More Moon Sign degrees

The two Blogs I wrote last year about meanings of Moon Sign degrees has attracted many viewers. Each post listed randomly selected degrees of each of the 12 zodiac signs. Lets list some more and lets see if your degree number shows up.

moon on your birth

On your Natal Horoscope Wheel look for the little symbol of a half moon. Look at the number next to it with the little degree circle symbol. Thats how many degrees the moon had reached the day and moment you were born.

ARIES 8 degrees – A tendency to be more indecisive than the rest of the Aries moons.
TAURUS 10 degrees – An ingenious and flexible mind, needing encouragement in youth.
GEMINI 17 degrees – Has plenty of ESP – extra sensory perception.
CANCER 5 degrees – An overly trusting nature, so often is easily hurt emotionally.
LEO 7 degrees – Born to greatness and believes it, so works within that knowing.
VIRGO 3 degrees – They try, try and try again until they finally do succeed.
LIBRA 11 degrees – Often found with adopted children where dad is unknown or person has divorced parents and the dad does not participate in raising the child.
SCORPIO 9 degrees – an orphaned child or has unusual guardians who take the child out of control of the parents at an early age.
SAGITTARIUS 6 degrees – An inventive mind and a very resourceful person.
CAPRICORN 10 degrees – Great interest in metaphysics and often uses it in their work.
AQUARIUS 13 degrees – Has tremendous instincts for self-preservation and survival.
PISCES 15 degrees – They seem to find themselves living outside of cities in more secluded areas or even moving to foreign countries in remote areas.

celestial picture
My information has been taken from the book “Moon Signs” by Sybil Leek, who tells us that the moon is the most important barometer of our emotions. She asserts that celestial equal rights for the moon are long overdue!

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