moon phases 1The Moon has four phases: new, waxing, full and waning.  Then add the moon’s position through the zodiac signs. It takes about 28 days for the moon to orbit around the earth. The new moon is when the moon passes directly between the sun and the earth and it is totally dark. During the day it is very close to the sun. On your calendar it shows as a black disc. This is a good time to fast for the day since it is the highest capacity of the body for detoxification. This can help the body avoid sickness. The side of the moon facing the sun appears a few hours after the new moon and this begins the waxing moon period. Within 2 weeks the moon passes through first and second quarters. For these two weeks, build up and strengthen your body because it will be extremely effective at this time. Full moon appears when the moon is half-way toward its journey around the earth. The calendar shows it as a white disc. At full moon, expect more profuse bleeding (one reason why surgery is not recommended at full moon, the day before or day after). Childbirth labor seems to frequently begin at this time. Third and fourth quarter moons begin the two week period of waning moon. Surgery seems to be more successful during waning moon and even if you eat more than usual, it seems you don’t put weight on as quickly as during waxing moon.

oreo demo moon phasesTwo to three days are spent in each of the zodiac signs during the moon’s 28 day orbit and this exerts specific influences on different areas of the body.  There is a basic principle called ‘the art of good timing’ and it is a little mysterious in the way it works, but the moment of coming into contact is the decisive moment. An action pursued with your hands or your thoughts, either positive or negative will always be visible eventually in the material world. Forces are exerted by the phases of the moon and by the position of the moon in the zodiac at specific moments in time.

moon on your birthIf you have the option to schedule surgery, just look for a waning moon and avoid the zodiac sign that governs that particular part of the body. Following is a guide for your use:

ARIES  rules head, eyes, nose, brain, sense organs
TAURUS rules throat, neck, ears, tonsils, blood circulation
GEMINI rules shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, glandular system
CANCER rules chest area, stomach, nervous system
LEO rules heart, back, arteries, sense organs
VIRGO rules digestive organs, nerves, blood circulation
LIBRA rules hips, kidneys, bladder, glandular system
SCORPIO rules sexual and reproductive organs, nose, nervous system
SAGITTARIUS rules thighs, hips, veins, sense organs
CAPRICORN rules knees, bones, joints, skin, blood circulation
AQUARIUS rules lower legs, calves, top of feet, veins, glandular system
PISCES rules feet, toes, nervous system

moon ocean waningThe waning moon detoxifies, washes out, sweats out, breathes out, dries, consolidates, pushes to action and to expending energy. The closer to new moon, the more effective the energy.   Healing is quicker, scarring is seen less often, wounds have less bleeding.

At the new moon, start new projects, release bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol and see the strong withdrawal symptoms kept within bounds physically and mentally. Have your new beginning on a new moon day for your best success.

The waxing moon supplies, plans, absorbs, builds up, breathes in, stores energy, gathers strength, prompts to rest and recovery.  Water retention is more common and diuretics even have  difficulty working. Wasp stings, food poisoning, etc. have a stronger effect on the body.

right hand waxing moonFull moon is the time to fast because the body absorbs substances so well, including chemical additives. Water accumulates in tissues and there is swelling; and connective tissue becomes weak. Healing takes longer and inoculations should not be planned at this time, or three days before or after.   Postpone strenuous work until the moon is waning if possible. If we could all harmonize our daily activities with the rhythms of the moon, our minds and bodies would feel a lot better. It takes a long time to feel the effects of ignoring natural rhythms in life and living in tune with these rhythms will also be slow to show positive effects. The Farmers Almanac is all about timing of activities by the moon.

Pay more attention to the moon phases, experimenting and observing for yourself. You’ll wonder how you managed so long without the knowledge and why you never noticed before. There is much more to be said about living in harmony with nature.

superstitions                                                                The Superstition Mountains – Arizona


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