate in many sports simultaneously.   Try hard to control your restless spirit so you don’t create problems for yourself or your partner.

Excellent career choices would be teacher, lecturer, lawyer, philosopher, interpreter, veterinarian, horse trainer and groomer, travel agent, sports figure, dog breeder, jockey, priest, minister or rabbi, publisher, writer, librarian, bookseller.   For those Saggs who don’t get a college education, you can be found at the library, on the internet, or taking evening classes, so great is your desire to learn.

Sagittarians need to have a pet to care for and they love the fact that animals won’t make emotional demands on them.  Strays can always find a home with you.  Your house is the perfect spot for pets belonging to your family and friends when they travel. The overall sense of planning is very good although details may be overlooked.   You love having a problem to solve and pushing your mind to new boundaries.  It’s the challenge of the problem rather than the problem itself and the outcome.  The tendency is to optimism rather than worrying about things.

As a parent, you want the best education for your children and you may give them materials that are far in advance for their age. The home environment will be very stimulating and you know how to have fun with your kids.

The vulnerable body areas for Sagittarians are the liver, sciatic nerves, hips and thighs. You enjoy preparing food for others and you love to barbecue.  Along with the other fire signs, you tend to eat too fast and too much.

If you are dating a Sagg, they will be happy to listen to your problems and do their best to help. Just don’t go on to then discuss your problem with another person and have your confidante find out or he/she will be very hurt,  Allow the Sagg to help you and try to heed their advice once you bare your soul to them.

Sagg tends to be tall or to have a large bodily feature, since their ruling planet Jupiter likes to expand everything, that is unless Saturn is near the Ascendant.

You can thrive in cold or hot climates with your stamina but rarely in humid weather.

Your flowers are daffodils, narcissus and asters. Plants and trees are berry and citrus , cherry, almond and chestnut trees, oak, olive, birch and cedar.

Perfumes and Scents contain nutmeg, saffron, clove

Thursday is your best day of the week.

Tin is your favorable metal.

Moonstone, amethyst and carbuncle are your precious stones

Best colors are mixtures of red and indigo, greens and dark yellow

You vibrate best to the musical note “G”.

Your planetary number is 5.

Herbs necessary are sage, sesame seed, sassafras, thyme, sarsparilla, aloe and aniseed.

Beverages are champagne, anisette, burgundy and drier red wines.

Although you can be a rebel, being the last of the fire signs, many of the imperfections found in Aries and Leo are less evident in Sagittarians.  Many of you won’t achieve personal success professionally or emotionally until after middle age.  You are a very friendly person!


How to use Astrology in your Life

horoscope wheel      We can use Astrology in almost any area of human experience.  But no astrological forecast will always be right or predict inevitable future events!    We always have to allow for free will with  the expected planetary activity.   Think about weather forecasting and even conventional medicine where doctors ‘practice’ medicine.  On occasion, they are wrong!  But most of the time, they are pretty good at predicting weather and diagnosing illness.

Who am I? – By using Astrology, we can know ourselves better.  Most of us are very curious about ourselves.   Astrology tells the truth when a natal chart is cast correctly, checking where each planet was placed at the moment and location of our birth.  These planetary connections actually do have a major influence on our personality.   Don’t you want to know yourself better and figure out what makes you tick and  all the others in your life too?

child picture       Children– An astrological report done for a new born baby is not just of sentimental interest to the new parents, but can be of practical help from birth through the teen years into adulthood.    It will show the relationship developing between parents and their child.   You can see how to discipline each type of child in the family.  They are all so different!  You can see your child’s physical vulnerabilities and how you can protect their health.   You can see what type of toys each child will prefer and  the kinds of games each will enjoy.   You can actually see which career path may be fulfilling  and help start your child in the right direction.  Find out hobbies and  sports that will fit your child best for success and enjoyment.   Do you have twins or know someone who does?  How are they alike and in what ways are they different  They were  born with the same birth chart, probably within minutes of each other.  The chart is known as their life map.

 Egypt Famer Woman    Career Choices – Even after many years in one line of work, people often feel a sudden need for change.  This might just be a passing fancy, better pursued as a spare time interest, or maybe a complete change of career direction is indicated.   Maybe one part of your life can be spent on one type of career which fits your Sun sign and then later on you can fulfill your Rising sign and find meaningful work that is suitable for that part of you.  

Contracts – When is the best time to sign contracts?   When is the best time for buying, selling, or starting new projects for the best outcome?

 love pic         Love and Marriage –  Who are you most compatible with for love or business partnerships?   For some, it’s a  strain  trying to live together, and yet others are very well suited for each other and live in relative harmony.  Some relationships may be based only on physical attraction and in these relationships, it’s best to let some time pass before considering spending a lifetime together.  It’s better to be alone than to be with the wrong partner.  Comparing birth charts of lovers is very helpful in the early stages of a relationship. 

Astrology can be a valuable shortcut by instantly revealing personality traits that could take a long time to emerge. A good astrologer can find the best dates for you to marry, and can also counsel couples based on their planetary connections.    However, don’t expect an astrologer to  make decisions for you, they will advise based on your chart and transits, but ultimately all decisions are up to you!

business pic       Business advice – There are Financial Astrologers who specialize in business and will give financial advice.  They can also give guidance on timing for negotiations and advise on profitability.  They can tell you when heavy spending periods can be expected and when to wait patiently and then when to move forward with plans.

   small-doctor-8752921          Health  – Astrologers can tell when and how your health is likely to suffer.  Your chart shows when you will be under emotional or physical stress and also indicates the most vulnerable areas of the body.  There is good information about proper nutrition choices for your body type.  (See my post on foods).

 Image      Weather – Some astrological forecasters have great accuracy and others are still experimenting with weather predictions,  There are some good predictions made and these can guide us in advance.                             

 travel pic     Travel –  Astrologers can advise the best time to plan a trip and warn when delays are likely to occur.  For example, expect delays when Mercury is retrograde.   Find out when those pesky Mercury retrograde periods are so you can work around them.  Never buy mechanical or electronic equipment during a Mercury retrograde period.  You can purchase if you choose, but the chances are that you will need to return your item. 

Home – You can find out the  best place for you to live .  Some locations are better for finding love; some are better for finding fulfilling work.    There is a branch of Astrology called  Locational astrology.  Not sure  where to move to, consult a Locational Astrologer.
  weather pic

Other –  Are you having friends over for dinner,? Why not serve them the kinds of food they will probably like.  You can  do this if you know their Sun sign or Rising sign.   Gifts can be purchased with confidence, knowing they will be enjoyed and appreciated because you took the time to find out this information about them. 

                                 3 smiling ladies                                                       Violets in white ceramic planter with wording  $40

How about the best type of pet for you or your child? 


Astrology has its fun side, but it definitely is a serious subject and having your chart drawn up and explained is helpful in making your life work better.   There is still much research going on.    There are so many layers to Astrology and if you study it, you will never be bored again!!

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