I noticed that I got more views of this Blog than most of the others and since it’s two years old, I thought I would repost it!


Most people know their sun sign and a little bit about what it means, but it’s equally important to know your Rising Sign; also referred to as the Ascendant. This is the sign rising over the earth’s horizon at the moment of your birth. The sun sign identifies your inner nature, characteristics and qualities. The Ascendant identifies the mask or personality that you use out in the world and your physical body type.  Others see this side of you first and after getting to know you a little better become aware of your sun sign qualities. Some people have the same sign rising as their sun sign. They are easy to know and understand. When these two signs are harmonious, you are comfortable with who you are, however, when they are not, you must learn to integrate them and understand these two different sides to your character. Once you accomplish…

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