100_2974Following up on my post about the angels, something very exciting happened yesterday.

I had just finished writing this blog and decided to take a walk.  As I was walking along, there on the sidewalk in front of my feet was a shiny brand new penny, heads up!  As I bent down to pick it up, I noticed to the side was a dime and another penny, so of course I retrieved those too.  What blew me away was the last sentence of my blog stating that angels communicate with us in various ways, such as showing us pennies, dimes, feathers, butterflies, dragonflies and even words in songs.   The ink on the page wasn’t even dry, so to speak, when I received acknowledgment from the angels.

I feel they were saying that they really liked me sharing information about them and they approved!

I used to see dragonflies a lot in my yard and two of them made a nest in one of my bushes and stayed for many weeks.  I would go out and greet them each morning. What were they trying to tell me?  I missed them after they were gone!

Watch for those butterflies and dragonflies and coins and remember an angel might have a message or an answer for you, so be alert!     Has anyone had any interesting angel encounters they would like to share?



  1. I am given animal signs pretty regular. Hawks flying into my car (it wasn’t hurt just scarred me) squirrels falling out of trees, my animal shows I have premonitions of all the time. I’m not a vegan but I do identify with Native American ideals and always said I’d rather be a bear than human. I’m thinking I already was. I like your blog, short, simple, and to the point.


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