What the Ancient Wisdom Teaches About the Astrological Signs

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History is full of stories showing the importance given to Astrology and Astronomy was seen as the foundation of Astrology.  All priests and governors in olden days had to have knowledge of the science of the stars and the science of numbers.  Astrology was always used to map out a person’s life.  The history of a race or country can also be determined by the influences of the day it began.  The twelve Zodiac signs represent the twelve lessons of human existence; the twelve qualities to be gradually achieved by every human being, life after life, but not necessarily sign after sign.  We have free will and can choose to work under a particular sign more often than the others or even disregard a specific sign, although this would produce a one-sided character and happens less often. 

The first sign, Aries, whose symbol is the ram, represents the first experience of life, the beginning of the human journey and bestows extreme physical activity, caring and impulsiveness.  They are ruled by Mars, the warrior.  Aries represents the head and Aries folks use their brains intensely, although without much experience of life to back them up.   At this, the beginning of the human journey, our human uses their quick-working brain and is eager and brave.  He or she is ready to lead and wants to help, but is yet a poor judge of character and can be easily deceived.  They make poor subordinates.  They need to guard against over-working their brains and need plenty of sleep. 

The second sign, Taurus, the bull, is very strong and plodding, but if suddenly aroused, they plunge swiftly to their goal and like the bull, they can be slowly aroused to anger.  Ruled by Venus, they learn lessons about loving deeply with their whole heart and with great devotion and also about money, planting and harvesting, working the earth patiently.  They are great agriculturists and nature lovers, singers and poets.  They are courageous and devoted people.  Their major problems come from overly luxurious living with much love for food and drink.  They are patient and determined.

The third sign, Gemini, the twins, ruled by the planet Mercury gives humans the next lesson which is how to use the brain for practical matters and for reasoning.   This gives a dual type of mind that can see both sides, and which also has great interest in every new idea presented.  They love to share their knowledge and make great teachers and writers.  Geminis are changeable and ambitious and their brains race up and down the tree of knowledge.  Given brilliance and quickness, they learn to develop a logical reasoning mind with rapid thought.  These qualities rely on the nervous system more than the brain, so they need to guard against overworking their sensitive nerves. 

The fourth sign, Cancer, the crab, ruled by the Moon comes in with the accumulated experience of the first three signs and the next lesson is to learn how to apply it.  Great patience and tenacity are given along with the talent for parenthood and family life.  This is the nurturing earth mother and even the men enjoy cooking and being in their secure homes.  There is restlessness too, causing an occasional desire to travel away from home.  Cancerians are like crabs, moving forward and then turning back or going sideways on to something else and so live a life of ups and downs.  The Moon makes them deeply sensitive and passionate for life.  They require discipline and order in their world.  Their accumulated experience now makes them ready to be good in the business world as well in the home.

The fifth sign, Leo, the Lion, ruled by the Sun incarnates with a great deal of knowledge of the human side of life and can produce very fine results.  The task for them is to go forth and become a powerful and well-developed human, capable of high achievements.    Often kings of men and people of power are born as Leos.  They are big-hearted, strong mentally and physically, proud, ambitious and popular.  Because they have not yet reached divine intuition, they may misunderstand and think less of those weaker than themselves.  They do, however, attract many followers.  Friends may cause them disillusionment because Leo is not used to adapting to the ways of others.

The sixth sign, Virgo the virgin, is ruled by Mercury just like Gemini.  They come in to learn discrimination.   At this point, humans have risen to great heights through using impulsiveness, forcefulness and a growing talent for self-expression.   Virgo is given a natural fastidiousness and a critical eye.  They are to begin from the angle of a critic rather than a person of action like the Mercury ruled Gemini.  They are adaptable and make excellent subordinates, work well and are usually successful.   They have exquisite taste.  Virgos will organize us.  They are the restaurant keepers, journalists, art critics and health workers. 

Up to this point Man has learned to be a complete human being, but only half the journey is accomplished.  The second half is about learning to become a spiritual person and live in both the world of power and spirit while on earth and have the mind be in touch with the Divine.  Here we learn there is more to life than the physical world.  Things become harder to understand, and the first thing our human must now learn is balance. 

