animated gifs of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

if you want a reliable, determined, ambitious, careful, patient, persevering person, find a Capricorn!

These are the folks who climb the corporate ladder, always looking for the next promotion.  They are excellent workers and great in business.  They also know how to climb the social ladder!   Capricorns have a good sense of humor; their dry wit can be extremely funny and sometimes their smile looks like a smile in reverse, with the corners of the mouth turning down.   A Capricorn can deal with a lot of difficulty and handle it patiently.  They tend to be somewhat conventional in nature, unless other planets in their chart say otherwise.   They are pretty self-contained and put a lot of focus and energy into their career.  This may even take some of the fun out of life if they get too serious.  Capricorns have great discipline and purpose.

glitters of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

A Capricorn has the ability to plan ahead in detail.  The mental outlook is cool and calculating.  Once he/she fully learns and understands something, it will never be forgotten.  They are worriers and of all the signs, most prone to depression.   Sometimes a Capricorn feels alone or lonely, either due to a bit of shyness or because too much time is spent on business and social life takes a back seat.  Too much time alone can lead to sadness or depression and it’s important  to get out with people and find something fun to do.

animations of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

Capricorn careers include:   Government officials, politicians, osteopaths, scientists, teachers, engineers, farmers, mineralogists, musicians, builders, architects, surveyors, dentists, sales, or any kind of administration.   Security is very important with a regular paycheck.  Capricorn will make steady progress and eventually the sky is the limit!  There is often musical ability, especially if there are some Taurus or Libra planets in the chart.  There are a few Capricorn types that are just not interested in management and prefer to find a career that is secure and not too demanding.  They are creatures of habit and find happiness in permanence and stability.

animations of Zodiac signs - Capricorn

Reading, listening to music and rock-climbing are all interesting recreational pursuits for Capricorns.

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn

They are one of the signs adaptable to living in two distinct extremes of climate, enjoying the benefit of contrasts.  Where they live in their youth is rarely the same as where they live later in life.

Flower is carnation of darker colors.

Saturday is their best day of the week

Lead is their favorable metal

Onyx, jet, moonstone, diamond are all their favorable precious stones

Gray, black, indigo, sage green, and any darker somber tones of color are favorites

Musical keynote they vibrate to is “F”

The planetary number of Saturn, their ruler, is 7, thus their favorable number.

Vulnerable body areas:  bones, especially knees and joint ligaments, skin problems. Periods of melancholy can upset the nervous system.  Rheumatism and arthritis are problems after middle age.

Necessary herbs:   caraway, chickweed, clove, dill, fennel, garlic, hops, mint, rosemary, rye, sarsparilla, sassafras, wintergreen.

Favorable trees and plants:  Cypress, beech pine, yew, hemlock, apple, banana, dates, papaya, quince, citrus fruits.

animated gif of Zodiac signs - Capricorn