If I Should Ever Miss The Snow


Snow is gently falling on my blog, but there is no snow falling here in Phoenix Arizona!  I remember growing up in Northern New Jersey and all the snowfalls and ice storms that would close the schools.  We loved those days and would be outside sledding and making snowmen and just enjoying the day off from school.  But that changed once I was older and had to drive to work on snowy, icy roads.  If the snow would begin falling in the morning, I would watch it through the windows and worry all day about getting home later and how long it would take with all the traffic.

The final straw was the time I drove home from an event during the early afternoon in a snow storm.  The highway was very slippery and I went into a skid, then a spin, and then crossed the road several times hitting the guard rails on each side of the road.  When I finally came to a stop, I was amazed that I didn’t hit another car!  I continued driving with my knees shaking, heading uphill to my home.  As I turned onto the street right before mine, my wheels were spinning and would not make it up the incline. I had to back down and try several times hitting the accelerator and then making a swing left onto my street finally and into my driveway.  I was shaking all over, in disbelief that I was safely home.  My car was pretty dented from hitting those guardrails but I was not dented at all.  I truly believe my angels protected me that day!

I resolved that day to move to a warmer climate and be done with driving in snow forever.  The following summer I was able to take a trip to Arizona to visit my brother.  I spent a week here and fell in love with it, even in the heat!  The mountains totally surround the Phoenix valley and I had a feeling of protection. I made the decision that I must move here and went back home knowing that I would live here somehow.  

The following year after being divorced for several years, I happened to meet a gentleman at a dance who had gone to Arizona State University and now lived in New Jersey, but always had the desire to go back to the Phoenix area to live. As fate would have it, two years later we were married.  We bought a motor home and moved cross country together.  Our combined five kids visit us and we visit them and our grandchildren in New Jersey and Pennsylvania every year.  One of them drove our car west and moved to San Diego for a few years. He then moved to beautiful Sedona where he has lived happily now for over 20 years. He was happy to leave the cold weather behind too!

We have now lived in Arizona 31 years and the only time we see snow anymore is on television or on Christmas cards and here on my Blog page!  I had my fill of it and can go north to Flagstaff anytime if I should want to see it.

Merry Christmas!                  christmas-love-in-action-pic

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!



Special place lagoon and waterfall nearby

I posted this with different photos 3 years ago and it got a lot of views.  I decided to repost it today!

We are living in wonderland, but we rarely notice it. The easiest way.to spiritually awaken is to look at the world around us with new eyes… to see things as if for the first time and the last time!

Usually we become so entangled in the story we tell ourselves about life that we don’t notice the deep mystery of existence. We live as if we know what is going on, when actually life is an enormous enigma. For spiritual awakening we need to step into the mystery. A simple way to do this is to focus on the present moment.  When we do, our state of consciousness spontaneously changes because we come out of the story and into the mystery. The story exists in time, so when we bring our attention into the present moment there is no story about the past and the future. This can be a great relief. In the here and now, we don’t understand life with words; we experience the mystery of the moment.

Spiritual awakening is intensely pleasurable, because we truly appreciate all we see and hear and touch in this world of wonders. When we are superficially awake, we feel the enjoyment available to us only partially. When we are deeply awake; however, we find ourselves really savoring the pleasures of life. The body wakes up to how sweet it is to be alive.

Appreciate colors and sounds and feelings. They become rich and vibrant. The world starts to sparkle. There is an experience of profound gratitude that arises when we  see how glorious life really is!


This was written by a Philosopher and Author by the name of Tim Freke

I thought it worthy of sharing!


the train
Someone sent this to me and I had to pass it on:
At birth we boarded the train and met our parents, and we believe they will always travel on our side. However, at some station our parents will step down from the train, leaving us on this journey alone. As time goes by, other people will board the train, and they will be significant like our siblings, friends, children, and even the love of your life. Many will step down and leave a permanent vacuum. Others will go so unnoticed that we don’t realize they vacated their seats.
This train ride will be full of joy, sorrow, fantasy, expectations, hellos, goodbyes, and farewells. Success consists of having a good relationship with all passengers requiring that we give the best of ourselves.
The mystery to everyone is: We do not know at which station we ourselves will step down. So, we must live in the best way, love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are. It is important to do this because when the time comes for us to step down and leave our seat empty we should leave behind beautiful memories for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.
I wish you a joyful journey on the train of life. Reap success and give lots of love.
More importantly, thank God for the journey.


twin men

One of my favorite books is  “Astrology The Space Age Science”   authored by Joseph Goodavage.   In this book he writes about “Time Twins”.   These are babies who are born on the same date, the same year, the same time and in the same location to different mothers.  Their birth charts are identical if they were born at the same moment or almost identical, if born just a few minutes apart.   Of course they have free will to use the same planetary energy as they choose and depending on their environment, there will be some differences in how they respond.

