Dads are special people in our lives because they love us unconditionally. Our dads  strive to fulfill all the wishes and desires of their children. Father’s Day provides us with a chance to thank and appreciate our dads for everything they have done and will continue to do so until their last breath. As such, you should not let this opportunity slip away.  Father’s Day is a wonderful occasion to make your dad feel special and show him that he deserves the best in life.

Remembering my own dad today and enjoying this picture from my wedding day in 1964.  By January, 1965 my dad had passed away.  We never know when it will be our last opportunity to say I love you!

my first wedding pinning corsage on dad


4 thoughts on “FATHERS DAY

  1. Peggy, this was a lovely tribute to your dad. I am sorry he passed away so early in your life. I never knew my dad and it has always left a hole in my heart. However, my husband’s dad was an amazing man whom I loved every much as a “real” dad. He passed away four years ago but will always reside in my heart. BTW, you were a beautiful bride!

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  2. Great picture of you, Peg, and love seeing you as a beautiful young woman with such gorgeous black hair! Your comments about Dads and Father’s Day are so true. We never know when saying I love you is our last opportunity. Thank you for sharing!


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