Most people know their sun sign and a little bit about what it means, but it’s equally important to know your Rising Sign; also referred to as the Ascendant. This is the sign rising over the earth’s horizon at the moment of your birth. The sun sign identifies your inner nature, characteristics and qualities. The Ascendant identifies the mask or personality that you use out in the world and your physical body type.  Others see this side of you first and after getting to know you a little better become aware of your sun sign qualities. Some people have the same sign rising as their sun sign. They are easy to know and understand. When these two signs are harmonious, you are comfortable with who you are, however, when they are not, you must learn to integrate them and understand these two different sides to your character. Once you accomplish this, others find you easier to be with.  By knowing your time of birth, astrologers can calculate your rising sign.  Following is information about how each rising sign is expressed.   It’s similar to the sun sign, but more noticeable in the rising sign.

ARIES ASCENDANT – A self starter, very self-confident with a desire to lead and to go after what you want.  Taking care of your own needs allows you to relate better to others.  Personal appearance is critical to your self esteem, so spend money and time on grooming and feel good about yourself.    The body tends to be slender and the chin slightly pointed.
TAURUS ASCENDANT – You need to feel secure!   You are always aware of your finances.  You are persistent and thorough, practical and will defend your opinions to the end. You like having financial reserves for the lean times. You tend toward stocky bodies with strong necks, larger earlobes, heavier jaws and shorter stubby noses.
GEMINI ASCENDANT – A very flexible, adaptable person, a jack of all trades. You love mental and social occupations, and are a quick thinker with many social skills. You have a restless and inquiring mind, are are quick, active and somewhat nervous.  You tend to have taller, slender bodies, with long arms and legs and slender fingers.
CANCER ASCENDANT – You are strongly self-protective and have a quiet, reserved nature.  You are adaptable and easy to get along with; any anger is brief, you are courageous and fond of your home . Moodiness comes with moon cycles and when you over-commit.   Always follow your intuition.   You tend to strong lower jaws, noticeable mouths and lighter complexions.
LEO ASCENDANT – An energetic, spirited person enjoying life to the fullest.  Details and trivia are of little interest. You are assertive, you love attention and leadership;  you are honest, generous and direct. You play life as if it were a game. You tend to have good strong shoulders, larger heads, lots of hair (at least in youth),  and large, smiling eyes.
VIRGO ASCENDANT -You get nervous and fidgety under pressure.  It’s okay to be analytical but be less self-critical.  Learn to be comfortable with your need for attention to detail.  You like to learn, are fluent writers, you can be food extremists, tend to be slender when younger, have smaller chins, thinner faces, toes turned in.   You are very neat and organized.
LIBRA ASCENDANT –  You are very fair-minded, you can judge situations calmly and make fair decisions. You are changeable, adaptable, kind, polite, charming, diplomatic, require peace and harmony in your environment; have well-shaped hands and feet, slender bodies in youth, smooth complexions, soft and kind eyes, and well formed teeth.
SCORPIO ASCENDANT – You have very powerful emotions and  deep beliefs.   You are heroic, have sharp minds, can be defensive,  very kind yet can be jealous or possessive or attract this from others.  The nose is usually prominent, brows are full, heavy-set jaws.  Strong determination gets you through anything.  Take a break if your emotions get too intense.
SAGITTARIUS ASCENDANT – Love of sports, games of chance, cards, horses and dogs and most animals,  Very law abiding and moral.  You are optimists,  expecting  to attract opportunities.   You attract what you believe,  You want to live life fully and experience  a sense of freedom and new challenges,  Usually taller bodies, longer, well-formed faces, dark, kind eyes, and a bit of a stoop in later years.
CAPRICORN ASCENDANT – Ambition, honor, and your reputation are all very important to you. You are very persistent and this brings you success. You may, however, take life far too seriously; so don’t work all the time; get out and have some fun. By nature you are conservative.  You may often feel lonely or depressed.  Recognition is important for you. Usually, thinner necks, silky hair, smaller eyes, a particular gait to the walk, and sometimes there are speech impediments.
AQUARIUS ASCENDANT – Quite unconventional, fearless, loyal, patient, very loving, persistent.  You dislike doing things the way they’ve always been done; preferring new methods.  Your urge for change is strong.  A tendency to melancholy.   Kind eyes and drooped eyelashes, square foreheads, larger heads and strong chins.
PISCES ASCENDANT – Tenderhearted and very sensitive, you psychically tune in to the feelings and needs of others. People may  take advantage of you, but most people love and trust you because of your caring nature. You are the dreamers  and mystics.  You are excellent musicians and artists, have shorter bodies, feet turn in, medium complexions, lighter slightly bulging eyes,  flatter noses, and a slight tendency toward shyness.

Very Important Note:    Physical characteristics may be modified by the presence of planets near your Ascendant.
Some birth certificates note the time of birth, which is necessary to know your Ascendant.  All birth times have been recorded and are on file at the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the town where you were born.  You can probably find this information on line.  Once you know the precise time of birth, an Astrologer can determine your Rising Sign as well as the placement of the other planets in your unique horoscope.  Your life map can be drawn up, giving you very important information about yourself.  Your horoscope tells you where you are going in life and how to get there; allowing you to live your life fully!!


    • How about the folks who might attract someone with their Fire or Earth Ascendant and yet they are full of watery planets. They are expected to continue being as they first appear, all assertive or all practical, when what they really need is someone to sympathize or nurture or just romance them. The major reason to know someone for awhile before committing to a more permanent situation. We all need to be known and understood fully; so should get those compatibility charts done before you commit. Understand that other person and be fully understood yourself if you want to be happy. I enjoy your posts.


  1. Hi Astrologerpeg : D

    I’m an Aries rising and totally loved this part:

    “Taking care of your own needs allows you to relate better to others. Personal appearance is critical to your self esteem, so spend money and time on grooming and feel good about yourself. ” Of course . . . I also have Mars, Venus, and South Node there. So. Yeah. I’m all over this like green on grass.

    Great post! : D


    • Thanks Jennifer, we all need to take care of ourselves and then others, no matter what our sign. But, Aries… well you know, it’s especially about the hair, head and face.!! LOL.


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