Jupiter is Direct Again

JUPITER is the biggest planet in our solar system and is 318 times bigger than earth.  It is the fastest spinning planet in our solar system.  It has 63 moons.   That little red dot inside of Jupiter is  a storm and it’s big enough for two earths to fit inside of it!

Today, Thursday March 6, Jupiter  stopped moving backwards ( it’s not stopping, but it appears to stop and then move forward).


Jupiter is one of the most well known planets in our history and was the planet that helped us understand that the planets are moving around the Sun (and not the Earth).

Jupiter is now in Cancer and is helping bring our attention to what makes us feel secure. It is putting attention to the idea of security, creativity, learning and children. We will now get huge Jupiter  support in moving forward  in the direction of everything related to the sign of Cancer ( home, family, security).

If you have things going on in your home you may find that the next six months brings relief and completion. If the sign of Cancer happens to be in your 3rd house you may find that things go much better with your siblings or perhaps you start writing that book or blog you’ve been putting off or you get to visit a place you’ve been yearning to get to.  Check to see which house is ruled by Cancer in your chart.

Leo’s – be advised that Jupiter is happily on the move and won’t stop until it reaches your sign this spring.   It’s time to accept your fate and listen to your heart. You can nurture yourself and find your dreams and that big, enormous planet is reminding you that you can have your desires because there is gigantic support behind you.

We all love hosting Jupiter in our Sun sign or crossing over our Ascendant.  It is the planet bringing benefits and opportunity and also weight gain; oh well, it’s a small price to pay!!


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