About The Moon Sign in Your Chart

moon on your birthThe Moon sign in your chart has everything to do with your emotions.  It’s important to know where yours is located to understand your moods, habits, feelings, romantic inclinations and even your relationship with your mother!

There is much to be said about the Moon in each of the signs and here I will just mention a few facts about each Moon sign.  Also, analyzing the degrees of your Moon sign will give added information about you.   I will randomly select one from each sign as an example.  A lot of my information is from Sybil Leek, an old-time Astrologer who lived from 1917 to 1982 and has over fifty books published.

celestial pictureMoon in Aries people – A lot of energy is wasted on ideas that seem to fall apart and are not followed up by action.  There is lots of charm and enthusiasm.

Taurus Moon – They want love with all the frills and there is lots of attachment to family life.   They like music in their career.  There is  good common sense.

Gemini Moon – Constantly searching for new experiences.  Quick to deal with emergencies because they don’t know the meaning of fear, and they will take chances.

Cancerian Moon – The moon is at home here.  Moods range from high excitement to the depths of depression but neither mood lasts long.  Very shrewd, they can make money easily.

Leo Moon – Very loving and loveable folks.  They enjoy children and see them as a reflection of themselves and find it hard to let them go.   Very responsible in business life.

Virgo Moon – They love being admired for their bodily fitness.  But when obsessed, they can become very irritating insisting others exercise and diet.  Lots of analyzing going on.

Libra Moon – Charming and considerate with very good manners.   They understand other points of view and have pretty good judgment.   Don’t underestimate them.

Scorpio Moon – Phenomenal memories, even recalling childhood days.  They know how to hide their true feelings, but are extremely sensitive.  They have a strong need for secrecy.

Sagittarius Moon – They just know who they are and where they are going.  There can be optimism to the point of carelessness.  They believe they are lucky and they are good friends.

Capricorn Moon – Work and power are all important, little attention is paid to sentiment.   Many achieve world fame.  Men seem to cope with this Moon more effectively than women.

Moon in Aquarius – An outlet is needed for the vivid imagination.  They may seek out unusual relationships and love to study metaphysics and the occult sciences.  A strong need for personal freedom.

Moon in Pisces – Very strong intuition.  They want to do good for as many people as possible. May feel the world is so ill-adjusted that they want to reject it, but guidance teaches that this is part of their karmic experience.


Aries Moon – 1 degree – is usually a very shy person.

Taurus Moon – 14 degrees – Needs encouragement in youth to mix with others, feels inadequate.

Gemini Moon – 24 degrees – Dabbles in art appreciation, but not a producer.  Always lost in admiring the work of others.

Cancer Moon – 6 degrees – Unable to cope with money; either the lack of it or too much of it – money just comes and flows away, usually on trivial things.

Leo Moon – 17 degrees – Circumstances will probably take them away from their native land.

Virgo Moon – 24 degrees – Not likely to get married.

Libra Moon – 9 degrees – Aggressive nature; usually enjoys a good fight.

Scorpio Moon – 25 degrees – May be a wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

Sagittarius Moon – 23 degrees – Emotionally insecure, difficult to find a stable companion to share life, so the insecurity deepens.  Several failed marriages later, they will still be searching.

Capricorn Moon – 24 degrees – May be blunt in speaking, yet friends recognize their sincerity and respect is earned. 

Aquarius Moon – 28 degrees – Often found in compulsive gamblers.

Pisces Moon – 29 degrees – Lack of initiative as much as lack of opportunity makes them feel like a leaf being swept along in the wind.  They can rarely stay where they want to be or do what they would like to do.



2 thoughts on “About The Moon Sign in Your Chart

  1. Peggy, so is my Moon 0 degrees or 2 degrees? I don¹t know how to read this and wanted to compare this to your blog. Thanks!

    Planetary positions planetsigndegreemotion SunCancer10°09’36in house 4direct MoonGemini0°02’32in house 2direct MercuryLeo3°44’37in house 5direct VenusCancer1°49’38end of house 3retrograde MarsCancer29°13’33in house 5direct JupiterTaurus9°35’09in house 1direct SaturnTaurus12°10’56in house 1direct UranusTaurus24°41’13in house 2direct NeptuneVirgo22°56’50in house 6direct PlutoLeo1°49’55in house 5direct True NodeLibra16°19’56in house 7retrograde Planets at the end of a house are interpreted in the next house.

    From: ASTROLOGERPEG’S BLOG Reply-To: ASTROLOGERPEG’S BLOG Date: Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 5:40 PM To: Sharon Warren Subject: [New post] About The Moon Sign in Your Chart

    WordPress.com Astrologerpeg posted: “The Moon sign in your chart has everything to do with your emotions. It’s important to know where yours is located to understand your moods, habits, feelings, romantic inclinations and even your relationship with your mother! There is much to be said “

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    • Sharon, your Moon is in Gemini at zero degrees and 02 minutes, it was barely into Gemini when you were born. It had not reached one degree yet, I believe that for the moon sign analysis, the last degree of the previous sign would still be in effect. Sybil Leek in her book “Moon Signs Lunar Astrology” says ” Philanthropic; can become a self-made person, financially successful”. Being in House 2, which is the earnings/values area of the chart, you are naturally interested in your income and earnings, so it all works together! However, the movement into the very early part of the sign of Gemini does add the characteristics of the Gemini Moon person. making you highly creative and you would tend to seek out lots of new experiences. A bit of the Taurus is leaking through bringing you old fashioned common sense and caring for friends who are in need. You really have a challenging set-up there, not for you personally, but for the reader!!!!!


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