How to use Astrology in your Life

horoscope wheel      We can use Astrology in almost any area of human experience.  But no astrological forecast will always be right or predict inevitable future events!    We always have to allow for free will with  the expected planetary activity.   Think about weather forecasting and even conventional medicine where doctors ‘practice’ medicine.  On occasion, they are wrong!  But most of the time, they are pretty good at predicting weather and diagnosing illness.

Who am I? – By using Astrology, we can know ourselves better.  Most of us are very curious about ourselves.   Astrology tells the truth when a natal chart is cast correctly, checking where each planet was placed at the moment and location of our birth.  These planetary connections actually do have a major influence on our personality.   Don’t you want to know yourself better and figure out what makes you tick and  all the others in your life too?

child picture       Children– An astrological report done for a new born baby is not just of sentimental interest to the new parents, but can be of practical help from birth through the teen years into adulthood.    It will show the relationship developing between parents and their child.   You can see how to discipline each type of child in the family.  They are all so different!  You can see your child’s physical vulnerabilities and how you can protect their health.   You can see what type of toys each child will prefer and  the kinds of games each will enjoy.   You can actually see which career path may be fulfilling  and help start your child in the right direction.  Find out hobbies and  sports that will fit your child best for success and enjoyment.   Do you have twins or know someone who does?  How are they alike and in what ways are they different  They were  born with the same birth chart, probably within minutes of each other.  The chart is known as their life map.

 Egypt Famer Woman    Career Choices – Even after many years in one line of work, people often feel a sudden need for change.  This might just be a passing fancy, better pursued as a spare time interest, or maybe a complete change of career direction is indicated.   Maybe one part of your life can be spent on one type of career which fits your Sun sign and then later on you can fulfill your Rising sign and find meaningful work that is suitable for that part of you.  

Contracts – When is the best time to sign contracts?   When is the best time for buying, selling, or starting new projects for the best outcome?

 love pic         Love and Marriage –  Who are you most compatible with for love or business partnerships?   For some, it’s a  strain  trying to live together, and yet others are very well suited for each other and live in relative harmony.  Some relationships may be based only on physical attraction and in these relationships, it’s best to let some time pass before considering spending a lifetime together.  It’s better to be alone than to be with the wrong partner.  Comparing birth charts of lovers is very helpful in the early stages of a relationship. 

Astrology can be a valuable shortcut by instantly revealing personality traits that could take a long time to emerge. A good astrologer can find the best dates for you to marry, and can also counsel couples based on their planetary connections.    However, don’t expect an astrologer to  make decisions for you, they will advise based on your chart and transits, but ultimately all decisions are up to you!

business pic       Business advice – There are Financial Astrologers who specialize in business and will give financial advice.  They can also give guidance on timing for negotiations and advise on profitability.  They can tell you when heavy spending periods can be expected and when to wait patiently and then when to move forward with plans.

   small-doctor-8752921          Health  – Astrologers can tell when and how your health is likely to suffer.  Your chart shows when you will be under emotional or physical stress and also indicates the most vulnerable areas of the body.  There is good information about proper nutrition choices for your body type.  (See my post on foods).

 Image      Weather – Some astrological forecasters have great accuracy and others are still experimenting with weather predictions,  There are some good predictions made and these can guide us in advance.                             

 travel pic     Travel –  Astrologers can advise the best time to plan a trip and warn when delays are likely to occur.  For example, expect delays when Mercury is retrograde.   Find out when those pesky Mercury retrograde periods are so you can work around them.  Never buy mechanical or electronic equipment during a Mercury retrograde period.  You can purchase if you choose, but the chances are that you will need to return your item. 

Home – You can find out the  best place for you to live .  Some locations are better for finding love; some are better for finding fulfilling work.    There is a branch of Astrology called  Locational astrology.  Not sure  where to move to, consult a Locational Astrologer.
  weather pic

Other –  Are you having friends over for dinner,? Why not serve them the kinds of food they will probably like.  You can  do this if you know their Sun sign or Rising sign.   Gifts can be purchased with confidence, knowing they will be enjoyed and appreciated because you took the time to find out this information about them. 

                                 3 smiling ladies                                                       Violets in white ceramic planter with wording  $40

How about the best type of pet for you or your child? 


Astrology has its fun side, but it definitely is a serious subject and having your chart drawn up and explained is helpful in making your life work better.   There is still much research going on.    There are so many layers to Astrology and if you study it, you will never be bored again!!

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  2. Thank you very much for this post! As you may have gatherd from my astrology post, I’ve been properly introduced to the wider aspects of astrology, still so much to learn, but so very spot on with the reading!


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