A Good Home Business for You

Find enjoyable and successful work by your Sign!  As always please incorporate your Sun Sign and Rising Sign.  If you have your chart wheel, look at your 10th house ruler too (the area of career) and the planets placed there!

Aries especially love professional independence and they are very active by nature.  They are the pioneers and risk-takers.  They will like teaching aerobics or fitness classes in their home.  They can lead hikes or teach mountain climbing or parachuting.  They will teach you to play tennis or racquetball or even how to ride a motorcycle safely.  They could run an auto repair business from home.  They could do air conditioning and heater installations or maybe do custom carpentry for others.


Taurus is usually great in business and has an aptitude for numbers and could therefore do accounting for others.  With their natural green thumb, they could grow fruit trees and vegetables and sell them.  They often have musical ability and could give music or voice lessons along with playing music at clubs and weddings.   They could help you with your finances and balance your checkbook.

Egypt Famer Woman

Gemini has abundant energy which is helpful for starting a business and they are great at communicating.  They could run an answering service, tutor students in languages, or do freelance writing for magazines, deliver groceries or offer  chauffeur services.  They could sell anything from magazines to clothing to cosmetics.PC Exploding

Cancerians love being in their cozy homes so a home business would really appeal to them.  They could turn a favorite family recipe into a business selling their special cookies, sauces, or other specialties for a profit.  They can do ancestry, checking for others or restore antiques, or provide care-taking services for children or the elderly, Perhaps they would love teaching swimming or sailing and even raising and selling tropical fish.


Leo loves being in charge and will really like being their own boss.  They could start a theater group, teach acting, or be a freelance entertainer at parties or corporate events. They might plan and cater parties for others, have a costume rental service or sell special hats or clothing.  They could sell original paintings and art work for others, create and sell jewelry or take portraits and set up displays.  Or they could run a small hair salon and also apply makeup for special events.party words

Virgo loves neatness and organization, so a house cleaning and organizing business would suit them,   Perhaps a window washing service or carpet cleaning business of their own would work well. Doing typing for others in a home secretarial business could be very profitable.  They are usually very knowledgeable about nutrition and could sell vitamins and health products. They could take surveys and compile statistics or do some technical writing.

virgo cute

Libra could do modeling or run a talent agency.  They are great at interior decorating or providing staging services for home sellers.  They can do wedding consulting. sell floral arrangements or other artistic creations.  Selling clothing, jewelry and hair accessories will be enjoyable and profitable.  They could design greeting cards, add their own artwork and sell them.  Hair Salon services and makeup artistry could work well. Any business involving color or design or beauty fits them.


Scorpio will like a business where they can do some detective work, have a locksmith service, or be a bail bondsman.  They could do psychic readings or be in their own Hypnotherapy service.  They could do stage magic or entertain as magicians at kids parties.  They have a flair for research work, computer troubleshooting or could do some investigative journalism.  They might do some work as a historian for organizations.

card reader me 2

Sagittarians could run pet sitting services or give dog training and obedience classes. They could also train birds or breed them as well as fish, kittens and puppies.  They could teach horseback riding, arrange hiking trips, fishing, river rafting or other adventure outings.  They could write and sell stories about animals and wildlife for publications.  They could be  safari guides.  They are very honest and very trusted and would be able to sell any products easily.


Capricorns are real entrepreneurs.  They have a knack for building a business on a solid foundation and then expanding it in different directions.  They could prepare income tax returns, sell coins or stamps, polish and cut semi-precious gems or work with leather goods.  They could try pottery making, sculpture and stained glass and sell them.  They know that hard work is sure to bring rewards eventually.


Aquarians are the inventors and have lots of great money-making ideas.  They are good at working on computers and electronics and can do this for others. Many of them become professional Astrologers, being drawn to the psychology  and counseling side of it.  They enjoy Astronomy and could lead astronomy groups to learn about the heavens.  They could start a dating service or do welcoming services for newcomers.

Jupiter solar system

Pisces would enjoy shopping for shut-ins,  caring for handicapped or special needs kids.    They could take in foster children and even foster animals.  Perhaps giving dancing lessons, selling footware, designing dance shoes or even special costumes. They would be  good Massage Therapists or Reflexologists.  They might create dolls, toys and games as well as anything connected to the sea and sell those.  They are excellent photographers and could also sell their pictures.

by the sea gorgeous

Start doing something toward getting into your own business, instead of just talking about it.  Put your mind and energy to work, research, prepare and when you are ready, seek investment capital or a small business loan or maybe even someone you know will want to invest in you!  Nothing ventured nothing gained!















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