Born into a Wealthy Family

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Recently on an Astrology Discussion Board, someone asked the question, “Why was Jennifer Gates’ (Bill and Melinda Gates daughter born into such wealth; can this be seen by looking at her birth chart?   I decided to look up her birth information and see what was in her chart.  Bill Gates is reputed to be the wealthiest man in the world.  His daughter Jennifer’s birth information was listed in a book called “The Secret Birth of A Microsoft Heiress” by James Wallace.

Jennifer Katherine Gates was born on April 26, 1996 at 6:11 pm in Bellevue, Washington.

I took a quick look at her birth chart and a couple of things stood out to me.  Her Leo Moon  is sextile Venus (she wanted the pretty stuff that money can buy, pleasing her dramatic Moon). Her Gemini Venus is trine her North Node (her karma for this life is to deal with having money) and Venus is also trine her Ascendant (money helps maintain beauty and certainly makes life easier all the way around), Libra is on her Ascendant which is Venus ruled and brings her beauty and charm; her Aries Saturn is trine Pluto, so hard work can bring her the power she wants and Saturn represents Dad who already has power and he paves the way for her; her Capricorn Jupiter squares her North Node which could bring too much of a good thing. This could actually be detrimental to her personal growth unless she uses it wisely.  Mars does have 5 squares, so she will have her challenges, as we all do.

I believe her spirit/soul chose these very wealthy parents to fulfill her learning lessons for this life, which is dealing with excess money and how that shapes a life, and how one handles it or what one does with it.

If anyone has any input, I would love to hear it !


5 thoughts on “Born into a Wealthy Family

  1. Hi Peg: Can you send this to or do I have to change it online? I am using my gmail account to send this to you.

    Amazinggracenow e-mail isn¹t working right now and Troy is coming over to look at it today. I rarely use it anymore as so much spam goes there (it was hacked a couple years ago).

    Don¹t want to miss your blogs! I just posted a comment on this one.

    Love, Sharon

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  2. Hope Gates daughter follows in her parents’ footsteps and examples of having a philanthropic nature, as well as understanding how their enormous generosity makes a huge difference to many lives. I like Warren Buffett’s philosophy…”.a very rich person should leave his kids enough to do anything but not enough to do nothing.”

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  3. Hi Astropeg. Thanks for the post.

    I just ran Jennifer’s chart and got an Ascendent of 15 degrees 23 minutes of Libra.

    Looking at her chart from the perspective of her having been born into wealth, I would note the following….

    *Pluto in the 2nd house of personal wealth and resources. A humdinger on it’s own for wealth.

    *Pluto in tight semi-square to Jupiter.

    *Jupiter in t-square with her nodes – or evolutionary journey……It may be that part of her journey is coming from a place of total dependence on other (South node 7th house) and part of her task/challenge in this life is to grow towards independence (North node 1st house, conjunct Ascendent).

    *Note that Jupiter is conjunct her 4th house cusp, 4th house being of family or *roots* – where the money comes from.

    *Her 11th house moon indicates she may wish to carry on her family’s philanthropic work. It also points to association with a large amount of people, friends, contacts.

    *Her Venus (love and money) in the 9th house is the ruler of her ascendent. Venus in the 9th points to an urge to understand the world through the development of a personal philosophy/belief, travel and study. Venus is also the ruler of her North Node of evolutionary destiny. Venus is connected closely by sesquisquare with Uranus (unusual influence from home and family), and her midheaven by semi-sextile (a personal destiny to influence the world. While these are lesser known aspects, the orbs are really tight and integrate Venus into her chart further.

    There is much much more of course and spending time with her nodal story would be most interesting….


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