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The seventh sign, Libra, the scales, is ruled by Venus just as Taurus is.  Librans can actually miss many opportunities in life through too much weighing and balancing through over-thinking things.  Now the human is becoming psychic and intuitive and would do better going with the first impression.  There is a lot of love in Libra, but it has now become more mental than physical.  They are able to love abstract things such as harmony, peace, justice and beauty.  They truly dislike all disharmony in life.  They will avoid an argument and this is because the refining process has begun.  They are definitely not cowardly or weak.  They are the lawyers, judges and specialists, the architects and researchers.  Many Librans hold themselves back, afraid to let themselves go; and so to compensate they may tend to overwork.

The eighth sign, Scorpio, the scorpion or eagle, ruled by Pluto and before its discovery by Mars.  Our next lesson is to transmute the tender passion of love to the higher planes.  Scorpios have magnetic, forceful personalities and others feel fascinated by them and they can draw fanatical devotion.  This sign produces many saints and many villains too; both the best and the worst!   They can be their own worst enemy, or else have the beginnings of wisdom and attainment of high spirituality.    They usually pass through the fire of the temptation of sex in all its forms to learn that it is the sex-force that gets used for higher attainment.  There is versatility and loyalty and they are capable of swaying others.  They are proud and ambitious, with intense and enduring feelings. 

The ninth sign, Sagittarius, the archer is ruled by Jupiter and the goal now is truth and the beginnings of unselfishness.  Sagittarians instinctively believe that truth is beautiful and they wish to spread it around joyfully.   They love life and travel and are full of humor.  They can be domineering and stubborn, but they always attempt to make others happy.  They are very hospitable and since they contain the qualities of all the preceding signs, they are very versatile.  Music and ceremony appeal and they will give great encouragement to music, the arts and the pleasures and luxuries of life.   Their agile minds cause them to jump to results without patient study.  They must always be actively employed and take periods of complete rest to relax their tenseness.  Sagittarians are very popular with a great zest for life.

The tenth sign, Capricorn, the mountain goat is ruled by Saturn.  Humans are now bending their will to attain spiritual accomplishment and Saturn, the great tester and trainer is here to help.  Saturn holds Capricorns down to earth, pressing upon them and sometimes depressing them.  Our humans are now ready to stand on their own two feet and work things out for themselves, rather than following others’ lead.   They are ready for thoughtful, practical work and have appreciation for intellect and the sciences as well as the occult. There is independence and pride, organization and desire for leadership.   There is tact, pity and patience and ability to now see outside of self, using suffering to identify with the feelings of all humanity.  They usually put the work ahead of the chance for fun.  Capricorn may be hard to understand, complex with unusual reactions, and yet with the stern discipline that is part of their lives, they usually live a long time and are quite healthy. 

The eleventh sign, Aquarius, the water bearer, is ruled by Uranus and before its discovery, they were also Saturn ruled.   By now our human is ready to pour out the waters of life, along with all their ideas on others.  By now, they have lost some of their pride and begun to feel that they are a part of the whole.  They are making great steps forward by beginning to give more importance to others than to themselves.    Aquarians like to gather with others in groups to work for the betterment of all.  They are no longer ambitious totally for themselves.  They will work in the background, unless inspired to work for a cause.   Their minds are learning to be non-attached, honest and free.  They have great sympathy for human weakness.  They are still overly-sensitive and can read character well.  This gives intense likes and dislikes.  They have developed some of the finer qualities of the soul, causing them to be delicately balanced.  There can be frail health, yet nobody has more reserve force than these humanitarians. 

The twelfth sign, Pisces, the sign of the fish ruled by Neptune and previously by Jupiter, encompasses the most perfected type of spiritual humans.  The lesson now is the final letting go of the self and complete merging into the lives and feelings of others.  Many wonderful actors are Pisceans, and also great poets, artists and musicians.  Pisces produces the strongest and the weakest types of humans.  The force flowing through them is difficult to handle and unless well-used, they can turn to drink, drugs and other excesses for escape.  Being the sign of fish going in two directions, they can go either way.  They need courage and confidence in themselves to be inspired to great heights of self-denial and attainment.  Having attained the qualities of all the previous signs, they now have a natural understanding.  Pisceans are very devoted to their friends and are the romantics.  They identify with the universe and love traveling and everything about the sea. 

