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Taurus is practical, determined, stubborn, and set in their ways.  Others may create ideas, but Taurus can see the idea, evaluate it, and then execute it.  Taurus likes to be in comfortable, familiar surroundings and spend time  with people they have known a long time. They are usually not the most adaptable sign. They are  faithful friends, especially when someone really needs them. Taurus will give help and advice; however, they are not the ones to go to for a loan.   Taurus will only lend you money if it’s kept strictly business.  It takes a lot to get them angry but once they are aroused, they can put on quite a display of anger, acting like a bull in a china shop.   They don’t want to forgive and forget either. The most positive quality of this sign is stability.

Zodiac signs graphics

Taurus is one of the most charming individuals of the zodiac. They have concentration, perseverance, practicality and strong purpose. When they care about someone they are generous to a fault, but they do want  to feel appreciated. Taurus should sow their wild oats before getting married; if they marry too young, they may not choose wisely.   For a mature Taurus, marriage is another form of stability and security.  Their best work will be produced within a stable marriage.  They want their marriage to be a partnership in every way.  They can be a faithful friend and expect the same in return.

Zodiac signs graphics

Taurus is a fixed, practical earth sign with the  symbol of a bull standing firmly on the earth and showing his strength!  The typical Taurus  wants the world to see how stable they can be and how much they are able to attain  by hard work and determination.  The planet Venus is the ruling planet influencing them to love beauty in all its forms.  Taurus folks often have beautiful singing voices.

Taurus, whether male or female love to have children around them. A Taurus parent is a wonderful influence on their children. But when those kids reach their teens, the stubborn nature and the conservative inclination may keep them from understanding their teenage children.  They may have to fight to keep control of the kids as they grow older.  If they can adjust to their children growing up and know they are entitled to their own views on life, then they should be a happy family.   They need a companion who enjoys being adored because Taurus loves to shower affection on the partner, never demanding too much in return.  They are faithful in marriage and expect the same in return

Zodiac signs graphics

Taurus really wants to master whatever they make their mind up to do.  There may be creativity in music, such as playing the piano, violin or singing.   They also enjoy writing and sewing and  crafts. Moving slowly and methodically usually brings good results. They really want to finish things and get them going, while many others are still talking about their creative efforts.


They enjoy tending a garden whether vegetables or flowers.

Sports that interest them include hiking, shooting, boxing, bike riding.

Favorite flowers – Lily of the Valley, Jasmine, carnations, roses; all red flowers

Perfumes and scents – musk, rose, carnation, honeysuckle, violet, saffron, and satinwood.

Best day of the week – Friday

Favorable metals – copper used in jewelry or household items.

Favorable precious stone – diamonds

Favorable colors – red, orange and blends of these.

Musical keynote – they vibrate well to the note of “A”  or “la”.

Best number – 6  , which is associated with planet Venus, their ruler.

Favorable careers – farming, agriculture, real estate, music, writing, theatrical agent, business executive,  chef , domestic services, investor, sculptor, the natural sciences and physics, distillery trade, the wine industry.
Vulnerable body areas- throat, neck, tonsils, thyroid, ears

Necessary herbs – Chickweed, Coriander, Fennel, Mint, Saffron, Irish Moss, Sage, Thyme.

Best trees and plants – Grape, Chestnut, Elderberry, Alder

Favorable wines and liquors – Red wine, Brandy

Remember that Taurus is susceptible to beauty in all its forms.  Appreciate and admire their acquisitions and their comfortable homes. They enjoy formality.  Listen to their advice and be prepared to take it, because it will be offered after thoughtful consideration.




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