Sunsign Astrological Health Trivia

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You could be healthier if you understood more about your astrological health.  Here is a little  information about each zodiac sign:

  • Aries may push themselves into a breakdown.  They put off going to doctors and dentists until their problems become serious.  Their haste can lead to burns or cuts.
  • Taurus folks make the best patients once they finally accept the necessity for medical treatment.  They are very patient while they heal.  Protect against Bronchitis.
  • Geminis often have dry, delicate skin and are very susceptible to allergies.  They really hate being sick and having to slow down.  They are susceptible to Pneumonia..
  • Cancerians catch everything as children, but their health improves later in life.  They have lots of tummy problems.  They love water and swimming is a healthy exercise.
  • Leos have great natural energy but can over-exert.  They are courageous, almost to the point of being reckless, which can lead to accidents.
  • Virgos suffer a lot of intestinal problems, generally due to nervous upsets.  Most learn to eat more simply to feel better.  They often medically self-diagnose.
  • Libras are often the first to pick up passing illnesses.  They also seem to have the most backaches.  They really need to build up their immune systems.
  • Scorpios do everything to excess.  They dislike doctors and many believe they can make themselves well by the power of their minds, and sometimes they can!
  • Sagittarians have the best resistance to germs and disease.  They seem to be the last to catch whatever bugs are going around, but they can be accident-prone.
  • Capricorns grow up to be very strong and they get regular check-ups.  Their biggest problem is getting depressed, which depletes their energy.
  • Aquarians have longevity on their side.  heir health is usually pretty good.  For the most part, they exercise, take their vitamins and follow doctor’s orders.
  • Pisces often appear delicate, but they actually can withstand excesses pretty well.  Moderation in all things will give them better than average health.

Astrologers can actually see health vulnerability in your birth chart.  We can even suggest foods to eat for your body type, herbs that can benefit you and even mineral or cell salts you can take to make your body more resistant to health problems.  We do not diagnose, that is best left to the medical profession, we only suggest these natural pathways to health.  We also believe that attitude goes a long way toward keeping every sign health and happy!

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