Joseph Goodavage did some research before publishing his book and the following are true stories from his book.  In the early 1960’s, two unrelated women met for the first time in a hospital room in Hackensack, New Jersey.  It turned out that the women were born in towns very nearby on the same date and year.  Both of their first names were Edna.  Each was giving birth to her first child.  The babies were born at the same hour, weighed the same and were both given the name Patricia Edna.  The women’s husbands also had the same first name which was Harold.  Each man was in the same business and owned the same car, model and color.  Each couple had been married for three and a half years, having been married on the same day.  Also, both husbands were born on the same day, month and year.  Both women were blue eyed brunettes, were the same weight and height and wore the same size clothes.

But, there’s more……………..each woman had the same number of brothers and sisters.  Their husbands were the same religion, different from the wives, who were the same religion.  Each family owned a dog of the same mixed breed, size and age and had named their dogs Spot.

twins in incubators

Another strange case received attention when two poultry trucks of the same model collided in Miami in June of 1961.  Showing their I.D. the drivers discovered that they were identical twins separated from birth.  They were both in the poultry business, their wives had the same name, they had the same number of children, of the same sex and ages.

These facts are not just coincidences……..people paired like those above are moving along their life path, propelled by some external force, acting equally on each person.  Science has found direct links between celestial movements and behavior.  Electromagnetic fields within the human body have been discovered which fluctuate in tune with changes in the earth’s field.  The nervous systems of all creatures on earth are operated by tiny electronic pulses which can be affected by electromagnetic radiations from distant stars in the heavens.

celestial pictureBy looking at the date of birth, we can get a feel for events that are most likely to occur or be experienced in a person’s lifetime.  Professional Astrologers do not predict the future, but they consider all the forces at work in the birth chart, both harmonious and conflicting, and then give an educated guess about the outcome.  Influences can be seen by calculating the current transiting planets.

Celestial influence is not really mystical or mysterious.  With diligent study, anyone can learn to see the character, personality, talents and abilities in a birth chart, as long as the birth information is known.         horoscope wheel   I will be writing another blog with more true stories from this same book.  I find this information to be totally fascinating.  If anybody knows two people that were born on the same day, approximate time and location, let’s take a look at their lives and see if they are having similar experiences.

twin toddlers


My husband and I took a cross country road trip in early September and spent five weeks enjoying the country and our visit with  family in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.                                                10682674_10203078567034232_1131426557_o

As an Astrologer, I wanted to start this trip on an auspicious day for it to be as pleasurable as possible.  The moon was in the travel sign of Sagittarius and we needed to begin the trip before the moon went v/c (void-of-course) so we got on the road with less than ten minutes to spare.  v/c is the short period that occurs once a month between the moon making its last aspect to a planet before changing its sign and going into the next sign.  It is said that anything begun on a v/c period amounts to nothing, or the path is plagued with false starts and unexpected hassles!   No thanks!   On the return trip, we had to leave under a Mercury Retrograde, which I would have preferred to avoid.  But with the luxury to travel leisurely and not have to worry about time schedules, we actually had no problem.  It didn’t affect our communications with each other in the car and we had no important communications to tend to.  Air travel would be a whole different issue under a Mercury retrograde.  We also remembered to cover our car and ourselves with protective spiritual white light each day and I filled the car with travel angels.

Leaving Phoenix we drove through Sedona Arizona where we met with our son for lunch.  He is lucky enough to live in that scenic wonderland.  We drove through Flagstaff and then to Gallup, New Mexico where we stayed overnight.  On day two we drove  through Albuquerque New Mexico and headed to Santa Fe where we had dinner and  then spent the night in Las Vegas, New Mexico.  Yep, there are two towns called Las Vegas in two different states, who knew???


We drove through the cute town of Trinidad Colorado on our way to Colorado Springs, where we saw the beautiful red rocks in the Garden of the Gods one day and the Air Force Academy, with its spectacular all-faith chapel the next day.  That must be on the list of the most beautiful places to worship.  We spent an afternoon in Old Colorado City and bought candy there at the original Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.



