100_2572While walking yesterday, a butterfly flew toward my face and then veered away.     Within a few minutes, I saw a penny and picked it up!    An Angel trying to get my attention again!

But the best part was later in the day while standing in line to order coffee, an older gentleman behind me with a walker dropped his change on the floor.  We helped him retrieve his coins, and then noticed several more about a foot away.  We told him we saw a dime and a penny and we would  pick them up for him.  He declined our offer, saying they were not his and he walked away.    Wouldn’t most people take all the coins that had dropped?  But, no, he emphatically declared they were not his!   Well, then of course they were for me, a dime and a penny, more coins from the Angels.

Today, I will glue the wings back on my little vintage Angel, who has patiently lived without her wings for over two years!  And, I think  maybe these celestial beings want me to keep talking about them and keep the awareness going that they are always there for us!





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