Do You Believe the Planets Affect You?

The planets affect all living things – – all of the following phenomena react on people and we are all affected individually as well as collectively.


The angles formed by the planets to each other at a certain time trigger solar flares and sun spots.

  • Sunspots and solar flares affect our weather.
  • Electrical charges and electromagnetism have an effect on our health.
  • Ions in the atmosphere have an effect on our feelings and behavior.
  • The Moon affects our climate, tidal waves and also human activities.
  • Cosmic radiation alters DNA and RNA, the nucleic acids found in all living things.
  • The planet’s angles also appear to be the cause of seismic and volcanic disturbances because the center of gravity of the solar system shifts.

Are there really evil winds that are detrimental to us? It seems to be so.   Galileo wasn’t satisfied with dusty old writings, so he probed into Astrology and wrote many articles under a pen name.  Along with Copernicus, he was sure that something in the air changed when the planets moved.  He discovered that people and animals’ behavior seemed to change at those times.  The wind blows warm and dry around the world at varying times and brings a lot of restlessness and crime.  An example of these winds are the “Santa Anas” here in the southwest and California; the “Sirocco” in the Libyan desert and the “Foehn” in Switzerland.  These winds occur when the ion count fluctuates.  It would have pleased Galileo to know that eventually,   In 1961, the American Institute of Medical Climatology sponsored a survey in Philadelphia and came to the conclusion that electrical charges in the air definitely affect our feelings, thoughts and behavior.  These are all influenced by solar flares.

Later, Newton and Kepler studied Astrology and Astronomy.  They both were able to predict weather and earthquakes through Astrology and they proved that they work.


There seems to be a relationship  between Luna  (the Roman Goddess of the Moon) and the word lunatic. The brain is the most liquid organ in the body.  Over the centuries it has been accepted that the full moon influences certain people to become agitated or have emotional extremes.

Lunatic : A psychopath in a straitjacket, vector illustration

It’s been said that RCA Communications (From 1919 – 1986) used a form of Kepler’s writing on Astrology to predict upcoming solar storms, which destroy radio communications.  Sunspots and solar flares cause these storms.  I’ve also read that the chief weatherman for RCA was able to predict with 93% accuracy after working with horoscopes.  The weather bureau even today employs Astrological Meteorologists to predict our weather forecasts.

An interesting fact is that if two planets stand at 89 degrees from one another today, maybe nothing will happen in the air.  But tomorrow, when the full square of 90 degrees is reached, a thunderstorm will suddenly show up.  So, effects are not from a single planet, but from the angle or the harmonious segment of the circle.

Planetary alignment over Giza Pyramids

According to Kepler, “True Astrology is a holy testimony to God’s glorious works”.



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