Have your Child’s Birth Chart Cast


child pictureThere are many different approaches to raising children.  Each child has special talents, but how do we know what they are when they are young?  Astrology helps us to more easily identify these talents by having a natal chart cast for the date, time and place of their birth.    By looking at the child’s natal chart, we are able to discover so many things that make each of our children very unique.   We can teach them to live in harmony with themselves and with others and assist them to live to their fullest potential.   Looking back to the days of the Courts, every new baby had their birth chart cast.  This practice needs to happen again for all new babies.  There would be more happy, content people!

twins in incubators

An Astrological chart is the most amazing gift we can give to new parents to help them raise their children.  They will get to learn the magic and mystery of each child.  The potential is shown in the chart, but like a small garden, it needs nurturing to become what it can be.

At the moment of the first breath, we each set the astrological pattern known as the horoscope.   A baby’s personality has not yet matured and the birth chart must be interpreted with this in mind.   The chart is a map of our personal universe for a lifetime.  It symbolizes the lessons we need to learn for the growth of our souls, the special needs we have as individuals, and indicates our potential for development. 

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Many people wonder why each child doesn’t come with an instruction guide or handbook.  Well there is a guide and it is the horoscope map.    It is the best tool we have to understand our children, help them to know themselves better and for us as parents to guide them toward a life path that is a perfect fit for them.

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You Can Understand your Children Better

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All parents want to understand the character of their children and help them to develop their full potential. From the first breath, Astrology can tell you about your children’s abilities and also can tell you how to handle them, which is no easy task for any parent. Wouldn’t it be great to know your child fully while he or she is still in infancy?

If a child’s Astrological chart is calculated for the time and place of birth showing the positions and signs of the planets at the moment of drawing the first breath, as well as the planetary relationships to one another, you truly can know this little person. You cannot raise all your children with the same methods, they are all different and require individual handling according to their personality types. Children are born with certain characteristics that blossom as they mature. We can see in the chart all the potential; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Each of us is born with specific lessons to learn and missions to perform. We are all precious individuals with significant and important destinies and life experiences.

When you understand your children, you can help them make the most of their lives. You will see career directions that will suit each child fully. You won’t expect an electronic genius from a child who has an artistic side, nor a future artist to be a good sales person. You would see why your Pisces child is the pet of the family and your Leo child is happy performing for you in a dramatic way. You will see that life is a blend of fate and free will, which is difficult to understand.

We are all born with certain characteristics that are unchanging and yet subjected to environmental influences. We all have the freedom to improve our circumstances and solve the problems we encounter in any way we choose. Once we begin to raise more than one child, it becomes quite evident that each has his or her own personality and can be molded very little to our ways and each will respond differently to the same parents.

The closest parent-child relationships are found when the moon of one is in the same sign as the Sun of the other, or if both Moon signs are the same, there will be a close physical resemblance.  This is also the case when both have the same Ascendant.  When both Sun signs are the same, there is more understanding, yet more competition or awareness of the others vulnerabilities since they resemble one’s own.

You couldn’t give a more beneficial gift to new parents than a personality profile of the newborn. It makes child raising a little easier once you understand your child.   We need all the help we can get and Astrology can be so very useful as a tool toward raising children with confidence.