Ever Spoken to Your Guardian Angel?

Continuing with the theme of angels, I’m sharing this very interesting post today!!!

I did what he suggested and was given the name of my Guardian Angel!


Ever Spoken to Your Guardian Angel? Want to know how?.


5 thoughts on “Ever Spoken to Your Guardian Angel?

      • That is interesting….I have always been drawn to Owls and even collected them for a while before the angels started collecting me. I have not been involved with spirit animal guides, although I do have a deck of animal guide cards, given to me as a gift. They are fun to use when I think of them. I guess you could say my lifetime animal guide is the owl! I do love the dolphins and would love to be able to get in the water with one some day!


      • I like owls too. There’s a place near where I live called Marineland. They offer dolphin encounters where you can get in the water with them. I’ve never done it though.


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