What Did Edgar Cayce Have To Say About Health Problems

When I was writing about Edgar Cayce and what he had to say about Astrology, Mr. Edgar Cayce picture   I knew I wanted  to      share what he had to say about physical health.   While taking a nap on his couch, he would be told the gender and location of the person with a health problem. Within a few minutes, he could diagnose the health condition and then suggest remedies to heal the problem.  Cayce seemed to travel in his mind to view that person, no matter how many miles away and look into that body.   He could perceive the physical, mental and emotional state.   He would recommend medicines, foods, surgery, physical therapy, osteopathic adjustments, exercise and psychological guidance. He could  locate a particular medical doctor and recommend this doctor for the person in question. He always stressed the importance of a balance between alkaline and acid intake, which is now accepted  by many doctors in the medical profession.  He was not aware of anything that he said while asleep.   Just a few things Cayce tells us:

Choose foods grown in the area where you live for your body to assimilate them well.Set Out Pots of Herbs in Wedges of Pizza Garden

Do not take milk or cream in your coffee or tea as it will turn to leather in the stomach.

Do not combine different starches in the same meal, e.g. white bread and potatoes.

Carrot Juice – drink in small amounts, about an ounce, sipped slowly taking fifteen to twenty minutes to drink or sip small amounts throughout the day to help control the kidneys and act to help the body eliminate poisons. Carrot_juice : carrot juice and parsley

Yogurt as part of the diet – an active cleanser through the colon and intestinal system, to purify the alimentary canal, the blood stream and lymphatics, the neuro-muscular system and respiratory system to strengthen the body so it can resist the infection and build up the nerves.

Jerusalem Artichoke –  preserve and use all the juices – (the tuber, not the California artichoke)  given every ten days to help make better coordination for the working of the pancreas as related to the kidneys and pelvic organs, which produce an irritation on the nervous system. This can eradicate the craving for sweets and dark circles under the eyes.  The Jerusalem artichoke was prescribed for many conditions, such as arthritis and diabetes, as well as general circulation, since it contains insulin and phosphorus, Eat a small artichoke with meals.  It was also prescribed for hypertension along with green leafy vegetables.    Jerusalem Artichoke : Jerusalem artichoke on a white background

Almonds – several raw almonds taken daily and you will never have tumors growing in the body.  The almond has more phosphorus and iron in a combination easily assimilated than any other nut.  You’ve heard it said, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well an almond a day keeps him away too!

Peanut Oil – Massage pure peanut oil into the joints of the body to prevent arthritis.

Caster Oil Pack – One of the most well-known Cayce remedies – used on the abdomen for a wide range of problems, such as pain, slipped discs, hyperactivity, tinnitus, nausea, fibroid tumors, gall stones, diverticulitis and many other conditions.  The application seems to bring about total relaxation as well.

Sea Salt or Kelp Salt suggested as best for the body.

Grape Juice taken 30 minutes before a meal will help curb obesity. Include raw salad and have nothing fried.

Avoid shell fish but have boiled fish and green vegetables for arthritis.  Crystallization in the joints partially can be caused by cold and partially by too many sweets.  Eat a lot of fruit and include vegetables.  Any sweets should be made with honey, especially in the honeycomb, but not with cane sugar.

Colds and flu – use an egg that is room temperature, beat up the white.. add the juice of one lemon, drop slowly into the egg white.  Also, drop slowly a tsp. of honey and 3 drops, one at a time of glycerine.  Beat thoroughly.  take a teaspoonful every two or three hours.  This will clear the cold, relieve stress through the throat and nasal passages, bronchi and larynx.  (Today we do have to be a bit careful of using raw eggs, they are very different than they were in Cayce’s time).

Do not mix candy with any other foods when dealing with colitis, they become especially harmful when taken with starches.  Proteins are made more harmful when eaten with sweets.

Have lots of vegetables which contain iron and silicon to help teeth to be healthy.   smile while you still have teeth

Tomato, of all the vegetables, carries most of the vitamins  in a well balanced easily assimilated manner and is preferable eaten after being canned.  Tomatoes are actually not acid forming in the system, and can be destructive  if not allowed to fully ripen on the vine before picking them.  If canned, be sure they do not contain benzoate of soda also known as sodium benzoate!  Today we learn that tomatoes contain lutein, which is good for the eyes, especially after being cooked.tomatoes

Edgar Cayce also said:  “A great deal will depend upon the mental attitude of the body.  Listen to sublime music which is very soothing for the body.   Be aware not merely of your thoughts, but also what you think  and say about others and how you treat them personally.   Keep an even mental balance.  Don’t worry, which is easy to say, but how to prevent it?  By keeping control of the mind, not only through the very will of self, but by keeping occupied in doing something for others.”


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