We made a stop in Limon Colorado the next day and were very impressed with the huge wind farms along the way, which stretch as far as the eye can see.  Then we headed to Hayes, Kansas, where we stopped to see the bison and spent the night.

Next stop was Abilene Kansas to see President Dwight Eisenhower’s home and Meditation Chapel.  Then on to Salina Kansas for lunch, followed by Independence, Missouri where we spent the next night.  In the morning, we headed toward Hannibal Missouri to see Mark Twain’s town and boyhood home.  We enjoyed walking down to the Mississippi River and seeing the huge paddle wheelers.


A very special stop was Springfield Illinois and the Lincoln Museum, as well as the home where Abe and Mary Todd Lincoln raised their three sons.  If you have never seen this Museum, you will be impressed!  You can go through the furnished log cabin where he grew up and also the White House where each room depicts a scene from Lincoln’s Presidency and includes several short movies.   In Decatur we passed really nice large land farms, then on to Champagne to spend another night.


We drove to St. Clairesville Ohio where we met up with a friend for an excellent buffet dinner.  We enjoyed our stay with him in Washington, PA.  We arrived in Gouldsboro, PA beginning our family visit.  From there we spent time with family members in Stroudsburg and Effort, PA;  Andover, Sparta, Towaco and Newton, NJ   We enjoyed an afternoon in New Hope, PA and another visit to Pittston, PA.   The time spent with our children, grandchildren and other relatives was priceless!!

It was time to hit the road again and the return trip took us seven days.  First stop was Harrisburgh, PA, then Strasburg, and Harrisonburg Virginia.  We enjoyed several good meals on the road at dependable Cracker Barrel.  I need to check out Roanoke, Virginia; the town that once disappeared!   A stop in Staunton and then Bristol, Virginia at the border of Tennessee.  We picked up Rt. 40 in East Tennessee, stayed in Dandridge  and drove to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge to enjoy the sights.  We drove through Nashville’s Music District and spent the night in Memphis.  No time for Elvis Presley Boulevard, but I had seen Graceland before.  Another night was spent in Conway Arkansas, with stops in Van Buren and Fort Smith Arkansas and then on to Little Rock and a visit to the Bill Clinton Museum, another must see!!  They have a full replica of the Oval Office with Bill Clinton’s desk and personal effects and also the full Cabinet Room.  There are records of his schedule for each day he was in office, it is amazing!



Amarillo Texas was our next stop, then a stay in Yukon Oklahoma on Garth Brooks Drive.  Next was Tucumcari New Mexico, where we stayed overnight at the Historic Rt. 66 Motel.   Dinner and overnight in Gallup New Mexico, eating at Virgie’s Mexican Restaurant was unforgettable.  The place has been there 50 years and is a 5 star restaurant.  Entering Holbrook Arizona, we decided to make our last stop at the Petrified National Forest and Painted Desert.  The views there are unbelievable!


After driving more than 6000 miles, we arrived home safely in Phoenix with memories to last a lifetime!  We have many side stories that just cannot be told here.   There are so many pictures and videos of our trip that I will be posting another blog of just photos!!

Taking a Vacation by Zodiac Signs

zodiac pictures all 12Aries brings Mars energy on vacation with them, even though a calm, quiet place would be good for them. Vacation doesn’t give them a rest because they pack in so much excitement.   A peaceful vacation does not have to be dull; it could give them a chance to discover a different way of life, explore those back roads and find something new and different. .

Taurus loves tropical islands and cruises can be very relaxing as well. Let someone else serve the meals and activities. They like to sit around and recharge.  They can bring the family along, but should try to have some time alone without kids. Please pass up the temptation to vacation with business friends.  It’s best not to go back to the same place year after year but try someplace new.

Gemini dreams about vacations, imagining the “perfect” trip.   Gemini often makes plans and then changes them. Mercury tends to make them changeable. They love tours, but it may be better to plan a little longer stay.  They read everything and  love chatting with just about everyone. Try a motorscooter or rent a bicycle to satisfy both of the twins.

Cancerians love to travel, but sometimes they enjoy just taking time off to be at home, perhaps taking short trips and returning to sleep in their own comfortable beds.  They can take half the day just getting out the door and wonder why they can’t see as much as they’d hoped.   It’s best to plan a starting time, where to eat or pack a lunch and then go with the flow and enjoy whatever comes up. Try to visit a place near water or with a romantic background. A cruise is just about perfect!

