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Note that these Sun Sign traits are also found in those with these Signs Rising in their charts!


Cancerians …..or as I prefer to call them….Moon Children…because they are ruled by the Moon!  They are having birthdays as I am writing this so they go first.  Everyone should have a Cancerian friend; they will mother you, nurture you, cook for you, and do so many nice little things to help you out.  They are psychic, sensitive and emotional.  They sense your moods and feelings.  They might bore you with their family stories and their past and their opinions.  Often they are taken advantage of and others make great demands on their time and energy and might even become resentful when they can’t be available to them when needed.  They give because they want to and please don’t forget how smart and shrewd they are!

Aquarians know how to unite people in a common cause.  They would like to help everybody if they could.  They live in an intellectual world and always come up with great new ideas.  They are quite unconventional and always interesting. .  People are very attracted to them.   They don’t usually let others get too close and may sometimes seem aloof.  They are very kind and caring and true humanitarians.  Expect futuristic ideas, spiritual discussions and unusual views from your Aquarian friends.

Sagittarians have optimism, enthusiasm, wisdom and usually are truthful.  They are honest and moral and appreciate that in their friends.   They enjoy sports, athletics and love being outdoors.  If they aren’t playing, they are watching sports.  They like horses, enjoy watching them race and like to ride them.  They are ruled by jovial Jupiter, which generally bestows a cheerful nature.  This makes them enjoyable to be around.

Who has the most magnetic personalities?  Scorpios, of course!  They also have a strong will and an intense emotional nature. Their penetrating insight misses very little of whats goes on around them.  Due to their secretive and suspicious nature, people don’t always trust them.  They tend to be serious and could smile more to attract others.  They usually control their deep emotions and hide their true feelings.  If a Scorpio likes you, they will trust you, but if you wrong them, they never forget!  They usually attract jealousy into their lives but do have many loyal friends.

Taurus worries about job security and security in general.  They usually have fixed opinions and don’t like to change their minds.  They have an overly careful attitude about the work they do and can drive others who work more quickly somewhat crazy.  They should avoid nervous, fidgety people and situations where they feel pressured and pushed.  They will listen patiently to others’ troubles and pamper them with understanding.  Success and money rewards mean a lot to them.

Leos are the proud, determined, success-oriented ones who love to run things. They can become as irritable as a hungry lion, their symbol, if they don’t get approval and recognition.  They have strong values and expect others to live up to them.  When younger they are very proud of their long beautiful hair. Take a look at your Leo and Leo Rising friends and notice how many of them have noticeable moles or beauty marks on their faces. 

Pisces are usually sensitive, easygoing, and lovable folks with very gentle natures, but when things go wrong for them, that can quickly  change into lots of  irritability.  They are two fish swimming in different directions.  That’s when they need  hugs, love and attention.  They will do any job that’s needed but want to feel appreciated.  They can be very inspirational to others.  Many of them are quite spiritual and they are also very artistic.  Certain ones appear to be vaguely confused at times and this is their ruler Neptune at work in their lives.

Aries can be quite impatient and those Aries reading this wondered when we would get to them.  They are always in a hurry and can get careless as a result.  They are intelligent and sensitive but may tend to say things without thinking.  They have firey enthusiasm, impulsive natures and creative minds.  They want to be liked just the way they are, but need to know that sometimes to win at life one must play the game.   They don’t like to stick to one project too long.  Aries have great leadership qualities.

The ambitious, practical one is Capricorn.  They mean business and nothing stops them.  They may get sidetracked or  slowed down but they never forget where they are headed.  They use everything efficiently to get the most out of life. They have a great sense of humor, yet they are quite serious and may be prone to melancholy or depression.  This comes from their ruler serious Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac.

