Now it’s time for Leo  ( July 23 – August 22 )  

leo zodiac animated gif

Leo is ruled by the life-giving force of the Sun and of course Leo is a fire sign!  Leo is also a ‘fixed’ sign (deliberate and very difficult to get them to change their minds). Leos usually dislike being bogged down in small details (unless they have Virgo in their chart) and they love to do things in a big, dramatic way. They are sincere, affectionate, and enjoy bringing happiness into their loved one’s lives.They are natural leaders and enjoy organizing things and being in charge.  They are very appreciative of any affection given  to them, and they generously return it.  Leos have many friends who admire their  warm personalities, their independence, their determined and ambitious natures.They have a strong, forceful personality.  They may be quick to anger yet they are equally quick to forgive.  Most Leos, especially in their earlier years, have a beautiful head of hair just like the Lions mane.

lion pic 2Leo loves drama and if there is none going on, don’t put it past them to create some!  They also love children and can work well with them. Their active minds, generosity, sincerity and candid natures are a big help up the ladder of success. They are often chosen for jobs with authority since they carry it so well.  They prefer living on a grand scale to trying to make ends meet, due to their inherent ability to want to enjoy the best of this world.  So, limited finances really upset them. In the last few years many Leos have had the capability for success but not the opportunities and know the frustration of not being able to take leadership in a good  career.

Leo is known for longevity and resilience and the ability to recover from illness quickly. There is strength of mind and body and they can be an inspiration to others.  Praise and appreciation are necessary for them, but they are prepared to earn it!

They can endure anything for a long time, whether it’s a job, a personal relationship, or a project, but they can say goodbye dramatically if they must, and nothing will tempt them back.  They like to feel a sense of freedom and believe that their freedom and that of others is something worth fighting for.

Favorable climate: warm or tropical for sun-loving Leo

Preferred sports: golf, horseback riding, tennis

Flowers: long stemmed  roses, Gladioli, and Goldenrod, as well as any other tall, dignified flowers

Perfumes and fragrances: red sandalwood, Cassia, frankincense, clove, camphor

Best Day of the week:  Sunday, being the day of the sun

Favorable metals: Gold

Precious stones: Cats Eye, Sardonix,  Ruby, diamond

Favorable colors: All golden and orange shades through the full range of yellows, as well as warm golden beige.

Musical keynote: They vibrate to “D”

Their best number:  the planetary number of the sun is one

Necessary herbs: Sage, thyme, rosemary, celery seed, cinnamon, saffron, cloves

Favorable trees and plants, grapefruit, orange, palm, ash, bay, olive, walnut, almond

Alcoholic Beverages:  Cider or Champagne, Kirsch, Chartreuse, Marsals

How to deal with a Leo: they expect to be approached with dignity and respect. Get to the point in conversation because they are quick and hate repetition.  Listen to their opinions and be sure to praise them when they deserve it and you will earn their respect. Always invite them to your party; they love parties!

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