Aries babies usually walk and talk very early and have a tendency to head and face injuries.

Aries’ strong minds can dominate and conquer most illnesses.

Tuesday is the day for Aries to plan new projects, and it’s best during the daylight.

Aries make good firemen, psychologists, engineers, and race car drivers with their love of speed.

Taurus loves big comfortable recliners and a home filled with music and the smell of food cooking.

Listen to the Taurus good advice and be prepared to take it because they are so practical.

Friday is Taurus’ most fortunate day.

Find Taurus working in a bank with money, or farming, gardening, singing, and business managers

Gemini folks usually speak, understand or read more than one language.

Gemini is the sign producing the largest number of multiple births, because of course they are “the twins”.

Gemini should plan things for Wednesdays for favorable results.

Gemini folks are the TV broadcasters and journalists, teachers, postal workers and writers.

Cancerians truly love their homes and really need one to call their own, with an oven to bake in.

Due to the fluid and resourceful Cancerian nature, there are few jobs they cannot tackle.

Cancerians make good nurses, kindergarten teachers, chefs and caterers.

Monday is the best day for Cancerians, associated with the Moon, and they relate to the moon cycles.

Leos like to give extravagant compliments and gifts, and they love to receive them too.

Sports are excellent for Leos when they are younger and they become professionals in sports later.

Sunday is the day of the sun, ruling all Leos, so this is their best day.

Leos are good actors, jewelers, astrologers, dancers and teachers.

Virgo’s eyes are so clear, you can often see your reflection in them.

To end a Virgo friendship, show no interest in their work or their well being.

Virgo’s best days are Wednesdays and Fridays.

Virgos are the Accountants, Administrative Assistants, health store owners  and gardeners.

Virgos like to eat simply and love their vegetables, often suffering digestive upsets.

Librans usually deny that they are very indecisive, but they do have trouble deciding.

Librans appreciate people who are intelligent and know how to be tactful.

Friday is the favorable day for Libra.

Libras are the diplomats, fashion designers, interior decorators, beauticians.

Scorpios like to wear sunglasses to hide their eyes, which express their inner intensity.

Be precise and straightforward with Scorpios and always tell them the truth.

Tuesday is the best day for Scorpio.

Scorpios are the detectives, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and surgeons.

If you want the truth, go to a Sagittarian; they will be completely honest and direct with you.

Hip weakness is common in Sagittarians later in life, keep those hips moving.

Sagittarius’ best day of the week is Thursday.

Sagittarians are the Veterinarians,  lawyers, travel agents, publishers

Many Capricorns have strong feet and like to wear sensible shoes.

Capricorns are just naturally cautious and practical and ambitious.

Saturday, associated with Saturn, is the best day for Capricorn.

Capricorns are the politicians, osteopaths, architects, dentists, Managers to CEOs in the corporate world.

Aquarian children seem to often forget basic facts, yet come up with remarkable answers.

Aquarians mostly react through intelligence rather than through emotion or intuition.

Saturday is also Aquarius’s best day of the week.

Aquarians are the scientists, astrologers, astronomers, inventors

Pisces are a blend of all the other signs and that is a lot for them to cope with.

Never betray a Pisces’ confidence or you’ll rarely regain the friendship.

Pisces need to stay away from sick people; they can get many types of illnesses if not careful.

Thursdays are best for Pisces, but being so adaptable,  Mondays and Tuesdays are good too.

Pisces are your psychics, spirit mediums, shoe designers, photographers and actors.

These are just a few basic facts about each of the signs, of course there are so many more!  Your Rising Sign often denotes the work you do in the world as well.  Sometimes we work at one career for part of our life and then switch to the career resonating with  the rest of our natal charts.



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