Stats for 2016

I just checked my Blog Stats page for 2016 to date – May 24th.  This is a look at where my readers come from.   Last year was just as varied!

It is always so surprising to see this readership:  You may find it to be very interesting too!

United States 491
Brazil 79
India 43
United Kingdom 33
Canada 30
Germany 13
South Africa 13
Australia 9
France 9
Italy 8
Singapore 7
Russia 5
Ireland 5
Norway 4
European Union 4
Saudi Arabia 4
Portugal 4
Philippines 4
Tanzania 3
Switzerland 3
Algeria 3
Poland 3
South Korea 3
Spain 3
Indonesia 3
Bangladesh 2
Zimbabwe 2
Thailand 2
New Zealand 2
Slovenia 2
Malaysia 2
Bulgaria 2
Ukraine 2
Luxembourg 1
Croatia 1
Guyana 1
Pakistan 1
Bolivia 1
Ecuador 1
Turkey 1
Bosnia & Herzegovina 1
Caribbean Netherlands 1
Angola 1
Belgium 1
Chile 1
Sweden 1
Mongolia 1
Denmark 1
Japan 1
Bahrain 1
Montenegro 1
Egypt 1
Romania 1
Nigeria 1
Cambodia 1
Myanmar (Burma) 1
Honduras 1

8 thoughts on “Stats for 2016

  1. It’s good to hear from you, as Larry has described progress with your board game to me, he’s told me of sharing the Merkaba details with you and Tom. Smiling.

    Top three?!! US, Brazil and India! That is fascinating to see 79 and 43 respectively!! The US and Canada an Australia are somewhat culturally similar, perhaps I might expect… but Germany, South Africa, Asia… South America and India… incredibly diverse and widespread!!!

    What an exciting reach you have developed to all corners of the globe! I wonder, how does someone in Bulgaria… or Croatia… happen across your pages? Word of mouth, Google Search…

    Yes.. very interesting… thanks for sending to me!! -B


    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Bart,
      It boggles my mind when I see the many readers from all these countries!!
      I think a lot are from search engines and I think Astrology is enjoyed by every culture.
      We hope you and Larry will make good progress with the Mercaba this summer. We will look forward to maybe seeing you if you get out to AZ this summer.


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