The attractive, popular, well-liked folks are the Librans.  They are people-pleasers, and are also fair-minded and treat others with respect.  They seem to attract jealousy just like the Scorpios.  They enjoy talking but hearing your views too.  Don’t tell them any secrets you don’t want revealed; just like Geminis, they don’t mean to tell but it just slips out.  They are fashionable, charming, flirty and know how to make others feel good.  Making decisions is the hardest thing for them because they can see the benefits of both sides.

Virgos like to tinker and fix things using their analytical minds.  If they don’t know how, they will read the instructions and follow them to the letter.  They are always prepared and can solve your problems. They may be somewhat critical but are always attentive, alert and observant.  They enjoy organization and neatness and making order out of chaos.   They notice the tiniest details and analyze everything..

Gemini likes to talk, text, email and is also the practical joker.  They love to flirt!  They are popular because they relate well to people.  They love to be on the go and to learn new things.  Routine work bores them.  They are the twins of the zodiac and often show two different sides to others.  Which twin is out today?  They retain their youthful looks. even as they age.

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superstitions It’s time to tell a true story about what happened to me on an unexpected one-day trip to Four Peaks, a mountain range in northeastern Arizona.  A friend was taking us to an amethyst crystal mine which he had found on a previous trip. He said there were amethyst crystals all over the ground. We drove up there on an unpaved road and he said it was in worse condition than he had ever seen it. Not wanting to turn around, we slowly proceeded forward in our station wagon with our friend running ahead and pushing the boulders aside. When the road ended, we parked the car and continued on foot.  We opted for the longer but less steep route.  He lost his sense of direction since he had never personally taken that route before.  He had always taken the shorter, more difficult path. We climbed through brush and vegetation and after three hours we gave up and returned to the car without any crystals.  We were very disappointed but we had no idea of what was yet to come!

While driving the car slowly back down the rough road, our brakes overheated and failed. A passerby in a 4 Wheel-Drive vehicle offered assistance.  The couple seemed very nice and offered to drive me and the two children back to my home where I could return with our other car.  My husband and our friend thought they would let the brakes cool down and then attempt to get down the mountain to the paved main road and wait there for my return.  This was in the days before cell phones! How did we ever get along without them?   Back at home, I grabbed water, an apple and crackers and also made a phone call to alert a family member that I was heading back up there.  I had to fill the car with gas and it was starting to get dark.  I left the children safely at home.  When I got back, I did not see my husband and our station wagon anywhere so I headed up the hill.  I did feel a bit of terror about having to go on those winding, narrow roads  alone in the dark.  I remembered what the woman in the assisting vehicle had told me;  “you are a woman, you are strong, and you can do anything!”  That phrase stayed with me and gave me the courage I needed to get through the night. I went forward to save my husband!!                                        fountain hills After driving several hours in the dark, I hit the rough part of the road and at that point I knew I had somehow passed the spot where I had left him with the car and he was not there!!  I was so tired, scared and full of tension and thought perhaps I had misunderstood our plan.  I feared that he had gone over the edge of the mountain!  There was no way to turn the car around in the dark  and I couldn’t possibly make the return trip down those narrow roads in the dark and in my exhausted and confused state!   I had started up the mountain at about 7 PM and now it was 11 PM

While apparently driving around  in circles, I had an unusual experience:  Out of the corner of my eye, I sensed an American Indian sitting in the passenger seat.  This was the same Indian we used to sense standing at the foot of our bed so often at home.  It was hard to believe, but it made me laugh and also made me feel protected . Of course, I had been praying for help.  I made my way forward to the parking area, locked my car; ate my supper of apple and crackers; crawled into the back seat and tried to sleep.  I tried sending ESP messages to my husband just in case he made it home safely.  Of course I could not sleep!  At the break of dawn, I headed down the mountain.  It took two hours driving carefully down the winding narrow dirt roads to get home.

