More Angel Pennies

I  noticed recently that I don’t find coins on the ground anymore.  In the spring I posted a story about the pennies and dimes I was finding at my feet and what I believe they meant.  After I wrote twice about the subject, it seems the coins stopped appearing.  So this week, I asked if I could see pennies or dimes again to know my angels are still nearby.   Suddenly, as I was about to get into my car in a parking lot a few days ago, I looked down and there they were……….three little pennies at my feet!


3 pennies

Thanks angels, for letting me know you are still there and that you like it when I write about you and your messages.

If anyone needs to look back, see  “Pennies and Dimes from my Angels” and the post following on the same subject.


3 thoughts on “More Angel Pennies

  1. Peggy! I love this! For one reason or another I don’t always get to your blog. Today, the email from my inbox yelled at me to get here. I had just been thinking about exactly this a day or so ago – I used to make a habit of watching for “the shiny pennies,” then they stopped appearing for a long time. I don’t see many pennies where I am now but sometimes I think it’s the thought….
    When I was back in September, I got a pair of dragonfly earrings which I live in. I was walking along the beach the other day and a dragonfly flew alongside me for a long stretch and I don’t see many of them here.
    Finally, I am not TOTALLY familiar with the iChing (my father used to like to do readings for us). The way the pennies fell made me check out this site:
    It gives you an iChing reading based on the coins you throw. You do need 6 throws of 3 coins but you just enter the sequence of heads v tails. It would be interesting to see if when you find a series of coins you could note their sequence and place it in this site to get a more personalized message. Hope you are both well. Keep on posting! Love and hugs, mdm

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    • Hi Michele, Thanks for the nice comments! Do you know I made wired dragonflies with swarovski crystals on ribbons and sold them at one time ? I filled in the wings and it was time consuming, so I stopped making them. I still have a bunch. I also had a pair of dragonflies outside in the backyard for about 6 weeks and I would talk to them every morning. They let me get very close to them. I missed them when they finally moved on. I even named them David and Dora Dragon. I have not done anything with iChing but I am aware of it. I’ll read more about it.


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