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It’s important to note that Astrology subdivides the twelve signs many times over.  The laws of rebirth, karma and free will allow for numberless variations of the order for progressing through these signs.  The number of times the humans have accomplished the full round will determine the old or experienced souls or new souls.  The perfected human is a blend of the best of all the signs. 

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PISCES:  Two fish going in different directions is the symbol for this water sign ruled by the planet Neptune.  Pisces seems to encompass the characteristics of all the other signs, along with the accumulated characteristics of the previous two water signs…Cancer and Scorpio.  There is a duality to the Pisces nature.  This is a very resilient sign and Pisces can be all things to all people, choosing what they want to show at any given time.  There are two distinct sides to the personality and there is an ability to carry on two professions and be successful at both (similar to Gemini, the sign of the twins).

Pisces is sympathetic and quite sentimental.  They will make their guests feel comfortable as long as they are in the mood for company..  Sometimes they are just not in the mood for guests or going out because the other fish needs some alone time.  But for the most part, Pisces is very interested in others and especially those less fortunate.  They are very sensitive and often suffer some painful experiences in emotional relationships.


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Expect them to be well informed on a variety of subjects and many will become very successful.  However, some “fish” just have no interest in attaining success at all, and they can go from one extreme to another.  At these times,  they are conflicted and seem to be thrown by circumstances that they seem to have no control over.  This type can be easily confused and try to escape from reality.  They can become addicted to alcohol and drugs, using these to escape.

Most Pisceans are very refined, love beauty and avoid anything considered to be crude.  They may have a passionate love for nature.  Pisces produces many psychics.  They seem to be very drawn to the mysterious forces of life.  It’s best that they learn more about mysticism before getting too involved and also avoid getting involved in strange cults. Pisces are the most susceptible to outside influences.

Pisces can live in a dream world and see life through rose colored glasses.  Many of the world’s best artists have Pisces prominent in their charts and have used their emotions through their art.  Lack of purpose can turn the Piscean  emotions inward and they could become very lost.  However, Pisces can also choose to excel in business and can do very well  if handled with tact and not pushed too hard.  They don’t like too much discipline or routine.   Pisceans are known to be able to get away with outrageous things in their personal or business lives and still come up smiling!  Many other signs would be brought down by the risks Pisces seems able to take without being put in danger.

Travel delights them, whether it’s a short day trip or travel to the other side of the world.  They are adaptable to their surroundings and can be very inspirational to others.  They should try not to spread themselves too thin and dissipate their energies.  Pisces’ natural kindness, sympathy, charm and genuine softness can inspire their friends.

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Pisces are extremely intuitive and many are Psychics.  Some join religious orders to escape the harshness of the world and some become healers, either through the medical profession or through hands-on healing..  Pisces are naturally drawn to paint, sculpt, photograph, dance, write poetry or music and many other artistic expressions.  If you want a romantic partner, there is none better than a Pisces.  Much of what has been written is also expressed by those with Pisces Rising in their charts, and those with a lot of Pisces planets.

Pisces enjoys warm, mildly humid weather and also living near water.

Favorite flowers:  lilac, violet, all the lilies, including water lilies..

Scents:  exotic tropical floral scents.

Thursday is their best day of the week, but being so adaptable, they can use Mondays and Tuesdays to advantage as well.

Platinum, silver and tin are their metals.

Their precious stones are moonstones and amethysts.

Favorable colors:  purple, orchid shades, silver, sea green, white.

They vibrate best to the musical key of “G”.

The best numbers are 9 and 12.

Vocations:  The arts, astrology, astronomy, psychic readers, social work, design, dance, law, occultism, the military, literary work.

Vulnerable body areas:  the feet

Necessary herbs: Anise, aloe, balm, basil, caraway, cedar, coriander, dandelion, mint, nutmeg, peppermint, plantain, sage, kelp, sorrel, wintergreen.

Favorable trees and shrubs:  Those with berries, almond, ash, birch, chestnut, maple, mulberry, oak, olive, citrus,cherry, fig, grape, mango, melon, peach, pineapple.

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