Upon arriving, I found a hysterical husband and other family members outside looking up through binoculars for a search helicopter. Apparently they had slowly driven to the foot of the hill after the brakes cooled down. After waiting what seemed like a very long time,  they made signs and put them on trees at the foot of the hill with my name saying they had headed home. They watched for me on the road but never saw me pass them.  I never saw those signs in the darkness.  Upon arriving home and finding the children, and then learning that I had gone up there to get them, they turned around, this time to rescue me. After attempting the trip in our friend’s sports car, unsuccessfully, they turned back, called the sheriff and reported me lost up there.  A search party was sent out to look for me, but they assumed it unnecessary to go beyond that rough stretch of road, as no car could navigate safely through that area. They thought it most likely that I had gone over the cliff since I was nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile, I was the only car in that parking lot a little further up the hill.  They called my husband and told him a search plane would be sent up to look for me as soon as it was light.  It was a very long night for both of us, each thinking we had lost the other.

After much hugging and tears, I learned that my husband had prayed for my safety and also asked that Indian, who always seemed to be looking after us, to go and protect me!  I learned this after I told him the story of the night and how the Indian had suddenly appeared in the passenger seat of the car.   We were both in total amazement!

Four peaks Mountain is beautiful to look at, but you won’t find us anywhere near there, even for free amethyst crystals.   It’s a good thing I didn’t know about all the mountain lions and bears up there!

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if you want a reliable, determined, ambitious, careful, patient, persevering person, find a Capricorn!

These are the folks who climb the corporate ladder, always looking for the next promotion.  They are excellent workers and great in business.  They also know how to climb the social ladder!   Capricorns have a good sense of humor; their dry wit can be extremely funny and sometimes their smile looks like a smile in reverse, with the corners of the mouth turning down.   A Capricorn can deal with a lot of difficulty and handle it patiently.  They tend to be somewhat conventional in nature, unless other planets in their chart say otherwise.   They are pretty self-contained and put a lot of focus and energy into their career.  This may even take some of the fun out of life if they get too serious.  Capricorns have great discipline and purpose.

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A Capricorn has the ability to plan ahead in detail.  The mental outlook is cool and calculating.  Once he/she fully learns and understands something, it will never be forgotten.  They are worriers and of all the signs, most prone to depression.   Sometimes a Capricorn feels alone or lonely, either due to a bit of shyness or because too much time is spent on business and social life takes a back seat.  Too much time alone can lead to sadness or depression and it’s important  to get out with people and find something fun to do.

animations of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

Capricorn careers include:   Government officials, politicians, osteopaths, scientists, teachers, engineers, farmers, mineralogists, musicians, builders, architects, surveyors, dentists, sales, or any kind of administration.   Security is very important with a regular paycheck.  Capricorn will make steady progress and eventually the sky is the limit!  There is often musical ability, especially if there are some Taurus or Libra planets in the chart.  There are a few Capricorn types that are just not interested in management and prefer to find a career that is secure and not too demanding.  They are creatures of habit and find happiness in permanence and stability.

animations of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

Reading, listening to music and rock-climbing are all interesting recreational pursuits for Capricorns.

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn

They are one of the signs adaptable to living in two distinct extremes of climate, enjoying the benefit of contrasts.  Where they live in their youth is rarely the same as where they live later in life.

Flower is carnation of darker colors.

Saturday is their best day of the week

Lead is their favorable metal

Onyx, jet, moonstone, diamond are all their favorable precious stones

Gray, black, indigo, sage green, and any darker somber tones of color are favorites

Musical keynote they vibrate to is “F”

The planetary number of Saturn, their ruler, is 7, thus their favorable number.

Vulnerable body areas:  bones, especially knees and joint ligaments, skin problems. Periods of melancholy can upset the nervous system.  Rheumatism and arthritis are problems after middle age.

Necessary herbs:   caraway, chickweed, clove, dill, fennel, garlic, hops, mint, rosemary, rye, sarsparilla, sassafras, wintergreen.

Favorable trees and plants:  Cypress, beech pine, yew, hemlock, apple, banana, dates, papaya, quince, citrus fruits.

animated gif of Zodiac signs - Capricorn