Leo is a child of the Sun and enjoys warmth, bright lights and sparkling people.  They need to save enough to  live like a King or a Queen.  They prefer one week at an expensive hotel over several less expensive weeks.   They enjoy seeing celebrities and lots of night life as well as the beach.  They always pack more clothes than they actually wear.

Virgo often waits too long for the time or money to take a real vacation. But when they do go,  they might plan a trip that would surprise everyone.  A seldom seen extroverted side creeps in.  It can keep them going for several years because they feel they were making up for lost time.   They usually plan day trips, but when these types of opportunities arrive, they could go to the most unexpected places!

Libra is another sign that changes their mind or cancels their plans either because of circumstances or just because of a change of mind at the last minute.  They like to see the romantic spots in the world and then they become easily influenced by others who rave about somewhere they have been and Libra wants to go there. They need to find a place where they can be waited on to truly enjoy themselves.  They don’t want to put up with any discomforts on vacation. Venus makes them want luxury so they should plan for only the best.

Scorpio usually likes to plan dramatic vacations. Vacations should provide beneficial changes to their usual routine.  They enjoy traveling to foreign countries or seeing music festivals and theater. Music and drama are a great relief for their changing moods. They do love to live dangerously but should try not to return home tired and worn out.

Sagittarius loves action-packed vacations, sporting events included.  They love the mountains and rugged nature.  They need challenges and physical activity on vacation.  They need to try not to be impatient with family members who are less active or try taking a separate trip on occasion.   If  they can’t get away for a week or two, they can just take a long weekend now and then.   They are so outgoing,  they easily meet people.

Capricorns look longingly towards yearly vacations as an escape, but must leave their business affairs at home.   They really need a relaxing vacation more than anybody.  Something seems to hold them back from full, zesty enjoyment of life; and it’s the Saturn influence on their sign. We all need and deserve a break from our work and our routines; for Capricorn,  it’s money well-spent.

Aquarians are the most spontaneous travelers of the zodiac. With their humanitarian instincts, they are quite likely to find themselves visiting a sick friend or looking after a family member and grateful to stay a few extra days as a vacation.  They often need to forgo original plans because of the unexpected forces of Uranus, their ruler.  As they get older, they end to spend more time vacationing at home. They enjoy great discussions with the new people they meet while traveling.

Pisceans like to plan nice, romantic vacations near water.   They know how to enjoy themselves no matter where they go and always manage to find pleasant companions.  They enjoy seeing entirely new places, but they must be spacious.   Some Pisceans enjoy solitude, with less people and lots of time for contemplation. They would vacation often if money permitted and the wonderful mood created, often continues upon their return.

zodiac cartoons


moon phases 1The Moon has four phases: new, waxing, full and waning.  Then add the moon’s position through the zodiac signs. It takes about 28 days for the moon to orbit around the earth. The new moon is when the moon passes directly between the sun and the earth and it is totally dark. During the day it is very close to the sun. On your calendar it shows as a black disc. This is a good time to fast for the day since it is the highest capacity of the body for detoxification. This can help the body avoid sickness. The side of the moon facing the sun appears a few hours after the new moon and this begins the waxing moon period. Within 2 weeks the moon passes through first and second quarters. For these two weeks, build up and strengthen your body because it will be extremely effective at this time. Full moon appears when the moon is half-way toward its journey around the earth. The calendar shows it as a white disc. At full moon, expect more profuse bleeding (one reason why surgery is not recommended at full moon, the day before or day after). Childbirth labor seems to frequently begin at this time. Third and fourth quarter moons begin the two week period of waning moon. Surgery seems to be more successful during waning moon and even if you eat more than usual, it seems you don’t put weight on as quickly as during waxing moon.

oreo demo moon phasesTwo to three days are spent in each of the zodiac signs during the moon’s 28 day orbit and this exerts specific influences on different areas of the body.  There is a basic principle called ‘the art of good timing’ and it is a little mysterious in the way it works, but the moment of coming into contact is the decisive moment. An action pursued with your hands or your thoughts, either positive or negative will always be visible eventually in the material world. Forces are exerted by the phases of the moon and by the position of the moon in the zodiac at specific moments in time.

moon on your birthIf you have the option to schedule surgery, just look for a waning moon and avoid the zodiac sign that governs that particular part of the body. Following is a guide for your use:

ARIES  rules head, eyes, nose, brain, sense organs
TAURUS rules throat, neck, ears, tonsils, blood circulation
GEMINI rules shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, glandular system
CANCER rules chest area, stomach, nervous system
LEO rules heart, back, arteries, sense organs
VIRGO rules digestive organs, nerves, blood circulation
LIBRA rules hips, kidneys, bladder, glandular system
SCORPIO rules sexual and reproductive organs, nose, nervous system
SAGITTARIUS rules thighs, hips, veins, sense organs
CAPRICORN rules knees, bones, joints, skin, blood circulation
AQUARIUS rules lower legs, calves, top of feet, veins, glandular system
PISCES rules feet, toes, nervous system

moon ocean waningThe waning moon detoxifies, washes out, sweats out, breathes out, dries, consolidates, pushes to action and to expending energy. The closer to new moon, the more effective the energy.   Healing is quicker, scarring is seen less often, wounds have less bleeding.

At the new moon, start new projects, release bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol and see the strong withdrawal symptoms kept within bounds physically and mentally. Have your new beginning on a new moon day for your best success.

The waxing moon supplies, plans, absorbs, builds up, breathes in, stores energy, gathers strength, prompts to rest and recovery.  Water retention is more common and diuretics even have  difficulty working. Wasp stings, food poisoning, etc. have a stronger effect on the body.

right hand waxing moonFull moon is the time to fast because the body absorbs substances so well, including chemical additives. Water accumulates in tissues and there is swelling; and connective tissue becomes weak. Healing takes longer and inoculations should not be planned at this time, or three days before or after.   Postpone strenuous work until the moon is waning if possible. If we could all harmonize our daily activities with the rhythms of the moon, our minds and bodies would feel a lot better. It takes a long time to feel the effects of ignoring natural rhythms in life and living in tune with these rhythms will also be slow to show positive effects. The Farmers Almanac is all about timing of activities by the moon.

Pay more attention to the moon phases, experimenting and observing for yourself. You’ll wonder how you managed so long without the knowledge and why you never noticed before. There is much more to be said about living in harmony with nature.

superstitions                                                                The Superstition Mountains – Arizona


I like what Derek and Julia Parker have to say in one of my favorite books,  The Compleat Astrologer.

astrology_astronomy_medicine picture

Astrology has always served to enlarge our understanding.  Changes have been made in recent years that promise to have a major effect on the progress of astrology; the new directions it can be expected to take, and the attitudes people are likely to adopt towards it.

These changes are mysterious and illuminating. Progressive astrologers, attempting to relate astrology to a science-oriented society are working with hardheaded scientists.  Looking at other points of view, common ground has been discovered in the field of biological rhythms and cycles, enough to show that astrologers and scientists are becoming very compatible.

The age of Aquarius holds a new fascination for the younger generation in search of meaning, although astrology is for people of all ages and generations. It knows no cultural or age differences.  Astrological truths are for all of us and hold us all together as a human family.

planets pretty

But is astrology true?  You must discover this for yourself.  No one can be persuaded simply by being told about it.  You have to choose to learn more about it.  To understand the influence of the heavenly bodies on mankind, we must understand the science behind astrology and the techniques of its art.  Astrologers honor and respect the truths of past masters.  We want to cast a deeper, clearer light on human life.

A star was the ancient Sumerian symbol for divinity. The stars provided a very impressive background to the interaction of other celestial bodies. Today we are naturally aware that the sun and moon exert a strong physical influence on our lives.  Back then, the Sun kept people warm and faded in the winter; day alternated with night, the sea rose and fell with the tides. These were mysterious processes of growth and decay, and the ebb and flow of the natural order helped provide a physical explanation of the universe.
From the viewpoint of earth, the stars turn around us in the pattern that is virtually unchanging from one year to the next.   The shifts that constantly occur were so slight that they were hardly noticed by the earliest observers.  The seven major bodies were noticed because of their rapid movement against the starry background of sky.  Early observers noticed the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.  In  Babylonian times there are stories written about  the planets, sun and moon representing gods with the power to direct or intervene in life, each one being allocated power over an area of human experience.

 from Mars seeing Earth and Jupitr   The view from Mars of Earth and Jupiter

For example, Mercury was seen as a quick, cunning and wise god. Mars was the ruler of violence and war; Jupiter was a benevolent king-like ruler of men; Saturn was seen as a distant cooling sun in exile; quick-tempered and cruel.  Gradually, as these associations gained in authority, they were joined together to form the basis of astrological lore.

To add a little humor, today I saw this written:  God made the planet Saturn and he liked it, so he put a ring on it!!! saturn rings